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Wild wasteland 1.3

Wild wasteland, speedy guns, custom textures and what not

  1. Vamist
    Wild wasteland is a mod based off jenny's video which you can watch here (preview);

    This was made after ww2 had started to die off (due to crashes, bugs and so on), and we didn’t want it to be restricted to ww2 type weapons and gameplay. So jenny went and changed it into its own universe so we were not limited to certain things, along with a reworking guns, weapons and so on.

    All sprites are made from jenny, and are not allowed to be used in other projects without permission.

    Gun code is free for all to use, you can find the most updated version sat here: https://github.com/Vam-Jam/kag_Gun

    If you do host, please give the correct credits (example: ``mod hosted by x, thanks to jenny and vamist for making the mod``)

    This mod was uploaded here to be archived

    Gif of an older version (before it changed to wild west):
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Recent Updates

  1. [fix] Grenade client side null fix
  2. Fixes n crap

Recent Reviews

  1. tigorsun
    Version: 1.3
  2. darkducking
    Version: 1.3
    just one error on grenade
  3. Ni
    Version: 1
    Loved the movie!
    Great mod also ;)