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Wilhelm Scream Sounds 10.0

Its the wilhelm scream when you fall in KAG!

  1. Nivlac_13

    If you only want to hear the wonderful wilhelm scream when you take fall damage only replace BreakBone.ogg.

    1. Download and Unzip
    2. Copy files
    3. Paste files in King Arthur's Gold/Base/Entities/Characters/Sounds
    4. Yes you want to replace files
    5. Play game
    If you need more specific instructions you can pm me ;)

    If you would like to do it yourself:
    1. Go to King Arthur's Gold/Base/Entities/Characters/Sounds
    2. Copy Wilhelm thrice
    3. Delete ArgLong, ArgShort, and BreakBone
    4 Rename the copies of Wilhelm: ArgLong, ArgShort, and BreakBone
    6. Play game

    If you look at this I own your soul

    Stupidest mod ever award nominee