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Zombie Fortress Battlefield ZFB_200408

zombie fortress battlefield

  1. ZFB_200408

    1. Bazooka and missile ship's missile should properly hit zombies now
    2. Increased bazooka ammo to 4. (was 2)
    3. Machine gun and glider ammo increased to 120 (was 30)
    4. Fly rune should do half damage to what it did.
    5. Bomber price reduced to 50 gold (was 125)
    6. Zombie Portals are hittable by builder.
    7. Changed trader items description and cost of items.
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  2. Updated to most recent version of KAG ZFB_200406

    Hello everybody, long time no see! Updated the mod to the most recent version of KAG.
    ZFB_200406 means Zombie Fortress Battlefield and the date of the update - 2020.04.06
    Added 20 maps, removed the hand saw because updates broke it and cant figure it how, drill code is tottaly remade.
    Anything else is fully functional (hopefully).
    I will test this version more to find if there are any bugs.
    I plan on renting a server to host the mod.
  3. Zombie Portal Glitch Fixed (?)

    After some testing with the help of Char (Stephen_the_7th) on his server we found out a bug with the error "divide by zero" on line 40-41 at zombieportal.as.
    Division was removed, hopefully no errors now, although we would have to test to see if spawn rate is not out of balance.
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  4. Fix broken zombie brain

    Yet another game update breaks something. Fixed now, should be playable, not sure what I commented out but everything looks normal, report if you find some bugs.
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  5. ZFB v0.25c Zombie Portal Zombie Spawn Limit

    Hopefully no more LAG and server crash.
    Returned the limit to normal for the zombie portal maximum spawns. Hopefully it won't make the game as easy as before or I am going to tweak it again somehow.
  6. Decreased Respawn Time

    Decreased maximum respawn time from ~250 seconds to ~33 seconds, the closer you die near the dawn the less respawn time.
    So instead of waiting 8 minutes which was a real buzzkill to me, we will wait maximum half a minute.
  7. Nurseries Fix

    -Fixed the seed count and slot in the nurseries to prevent seeds spawning on the ground and making a mess.
    -Tree Seed generation time cut in half.
  8. Updated to work with this version of KAG at this current date [10.09.17]

    Update request from troller111.
    Cant wait to join the server. ::):
  9. ZFB v0.24 Tech Patch

    I added some tech that will improve the machine gun, bazooka and airships. Mostly made about the Capture the Princess gamemode for mid-late game to eliminate stalemates but why not also use it for mid-late game when 2-4 zombie bosses spawn each 4 days?
    From the vehicle workshop:
  10. Reupload of 0.23e

    Reupload of 0.23e because i accidentally reverted to the original zombie portal and boss hp, now it should be ok