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Zombie Fortress Plus 1.6.7f

When the zombie man throws in a little extra

  1. Frikman
    Hello, and welcome to Zombie Fortress Plus, another take on the classic game mode with new and updated stuff. Based on Eanmig's, I've tried to fix and tweak the mode while adding new content to make it as fun as possible. So, you're asking yourself what's new?

    You can win
    Yup. The main objective of the game mode is to survive for 15 days. During this days things will get harder, and from time to time some bosses will spawn.

    Changes to vanilla Classes
    Some changes have been made to make the game more fair.
    • All classes have higher HP, the Archer having 4 hearts, Builder 5 and Knight 6.
    • The Builder has access to a few new blocks and mechanisms.
    • Archers can stab with V and fetch arrows. They also start with 60 arrows instead of 30.
    New Classes
    On ZFM+ there are some secret special classes, and a 4th class available from the start.
    • [​IMG] Priest: Available from the start, the Priest can use various kinds of orbs he shoots and heal allies (or himself) with his secondary ability.
    • [​IMG] Wizard: The Wizard can summon elementals with RMB and teleport with V.
    • [​IMG] Crossbow Knight: The Crossbow Knight can shoot arrows without charging them, has a shield and can stab/fletch arrows.
    • [​IMG] Pyromancer: The Pyromancer can shoot fireballs, use his hand as a flamethrower and teleport small distances.
    • [​IMG] Assassin: The Assasin can use a sword like a regular Knight, but instead of a shield he as a grappling hook. He can also dash.
    • [​IMG] Birb: The Chicken Builder is pretty much a regular builder, but makes small workshops and can go through spaces of 1x1.
    • [​IMG] Dragoon: The Dragoon is a flyer class with a spear and a shield. Has really low HP for a melee class (3 HP), but it's easily one of the most versatile due to his longer range.
    Undead Classes
    If anyone happens to find a Scroll of the Undead, all of the server will know. With the addition of undead, each human class has it's counterpart.
    • [​IMG] Basic classes: All of them have less HP than their human counterparts, but they're faster, can climb trees and have passive regeneration. Additionally, the Undead Builder has it's own set of build stuff.
    • [​IMG] Mystic: The Mystic is the 4th starting class, with the ability to use orbs like a priest but instead of healing he has a fore push, that repels blobs where he's aiming.
    • [​IMG] Slayer: The Slayer is the tank class, using a really, really big sword, dashing with V and hurling black fire balls with RMB. Be careful with these guys, because they're really deadly.
    • [​IMG] Gargoyle: Have you ever wanted to be a greg? Of course you did. Grab people and zombies with LMB and release them with RMB. You can't hold things forever tho, they'll eventually break free.
    • [​IMG] Necromancer: Now that he works for the undead, the Necromancer can summon zombies out of the air. These zombies are always random, and have a limited life spam. Don't forget to teleport with V.
    • [​IMG] Undead Bunny: The undead's 1x1 class. If you ever played BunnyFection you'll find this guy to work almost the same, biting stuff bith LMB and spiting goo with RMB, and if you haven't played BunnyFection the hell are you waiting for? Go do it.
    • [​IMG] Arsonist: The fire lad. He works like the pyromancer for the most part, except that instead of making a flamethrower with his hand he makes small explosions of fire where he's aiming. If your base starts catching fire you probably have one of these guys under your base using pyrokinesis.
    • [​IMG] Stalker: The Stalker is the fast sneaky undead. His primary weapon is a fire dagger, with RMB can turn himself invisible for a few seconds and with V he can screech like a Banshee, stunning all humans for 2-3 seconds. The invisible mind games are really, really fun.

    That's right, they're back, and they're still green. They can be used as spawn points for humans, or to hire Mages.

    Thanks to Aphelion, ZFM+ has an improved AI for zombies, making them deadlier and smarter. This are the zombies that spawn normally.
    • [​IMG] Zombie
    • [​IMG] Skeleton
    • [​IMG] Zombie Knight
    • [​IMG] Greg
    • [​IMG] Wraith
    • [​IMG] Vacaxia
    • [​IMG] Zombie Chicken
    • [​IMG] Catto
    • [​IMG] Gasbag
    • [​IMG] Zombie Arm
    Some zombies are special and spawn on certain days or from portals and graves.
    • [​IMG] Crawler
    • [​IMG] Brute
    • [​IMG] Hell Knight
    • [​IMG] Ankou
    • [​IMG] Garg
    • [​IMG] Banshee
    • [​IMG] Punished Shark
    Zombie bosses are deadly and usually take more time to kill than regular ones.
    • [​IMG] Abomination
    • [​IMG] Horror


    Exploring the underground on ZFM+ means you'll encounter some of these tombs and caskets. They're usually filled with useful stuff, but some times zombies can come out from them. When grave digging, be wary of your surroundings.

    New and reworked workshops
    There are some new workshops on ZFM+, as well as a mini version of each workshop.
    • Trader Shop: The trader's the place to buy useful things like sharks, scrolls, diving helmets or just exchange gold. It can also be used to turn white pages into class books.
    • Defense Shop: Here you can buy turrets and explosive satchels.
    • Priest Shop: Use it to buy orbs.

    New Vehicles
    Zeppelins, Tanks, Gliders and Balloons join the defense ranks.

    New items, mechanisms, blocks, and more.
    There's a lot more stuff there but I'm too lazy to post it all.

    I wouldn't be posting this mod if it wasn't for the work of others, as I've learnt quite a lot from them.
    Eanmig's Zombie Fortress Mode (Base game)
    Aphelion's Smart Zombies (AI, sprites)
    Aphelion's Roleplay (sprites)
    Skinney's BunnyFection (sprites, mutant class base)
    Xeonfaux's Dark Zombies (old fire trap, fire and booster mechanism)
    The Soprano's Necromancer (Necromancer class base, custom HUD)
    The Soprano's Sandbox (team bridge)
    Sandbox Reborn (conveyors)
    Tsilliev's Capture the Princes (Glider, Missile, sprites)
    UltraMarine_Val's Abomination (sprite)
    MechaTrickster The Monstrosity (sprite)
    8x Zombie Statue (sprite)
    Community Pack (sprites)
    Diprog's FUN Ctf (Wizard class base, Chainsaw, some items, sprites)
    Diprog's Wooden Chest
    norill's Tank
    The Soprano's Zeppelin
    Special Thanks
    I'd like to say thanks to makmoud98, blackjoker77777, Pirate-Rob. Aphelion, Skinney, Diprog and all those who have helped me on the forums or on the server testing things. You're all really great c:

Recent Updates

  1. Bridge Hotfix
  2. More QoL
  3. Rebalances and fixes (mostly)

Recent Reviews

  1. Painapple2132
    Version: 1.6.7e
    Awesome!! Great fun with friends :)
  2. FoxyLady
    Version: 1.6.6a
    I've always loved this gamemode mod. Please keep improving it if possible.
  3. cesarjunior233
    Version: 1.6.6a
    Very good gamemode , but need add a quicker way to get zombie scroll , and zombie scroll need be one use item
  4. UltraMarine_Val
    Version: 1.6.6a
    Awesome mod, all we love :), and ps, you coded the abomination extremely well ! Good job ! :)
  5. asger75
    Version: 1.6.5a
    My favourite mod atm
  6. Beo
    Version: 1.6.3a
    Good job
    1. Frikman
  7. JackMcDaniels
    Version: 1.6.3
    Really nice, a static indestructible spawn point for Zombies was desperately needed. For future updates (if you plan on it) perhaps abomination could receive a serious buff, don't think I have seen it kill anyone or break a block.
    1. Frikman
      Author's Response
      No zombie can break blocks currently, it's something I haven't been able to make work :DDD

      I'll think about a damage buff for the abomination, it has 30HP but does only 1 damage to balance how tanky it is. I may change that to 2 damage probably
  8. Markoss
    Version: 1.6.2a
    very good mode you did
  9. JackMcDaniels
    Version: 1.5.8
    Really nice mod, been waiting on something like this for ages. One criticism I do have though is that the maps are not wide enough and that a deep underground with lots of dirt is a recipe for extreme lag as Zombies have a tendency to spawn in the same location and get stuck down there.
  10. Vamist
    Version: 1.5.8
    Really good, It's fun, and something interesting!

    (I currently have a server dedicated to it, and at the time of writing has 15 people in it)