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Wizard Wars

Wizard Wars is a mod in which players engage in brutal team deathmatch with an arsenal of spells at their disposal. It's inspired by games like Magicka, Nox, and Diablo, but we are very open to change. Team deathmatch may become CTF or "Destroy the Core" eventually.

Have an idea for a cool new spell? Have any gameplay suggestions? Hate something about the current gameplay? This is the place to regurgitate all your thoughts.

Here's a rough list of things we are considering at the moment:

1. Remove shop

2. Proper maps with treasure chest (or treasure chests parachuting from the sky, like in Worms) that can have:

mana potion - 65% (should get 15-35 Mana back?)

heart - 60% (should get 10/75 HP back?)

zombie - 40%

keg - 30%

boulder - 25%

nothing - 15%

Change the % as much as we need.

3. New spells:

Freeze Orb - freezes for 3-5 sec. Auto-homing.

Slowing Orb - slows down for around 6-9 sec. Auto-homing.

Force Push - Pushes you away. Around 20-35 mana i guess?

Plant Mine - Just don't make it for a funny low amount of mana. It would be OP.

Energy Beam - You're shooting a laser. Each second of shooting is probably 10-18 mana.

Healing spell - Heals 10-15 HP for around 50 mana

Invisiblity spell - Makes you invisible for around 6-10 seconds. 35-50 mana i guess

Kamikaze Spell - Explode in front of an enemy, dealing him 30-60 damage, depending on the amount of health you had when kamikazing. Around 35-55 mana.

Swap Places spell - Similiar to teleport, auto-homing orb.

Barrier spell - Makes a magic shield around you. You can't be damaged for 5-9 seconds. Costs 45-65 mana.

Tornado spell - makes a black hole, people that get close to it get attracted to it and get some damage, then tornado shoots everyone to the sky

Raise Dead spell - You can change dead bodies into powerful zombie knights that damage enemies.

Digging Spells - dig through stone blocks, dirt, etc

Create Block Spell - Creates a stone block in the air where your mouse was for 10-20 sec. You can stand on it.

Temporary Flying - You can fly (when you hold W you fly, when you don't hold it you're slowly falling) for 10-15 secs. Around 60 mana?

Speed Spell - Makes you or allies faster by 50-75% for 10-20 seconds. Costs around 45 mana?

Confusion Spell - reverses your controls

Polymorph Spell - Changes your enemy into a bunny for 5-10 sec. The bunny moves around randomly for 10 sec, until it changes to the player again.

Chain Lightning Spell - A lightning that damages one player and players close to him (up to 25 blocks)

Lightning Strike Spell - A lightning strokes one person

Mind Control Spell - You control enemy player for 8-15 secs. You have his amount of hp, mana, and your spells that you shoot when mind controlling damage the mind controlled guy. But if mind-controlled guy dies while youre mind-controlling him, you die too. After the time is over, you're in your normal character again.
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