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[1026] Invisible land mine trap

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by BanakaI1, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. BanakaI1

    BanakaI1 Shipwright

    This isn't a paticularly great trap but it's something interesting. It can easily be added to an underground base.

    Basically this is it. in full version:

    Now you can learn how to build and you use it.


    dig out a space like this and put doors.


    Throw a mine up onto the ledge. This will take SEVERAL tries. It's very difficult, and most of the time will fall down in a couple of minutes anyways.

    It's already functioning!


    Grab an enemy corpse. If your team is any good, these should fall from the sky regularly. Next wait for a few (or 1) enemies to walk over where the mine is.


    KABOOM enemies dead. Now type in chat something along the lines of "SUCK ITTT!" Hopefully you didn't kill yourself from standing too close.


    Now you can patch it up, but now it's lost it's surprise factor.


    This is what it looks like to an enemy. They can see you but they can't see the mine. They probbably just think your mining stone or tunneling or something.


    You could replace the ledge with a trampoline, and then you wouldn't have to fidgit with throwing it on the ledge. It will make a noise though. Kind of like a ticking time bomb. Also takes timing when throwing the corpse or it will explode on the lowest part of it's jump and not damage the outside.


    This works best in TTH because you can place a demo factory down there and get mines to refill it. Plus it can be used as a safe spot for knights to rest and heal up and get a keg.

    If it's CTF you could turn this into a full out out-post. Just add a travel tunnel and a knight shop (BUY THOSE MINES) +any other shops you want.

    One last note is that you can use this as any class since all you need is a corpse and mine to use it. You do have to be a builder to repair it though.
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  2. crackwise

    crackwise Shipwright

    I find it a nice and fun idea actually. However, currently KAG favors basically two types of builders: One builder behind fixing the base and another builder going offensive, helping knights get in the enemy base, sapping the structures etc. Therefore, all other types of builders doing other stuff tend to be less useful to their team.
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  3. epenow

    epenow Oppressed banana cookie
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