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[1057] The Pests of KAG...

Discussion in 'Archer' started by KingXandercosm, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk gaurenteed shitter

    Fire should only spread a little? Ha. Yeah, let's pay thirty coins for an arrow that'll break like 10 wooden blocks that a friendly knight could dispose of in seconds flat anyway. Sounds like a worthwhile purchase.

    Forgive me if I sound annoyed; I am.

    Xander, you're suffering from the same thing that Bobotype had problems with; you want Archers' play-style to be completely different. You want them to be less utility and more unit damage. Well sorry, but they're not. They are the class that burns things, blocks bombjumps, and breaks holes in bases, not the class that solo-reks an entire team singlehandedly.

    If you don't like it, I dunno - learn to mod. Or play more Knight. I've adjusted to it, and I still have a blast playing Archer.

    ... You're not wrong. Wanting change, I mean. You're not. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. It's just... such a large aspect of the game probably won't change simply because you want it to.
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  2. dinotree

    dinotree Shark Slayer

    If knight is way better than archer then shouldn't fire and bomb arrows balance it out? Also someone who makes their base out of wood deserves to be punished! :3
  3. KingXandercosm

    KingXandercosm Shipwright

    With a fire arrow that takes down 10 wood blocks, you could knock down a whole tower if you shot the ground support. And, bomb arrows do waaaaay more damage than bombs. Bombs blow up a single block, whereas, a bomb arrow blows up 3 blocks which is more than enough space for an entire army to charge through and destroy a base. I've had times where the archers fire a successive, unending volley of arrows that rain from the sky, destroying an entire base single-handedly...