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[1057] Tower Bits

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by amgtree, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. amgtree

    amgtree Bison Rider

    Round just started and you decide to make a tower. Its pretty lame and can only block knights that don't have bombs.

    As the game progress you have bomb jumpers, ladder builders, just any amount of spam you can think of. You are going to have to upgrade your tower.
    Time to add little upgrades to your tower

    • Saw Trap
    This will hopefully stop anyone coming too close to the tower

    • Tunnel
    If secure well this tunnel will allow your let your team get the to the front lines.
    • Anti-Climbing Stuff
    It may be annoying to have people climb up your tower so adding bits to prevent that helps.
    • Shooty Places
    It helps archers to have little holes to shoot out in emergencies
    • Cata/Ballista Whore Brothel
    If any opposing enemies challenge the tower this little upgrade will stop them in their tracks

    Overall this tower has seen an improvement and you can put these on your towers also. If you want to you can also suggest other pieces that a good tower deservers.
  2. BanakaI1

    BanakaI1 Shipwright

    Another good improvement to make is to turn off smooth shader

    The climbing thing is kind of bad tho because you can dodge the boulder or grab it. The trap blocks even block the archer holes. If the enemy gets their hands on the boulder they will likely smash into your doors with it .

    Improvements I would add would be:
    Knight shop (really helps so you can get kegs closer to the enemy without having to walk from the base, also helps in situations where you realize you need something)
    Further back tunnel (1 keg and it's gone right now)

    Other than that it's a nice tower!
    BlueLuigi likes this.
  3. amgtree

    amgtree Bison Rider

    Thank you. Also the location in which you put the stuff is dependent on you discretion. I do see the problem with the tunnel though