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[1057] What do you want an archer to do?

Discussion in 'Archer' started by Verzuvius, Mar 12, 2014.


What do you want an archer to do?

  1. Go snipe-archer!

    7 vote(s)
  2. Go shotgun-archer!

    11 vote(s)
  3. Go knight or builder!

    3 vote(s)
  4. Something else...

    8 vote(s)
  1. Verzuvius

    Verzuvius Shark Slayer

    What do you want an archer to do?

    Stay in tower? Be annoying at the battlefield?
  2. Trumbles

    Trumbles Bison Rider

    Err, what was this thread made to accomplish? Lol

    Ideally, An archer should be supportive. Assisting knights, harassing enemies, and destroying towers. The range they fight at should be based on the situation.

    Generally an Archer who camps in their team's towers the whole game isn't very helpful, though. Pushing up with your team is important.
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  3. crackwise

    crackwise Shipwright

    Archers can be gamechangers if played decently.

    Two major situations:

    1. On the defensive: The enemy has pushed hard and is near your base. You need to push them back! Archers can help a lot by stunning the enemy with water ammo. Priority should be to snipe enemy builders and archers first, and then rain arrows on enemy knights or try to snipe them individually.

    2. On the offensive: When the enemy is pushed back to their own base, archers have very important tasks:

    2.1. Burn down wooden structures with fire arrows, crash structures with bomb arrows. Especially opening the walls protecting the enemy flag is very important.

    2.2. Don't bother to shoot anyone, instead just try to get past into enemy fortifications. If you have bomb arrows with you, destroy the enemy flag walls, capture the flag and try to move out as quick as possible. Or if you have enough money and the enemy knight shop is open, switch to knight, buy a keg and explode it somewhere logical.

    2.3. Again, get over the fortifications and capture an enemy ballista which is high above on their own tower. This is a game changing event if the tower is high enough and as close as possible to their base. After that, you can switch to builder or knight (at the ballista qucikly) and prevent enemy reclaiming the ballista, thus you can use it as a spawn point literally above the enemy base.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2014
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  4. Boea

    Boea Such Beta

    Fencing on the Battlefield.
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  5. Verzuvius

    Verzuvius Shark Slayer

    Well, now I think this thread is actually a guide for ppl who wondering if they should play archer or not. And what to do when playing as an archer.
  6. ericgames

    ericgames Builder Stabber

    1st step, snipe builders and snipers, 2nd shotgun against knights and shotgun archers untill the snipers and builders are back to the battlefield.

    Extra points for using your bazooka arrow on ballista/ burning the enemy base to the ground
  7. DragonShark

    DragonShark The one post after the other. Donator

    Well, archers are very good at pissing off people so I said Shotgun Archer.
    I just hate 'em.
    :spam: :rektlord:
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  8. Frederikam

    Frederikam Drill Rusher

    Most of the time I only use archer in order to shoot destructive arrows. Otherwise I think it's a waste of manpower (similar to "minecrafting" builders), but it adds some variation to the combat at least.
    However if you play my mod/server (Tower Rush) they can be quite overpowered.
  9. Khaleesi

    Khaleesi Mother of Dragons Donator
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    I totally aggree mate!
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  10. to shoot arrows from a bow.
  11. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    i want the fucking archers to change to knight/builder because they are annoying as fuck.
  12. Jepton

    Jepton Shipwright

    Having them save you when you're stunned is truly a godsend. It also helps tip a 1v1 knight battle drastically. Lets not forget that the best way to kill a rodent is to become one.
  13. Or chainsaw it.
  14. austinthus

    austinthus Horde Gibber

    ...As a knight.... Also, the chainsaw should probably be on fire and be shooting out God's wrath at the same time. This is the true way to kill a rodent.
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  15. I want archer to...

    • NOT camp at all! unless highly needed, aside from those rare moments, rush with your teammates, it's way more useful and fun this way.

    • Recognize whenever changing class is necessary. Don't be an one-class player, switch to build whenever the base need a few repairs, or knight for those moments when you just need to stomp plebs at your door.

    • Play nicely and have fun.
  16. Plebs are stomp-able as archer.
  17. I mean the one with double slash while aiming down, the one that completely ignores physics and generates enough momentum to explode your own body after the impact, even though you jumped from 6 tiles high.
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  18. skelozero

    skelozero Catapult Fodder

    climb over all the walls! :D

    annoy all the players! :D

    destroy all the things! :D
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  19. RadioActive

    RadioActive Guest

    + Set fire to enemy things and laugh at the pissed off noob-builders