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[1120] Griefing or surrounded by idiots?

Discussion in 'Builder' started by Nyxity, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. Nyxity

    Nyxity Shipwright

    I just got vote kicked from a game. Some idiot named Henrique kept saying I was griefing. Is filling empty space with doors griefing?! There is empty space under the flag. I was filling it with wooden doors. Irt fills up the empty space that could begina tunnel, yet allowed the team to go through because it was all doors in case the otherside was coming from that area.

    He kept telling people I was griefing, helpign out the other team, going on about how I was a moron. In the end everyone kicked me because a guy cries wolf. Who was the real griefer here?
  2. startselect3

    startselect3 Arsonist

  3. MajorxPain

    MajorxPain Catapult Fodder

    Stop calling people idiots, seriously. a little flaming is ok when the purpose is to entertain, but don't do it if it isn't going to benefit anyone.

    I cant say we have alot of players, a good bit of people have bought the game, but alot of them regret to play it.

    why not have more open arms? Think of it as a open door policy on immigration.
    Because we didn't keep many players from the 2014 Steam Summer Sale.