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[1120] The Sense of a Builder

Discussion in 'Builder' started by Nyxity, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Nyxity

    Nyxity Shipwright

    This is just a lot of things I wish to tell fellow builders but have no time to in game because I cannot multitask like most - lame hand, can only do one thing at a time. Some or many things noted may have been brought up before, but it never hurts to be reminded, does it?


    DRILLS... Use them to do demolition, please. They last only so long, you are being greedy when it comes to stone – leaving other builders with little to none – you just used 100 freaking stone to get it! You also get 50% less stone than with a pick ax. Keep in mind unlike trees, stone doesn't come back!

    (I think knights shouldn't be able to use them. Knights can already dig through stone with their swords without breaking or dulling them. Builders are around for a reason – to break through shit. If knights can use drills, then builders should be able to use bombs and kegs.)


    SAW TRAPS... Build them away from the base, please. A good builder and often smart knights and archers know how to disable them. A dead body of your teammate will still fall through the trap blocks into the saw and disable it. Enemy builders aware of this, can use the outer shell to their advantage and begin tunneling. Knights can use it for surprise attacks.

    In note, when you build a saw trap, add upside down bridges over and under the trap blocks. That helps prevent sneak attacks from knights inside.

    Be careful with saws! Don't activate them until you've fully built the trap or when making a tree farm, built a safety platform to keep teamates from falling in.


    Bridge Walls... They are good for blocking them, but make it so your own team can get past them! I've seen so many knights get pushed into a corner or lose a flag because they have no way of getting over or under the bridge walls. Some builders as well because they have ran out of supplies. Don't make something that requires a ladder to get over! When trying to escape, there is no time to destroy the damn ladder and enemies can take advantage.

    The same goes with bridge traps. I have seen idiots who think they are being clever making a bridge only defense around the flag because enemy knights will get trapped. Well, all your other teamates including you will get trapped also! In the end it will have to be torn down to escape.


    BUILDING FORTS... Layer! One block walls are feeble. Also, don't just use stone. Knights with drills or kegs, archers with bomb arrows, a hoard of builders can easily tear through them. That is a ton of stone wasted. Layer in a pattern: stone-wood-stone-wood. Wood CAN be your friend.

    Later in the game, you have little stone and mainly wood. Build with wood, but try to gild it with stone. Other builders, if you notice too much wood is exposed, help out gilding it.

    Builders, if you see a design quickly forming, help with it instead of trying to insert another design. Less time is wasted and more is produced. See a door fort in progress? Help with it and follow the pattern. Don't deviate – it only causes more trouble.

    Don't waste time building an insanely tall tower in the front lines. A catapult, ballista, keg or a ton of builders can easily take it out. That is a ton of stone wasted and a weak defense. Build a tall tower in the middle or back of the base. You can then use it to make excellent platforms with trampoline sling shots or a catapult to quickly get your knights over to the other side of the map.


    SHOPS... Don't stack them by three's with only a trap block dividing them. Stacking is awkward on those trying to get supplies. Protect them well! Don't leave them in the open. Not building a defense around them lets enemies easy access to either destroy or steal from them. Make a proper storage place for them or stick the shops underground – make use of the hollow space left from mining!

    Don't stick a food/rest shop next to a portal. Portals can be hijacked. Injured enemy knights will arrive, see the shop, make use of it and then wreck havoc.

    BUYING... if you have the money, buy kegs. If you see kegs piling up or don't have enough money, then move to bombs – don't just keep adding more kegs and if you take notice, knights use regular bombs a whole lot more than kegs. Don't forget about the archers either! Get fire arrows and bomb arrows when you can! A well shot fire arrow or bomb can do a TON of damage.


    SPIKES... Damn it, don't stick them in soil, wood, rock or bedrock! They only retract when placed on a stone block! I've seen plenty people on my team die because an idiot builder placed spikes that don't retract down in or on the base.

    MINES... Unless you have gotten really good at it, don't try to disarm an enemy mine. Build over it. Get a knight to disarm it later. Quit sticking them in with the flag. Builders and knights WILL see them while trying to get in. They have enough time to notice them. The mines when set off also adds extra damage to the defenses, exposing the flag to the enemy even more.

    Work on being crafty. Stick them in bushes, dark areas, places you've notice enemy knights have been landing due to a catapult or bomb jumping. Don't stick them in plain view in front of the damn base. They will use the mine to their advantage either to bomb jump or ruin the walls/doors, whatever is there.


    There's probably more stuff to make note of, but these or my latest peeves... Woo!
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  2. Uberkouza

    Uberkouza Catapult Fodder

    Wood can be... my friend?
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  3. Dargona1018

    Dargona1018 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Something to add onto the Building Forts section that I have learned in the more recent games with mostly clan-warriors in a server. If you can, at the flag (going outward), go :castle_wall::bridge::castle_wall::tree::castle_wall:.
    Although it takes a bunch of resources, this will defend it for a while, especially if you have bedrock arond (since bedrock seems to absorb keg damage). It will take a while to get through the wall unless you have a builder.

    After all, to go from out to in (<--) there are some perks:
    1. Drills can get through, explosions can, builders can.
    2. Drills overheat, explosions can destroy, builders can get through, but anyone that isn't a builder will take a while.
    3. Drills can, explosions can (I think they are dampered with the platforms behind it), builders can, knights can, BUT it takes quite a beating to take down platforms.
    4. Just another stone for security, same as 1 and 3.

    Also, with the large towers of wood, you can drop stone blocks every couple of blocks, but using some stone walls can defend the whole tower going down from one fire arrow.
  4. Klokinator

    Klokinator Such Beta
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    Is this a new update feature, or are you just being dumb right now? Knights have never been able to dig through stone in any update that I know of.
  5. Nyxity

    Nyxity Shipwright

    I've been able to dig through stone and I've seen plenty of other knights do the same.

    Ah... it occurs to me, you must mean stone BLOCKS. When I say stone, I mean the unmined stone. When I mean stone blocks I just say blocks.
  6. Klokinator

    Klokinator Such Beta
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    Oh haha, there's a bit of a different there. In any case, drills are useful for getting through stone blocks when a knight has one.

    I think drills should be limited to archer and builder, and archer should be able to grapple while holding a drill.
  7. Chukka

    Chukka Ballista Bolt Thrower Staff Alumni
    1. Zen - [Zen] - (Invite Only)
    2. Aphelion's Roleplay

    If this was a thing I'd quit kag.
    (I know you mean natural stone, its a joke)
  8. Nyxity

    Nyxity Shipwright

    Klokinator -- Yeah. I agree, minus the archer, though. They have bomb arrows for demo purposes. Admittedly, since knights are able to use drills, I often try to give one to a knight before a game starts - especially those games where timing is the essence of getting the first flag. Nevertheless, knights and archers have explosives for demolition purposes. Give a knight a keg and a drill, or an archer a bomb arrow and a drill... what use do they have for builders in the front line other than to carry a ladder?
  9. Klokinator

    Klokinator Such Beta
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    /rage intensifies
  10. TheDirtySwine

    TheDirtySwine Bison Rider Staff Alumni Donator

    I might use this information later thank you
  11. I'm shocked by what had been said here..

    In what world is builders never needed

    Can knights make tunnels forward?
    Can knights place blocks?
    Can knights make offensive forts?

    Knight is being nerfed in coming updates

    The builder is key to winning a long term match
    Drills are one thing but knights have their limits, drills overheat eventually and can be easily countered
  12. MajorxPain

    MajorxPain Catapult Fodder

    Drills shouldn't be in the hands of knights at all. The overheat time really isnt much of a setback you know.