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[1591] Water bomb + Keg = Hadouken

Discussion in 'Knight' started by ParaLogia, Sep 12, 2015.


Did you know about this technique beforehand?

  1. Yes

  2. Yes - I've done it before

  3. Yes - I practically invented it

  4. No - I live in EU/AUS

  5. No - I live in US

  6. I can come up with a better name than "Hadouken"

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  1. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Kegs--they're fun. Why? 'Cause they blow things up.

    Specifically, they blow your enemies up. With one small package, you can reduce their homes and loved ones alike to tiny bits. It’s difficult to deny the delight that’s derived from delivering death and destruction to those you despise.

    But there is a problem (apart from my apparent addiction to alliteration): it’s not easy to get a keg across the battlefield. If you choose to carry it on your back, you face the majority of the opposing knight force. Oftentimes, you can’t guarantee that the keg will even reach their walls.

    Alternatively, you can bombjump with a keg, attempting a keg drop. But in order to bombjump, you need an open space to drop your bombs. While waiting for your bomb(s) to explode, you’re an easy target for water arrows or other forms of interference.

    A third option is to launch the keg with a catapult. This is a pretty consistent method, but it requires a good deal of setup, teamwork, and coins. There must be a simpler way to vaporize your enemies! Well there is!

    I'm here to show you a technique that will revolutionize your battlefield experience, a technique that has been passed down through the generations, a technique that is, honestly, sorta illogical.

    If you hit a keg with a water bomb, you can propel it across surprising distances. Observe:

    This technique, dubbed the "Hadouken", can be used to breach walls instantly, because you can substitute horizontal velocity for vertical velocity (as in normal keg drops).

    How to do it
    The description sounds simple enough, but actually executing a hadouken isn't that easy. Hitting the keg from certain angles won't really move the keg at all, and in particularly bad cases, the keg will blow up as soon as you hit it. In order to do it semi-consistently, you'll need to practice in sandbox. If you familiarize yourself with the angles, you can even decide whether the keg gets propelled upward or spiked downward.

    The easiest situation for hadouken-ing is on top of a tall overhang, like in my first example video:
    1. Make sure that your bomb type is set to water, with [F]
    2. Light the keg near the edge
    3. Drop the keg (be careful not to toss it over the edge)
    4. Take a few steps back
    5. Light the water bomb and throw it at the keg (it's best to aim slightly below the center)
    If you walk forward while throwing, you can get some extra velocity.

    I find that I get the most distance, consistently, if I throw the water bomb just as my sprite touches the keg's sprite. (Watch Example 1 in slo-mo for reference.)

    When you get good, you can even perform a hadouken midair, after bomb jumping/trampoline jumping.

    Example by @Potatobird of a post-bomb jump hadouken triple teamkill:
    Example of a trampoline-hadouken combo:

    When you're close to the peak of your jump, throw the (lit) keg upward and slightly forward. Then, before you get too far from the keg, hit the back of it with the water bomb.

    Now, go ahead and play around with this technique, and try not to grief/teamkill like Potatobird. If you figure out any tips, post them here!

    :water_bomb: + :keg: = :heart::skull:
  2. AmestriStephen

    AmestriStephen Bison Rider Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Tester

    This is NICE! This HADOUKEN technique is supeeeeeer
    good job
  3. heX_

    heX_ Shark Slayer

    Ah, so THAT's how they do it. Had my kegs deflected two, three times like this, assumed it was a weird bug. Never saw any water splash either.
    Thanks for sharing.
  4. Snake19

    Snake19 RIP Staff Alumni Donator
    1. [AG#] - Ancient Gear

  5. tru0067

    tru0067 Ballista Bolt Thrower Tester

  6. GreyHCK

    GreyHCK Shark Slayer

  7. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    I like it.

    You probably already saw this if you're subscribed to my channel, but here's a silly hadouken variation I posted elsewhere.

    I'll see if I can cook up something else, when I have more free time.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 15, 2015, Original Post Date: Sep 15, 2015 ---
    Double-posting because I'm not sure if editing in a tag gives an alert: @SlayerSean @neil58 @DatNobby @PUNK123

    I heard you could come up with a better name than "Hadouken". Would you like to share your suggestions?
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  8. Lawrence_Shagsworth

    Lawrence_Shagsworth Joke Slayer Official Server Admin

    RKegO outta nowhere?
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  9. SlayerSean

    SlayerSean FYI: it's pronounced "seen"

    Obviously Kamehameha ::P:
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  10. tru0067

    tru0067 Ballista Bolt Thrower Tester

    le MLG trick shot is the best
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 16, 2015 ---
    More aerial hadoukens. This time with a uber-saw-bomb jump.

    Unfortunately only two of the bombs blew up, but the hadouken was pretty good.

    This time I got all three bombs, but I stuffed the hadouken. Its really more just to prove that its possible. In all honesty this was the closest I got after 2 hours of trying.
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  11. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Love the creativity of using a bomb to bump the saw over. :thumbs_up:

    I was actually planning on doing that later, but you acted too fast for me. ::P:
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  12. This is the slamdunk of KAG. Nice!
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  13. RampageX

    RampageX Haxor Staff Alumni Tester

    I've use it before on a full CTF game, its just hilarious when people think your going a keg jump, but your actually not.
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