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[203] Big Knight Guide

Discussion in 'Knight' started by Reactorcore, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. Reactorcore

    Reactorcore Shark Slayer

    Hey, heres a handy guide to Bomb-assisted jumping! :)


    Also, a useful thing sometimes is a Catapult-assisted jump:


    This works on all classes. You dont even need a friend to do this.
    Special thing about this is that you will actually accelerate horizontally forward when doing this, allowing you to reach places a normal jump is too short for.


    Superhero Bombjump! -- by Contrary

    See it here in action:

    Yeah that's right, now for a in-depth analysis:

    1. Place a bomb on the ground (Circle) and take another one out moments later, but keep holding it in your hand. Shield down (you can also combine it with the above "boosted bombjump" - jumping up a moment prior to the bomb exploding to gain extra height).
    2. Fly through the air and make yourself ready to throw your second bomb. Note: Your own bombs will not set up your own bombs, enemy bombs on the other hand WILL).
    3. Aim the bomb above you in an angle so that you can "Air Bombjump" - Meaning you glide below the bomb while you throw it above you (gliding also dabbles as shielding up!).
    4. The bomb will go off, despite what you might think the blast will fling you UPWARDS not downwards!
    5. Continue gliding, this is important to maximize you flying distance and stopping damage.
    6. Jup, still gliding.
    7. Land safe and secure (well you probably get hurt if you land on the same level of ground you started from, but that's besides the point). Gratulations you just flew amazingly high )20 or so blocks?)

    With slightly different timing you can also modify this to make extremely long range jumps. Just use Reactorcores guide to bomb jumping to figure out how (hint: its walking in the direction you want to fly in while shielding towards the bomb!).
  2. dwatring

    dwatring KAG Guard Tester

    Things you may not know about Knight:

    • A lot of times your builders are not stupid. They need the resources you're picking up on the front lines to effectively build things for your team. You can take moments out of smacking the enemy's wall to travel back to your nearest outpost and gift the smartest-looking builder with your materials.
    • You don't have to be on the front lines. Sometimes you may save your team some serious grief by guarding a weak spot in your team's defenses personally. You can also protect a lone archer by shielding in front of him, effectively making him invincible. It won't boost your kill-to-death ratio, but it will assist the team.
    • You work better in teams. It's not always wise to charge immediately after you come back into the game. Consider waiting for another knight and sticking with him when you charge the enemy, especially when you're in a heavy-traffic area. The combined effect of two charged sword slashes will break shield-defenses then immediately kill the enemy as well.
    • Take the leap of faith. Ok, so you have a skybridge and it seems to actually be past the effective front lines of combat, but it's way too high to jump off safely. Wait for enemy traffic below, then try to jump on them. They'll take all the fall damage instead of you.
    • If you are stuck in tunnel and cant climb up,and if you are lucky to have a bomb whit you,ignite it,drop it on the floor and use your shield just over it, pointing down. You will be catapulted in the air for at least 6-7 blocks.
    • Always try to be above the enemy,as it is easier to place a hit from above and the knights weight will help a lot with making damage,it will even kill the enemy.
    • If there is a big tower/thing you cant just dig under, escort a builder or two to help you out!
    • A shield bash will break a charged attack, so be careful of knights that rush straight at you when you're charging. Also utilise this to your advantage. Also jabs will reset your charge.
    • If there are multiple knights throwing bombs to your wall, try to throw them back. This can lead to all the enemy knights being gibbed by their own bombs, and save of your wall.
    • If you are in a tunnel and encounter an enemy knight or other class, throw a bomb and try throw it behind the enemy, he will be forced to shield towards it and you can stab him.
    • Always try to organize and go, in what I like to call, attack waves! Make sure you never go alone, go with one or more allies.
    • You can pick up and throw bombs back with C
    • Shields don't protect your team from explosions, only you. Throw back bombs when possible, as it will effectively turn it into a friendly grenade. Just don't forget to re-shield after.
    • Not a lot of people do it, but allies can use your shield as a ladder. After your other knight bros help you up, return the favor!
    • (general) If you are stuck in deep down in a tunnel: It's often faster to suicide and start over than trying to dig up.
    • Don't charge your attack to destroy blocks. Just hammer your leftmousebutton, it's much faster. Except for Team Doors which can only be damaged by charged slashes.
    • Bombs set other bombs off. Under the correct circumstances, a chain reaction could be set off in order to kill the enemy.
    • walking with your shield is slow -> you can move faster by jumping and shielding in mid air.
    • Hold your shield upwards to defend from falling bedrock chunks, or enemies.
    • Know when to fall back. If you see four knights coming for you, get back over your wall and wait for help.
    • You can perform a double slash if you attack again right after hitting an enemy. This only works once per normally charged slash.
    • Practice using the slash. Knowing how far you can reach with this attack is beneficial during combat.
    • (general) Use catapults around the map to get around or over walls quickly.
    • (general) Help out a teammate if he is being attacked, never assume he/she can get the kill.
    • (general) Never let an enemy pass you if no one is behind you to make the kill. They may become a large threat to your defenses.
    • Bombs can easily backfire. Only use bombs near your defenses if the situation demands it, and you are skilled in the knight class.
    • When landing on an enemy, shield down to prevent them from doing counter damage from below.
    • Use bombs to quickly take out unreachable catapults. Two bombs can destroy a catapult.
    • (general) Don't be afraid to destroy an enemy outpost. Not all outposts need to be captured. Two bombs can destroy them.
    • Slash allows to hit enemies through small gaps or "around" corners.
    • Being flung into a wall hurts, and you still take fall damage when you land. Make sure you plan out catapult player launches, and try to let someone you know is good be in charge of the catapult.
    • You CAN shield against people landing on your head, but not from extreme heights. If they jump on you off a really high mountain, you're going to take damage whether you shield or not, so dodge rather than shield.
    • If you want to suicide without dropping a bomb, drop all your bombs as loot (helps your knight friends out too) and then suicide with the backspace menu.
    • Watch out for teammates that throw a bomb and then die - the bomb will kill you too.
    • When enemy is attacking your wall and your door is above them then open the door and jump on them, you can do a lot of damage.
    • (general) NEVER open a door when the enemy is attacking. Use a different exit.
    • Shield Smashes consistently stun long enough to allow you to jab, a guaranteed combo.
    • You can use your sword and shield while "cooking" a bomb. Do not be passive, do whatever you can to defend yourself until you are ready to throw. The triple threat of sword, shield, and bomb is dangerous to any enemy.
    • Once a knight helped you up a tile you can immideatly return the favor, just shield up and slowly slide off the side of the block, without actually falling off. If done properly your teammate(s) can jump trough you as if you're a ladder.
    • Your role is not only striker, but guardian as well. Defending a competent builder while they build a fortification can do more damage to the enemy than any blade. --Nighthawk
    • Use the unit count to your advantage. Instead of rushing at a knight, do defensive-aggressive things. Sit next to an enemies drawbridge that they need to cross and watch as they struggle to try and get past you by gliding. If they come close to you just stab them midair, hitting them into the pit you've opened up for them, likely killing them on their own spikes. --Neat
    • Or shield upwards in a hole. This will likely get a few kills. Getting downward slashes on people is very difficult. So if you're in a 2 x 2 pit you're quite hard to hit. If they stab at you or start charging, just stab back and do one damage. Return to shielding. They'll try again, stab again. Repeat this until they're dead. Enemies have no choice but to try this and they will die and die and die. --Neat
    • You CAN destroy drawbridges. You have to be directly underneath them though and not at any angle to the side. Once you're about 3 blocks underneath them, you can make a really small jump by tapping w. At the top of that jump, you can jab. If you do it right (and its hard to pull off) the drawbridge will be damaged without it opening on you, allowing you and your team to use it. Use this to destroy enemy drawbridges too in a pinch, when no builders are around and you desperately need to stop the enemy scaling your walls. You can climb walls by doing this several times. Damage the drawbridge and use a vault from below to get up to it (since you wont be able to jump up to it via normal means, you need 3 blocks below, which means it's a 4 block jump) --Neat
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