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[203] The Abstract Ambuscade

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by Zuboki, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Zuboki

    Zuboki KAG Guard Tester

    I've returned with another structure, and... it's not pretty. Meet-
    abstractambuscade.png the Abstract Ambuscade.

    Using the knowledge I gained from various offensive and defensive builders, and from my own past building, I've assembled this... monster. It reaches it's full potential as a stubborn multipurpose trap and counter to enemy construction- An effective if grotesque way of claiming this and everything within catapult range as "yours".

    Now then, shall we?
    1. The starting hidden position for archers. While this isn't the friendliest building to them, it serves its purpose; the door to the right allows potshots to invaders, while if they instead hop up, they can shoot arching shots over the wall, granting them decent cover and allowing them to take out enemy catapults. Also, if they get arrows rained upon them, they can hold down to drop harmlessly to the entryway- the building is short enough to negate fall damage.
    2. The "no-man's land". This area will never look as clean as this picture, and that's just great. You want to see piles of knights lined with their shields up here. As I have it now, the single block can be used to "vault" directly to the doorway. It also serves to hold panicked enemies in for the half second after your stonefall trap is triggered (see 3). This is also the most customizable area- you could, if you so desired, put ladders or trap bridges here, with different strategic implications. As the area gets bombed, you can use the single door to the left to peek out and repair blocks. Don't worry too much if an enemy builder starts building here- after all, that's why you have...
    3. The deceptive killer wall. At first it appears to just shield your archers, but with a single tap of the mostly broken bridge to the left, it can destroy an invasion force in one decisive strike. This wall has served me better than the obvious-though-lengthy trap in Hillside Trapmaster. it's best used when the enemy has disabled the Acavado entryway and has everyone clustered around the last bit of door. For great fun, wait in the shadows of the drawbridges first, then swipe it once everyone's focused on the door. It kills, destroys some enemy structures, and has a far less chance for collateral damage than HS Trapmaster.
    4. This catapult is only under threat by lobbed shots, which requires a bit more aim than the direct shot. The catapult is positioned such that even when fired at the lowest power, it will only damage the killer wall, and not trigger it early or collapse your structure. Any power over 3 clears both walls, and it is not very easy to steal from this position.
    5. White space. I'd suggest a good barracks or shop here. It's fairly well defended by the front wall and its extension. You should probably build backwall here if nothing else, to prevent it from being destroyed if temporarily breached. One decent idea is to build a bomb shop or outpost on an overhang directly under the catapult. This will keep the enemy from buying bombs or stealing the outpost in the event of a breach, and also provides a convenient and safe spawning point/shop for your team.
    Now then, as I mentioned earlier, I amalgamated this from various players I've seen in the game and on the forums. Shout-outs go to:
    • Acavado, you inspired the entryway, and brought to light one of my absolute favourite traps to spam everywhere.
    • Eggnogg, I shamelessly stole the "safety repair door" from you. I also have the same style of abstract towers as you- rectangles are for squares!
    • Strathos, teach me everything you know so that I too may strike fear into the hearts of men. Quite the inspiration you are- I only wish I could build as fast as you.
    • Terrible Builders Everywhere, you make me check and doublecheck my designs, and give me something to compare myself with. If your three towers fell but mine's still standing- what does that say about us?
    Any and all feedback welcome. Cheers, mates!
  2. Miaow

    Miaow The Fanciest Pants always wins Donator Tester

    Genius strikes again!