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[228] Auto-Spikes & Air Spikes

Discussion in 'Classes & Mechanics' started by Wyeth, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. Wyeth

    Wyeth KAG Guard Donator Tester

    So yeah I was asked to make a guide about how Auto-Spikes and Air Spikes work. So here we go:
    First off, what am I even talking about?
    Auto-Spikes: Spikes that will automatically impale anyone while walking over them at enough speed rather than only while jumping on them. You know, when you are stuck in a spike pit and you walk around and suddenly *CASHING* you impale even though you didn't jump? This phenomena is 100% recreatable and works according to specific rules. Air Spikes are spikes that can impale people without needing a solid block directly connected to them (for more about spikes check this out).

    In order for it to make auto-spikes, you need a solid block diagonal to the spikes. Any of these will work:
    Note that only the diagonal block must be solid (for example the castle wall holding up the solid block still works fine). Even a dirt block would work (say on a ledge). This obviously works both sides, while comming from left to right or right to left (so you could mirror these pictures and they would still work fine). Note that trap bridges need to be broken in order to be dangerous to the enemy team, intact trap bridges open up and become a "non-solid" block whenever an enemy approaches, making them not work for auto-spikes. However, broken trap bridges are the only solid blocktype you can also pass through!

    There IS some directional bias in the game. Mostly from left to right, auto-spikes will not work properly if not placed correctly:
    spikeriwro_p1.png spikeriwro_p2.png
    The above one is the "wrong way" and the lower one the fix. For example the upper left picture will only hurt you once while comming from the left, but twice (as it should) from the right. Placing it like shown below it (2 trap bridges directly above 2 spikes) works from both directions. Same goes for the next one. Basically you need to keep a 1 block gap between "pieces" of spikes like that in order for it to work without redundancies or directional bias.

    The last thing to say about auto-spikes is that they can be made team passable. To disable them you need to place a solid block 2 blocks above the auto-spikes you want to disable.
    Trap bridges are obviously the material of choice, since it will open and become a non-solid block once the enemy draws near (making the spikes below into more potent auto-spikes).
    Enjoy the puzzeling look on the enemies faces when they try to figure out why you can walk into them without hurting yourself but they can't (just a joke, obviously the enemies do not have faces, and aren't even human, how else could you do something like that to them otherwise?)

    By now you allready see how many different possibilities there are to work with auto-spikes, you can make very complex, interesting traps by combining team doors, trap bridges and stone walls.

    Large Hydra Collidor LOL!!!11!​

    So you're all with me still? So lets move on to Air Spikes which are sort of an upgrade (or at least an advanced concept from auto-spikes).
    It works after the same principle as auto-spikes... just in the air! Diagonal solid block above or below makes the air spikes work. Keep in mind that air spikes like this are always oriented towards the top. Meaning you will normally impale while passing through the top of the spikes (falling into them or touching them in a certain angle while jumping). The picture on the far right will block people jumping up the the wall 70% of the time (they will impale and fall down), but sometimes it will fail. This is very random and can't be reacreated.
    Air spikes are very potent normally and will impale much more agressively than normal spikes or auto-spikes. It can be beneficial to make stone blocks with 1 block free inbetween and placing air-spikes over the gap, since they will end up impaling people on work over sometimes or other odd effects. For some examples how I personally use air spikes see this thread.

    Note here that for diagonally above placement the block can't be pass through. Something like this won't work:

    I hope this guide helps builders make more interesting structures and knights to stay the hell away from them. On a parting note: Spikes support blocks above them and are not destructable by knights. Just saying.

    Thank you for reading.
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  2. Miczu

    Miczu Shopkeep Stealer

    Never mentioned this publicly because you can't make easily traps that only affect enemy, but is too easy to make it griefer trap...
  3. Wyeth

    Wyeth KAG Guard Donator Tester

    what is hard about making enemy only traps? Like I explained is extremely easy... just place a trap bridge two blocks on top... Whats hard about that?

    Plus building a griefer trap? What reason is that, people have much more effective ways to grief than that...
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  5. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Yikes, I can't believe I didn't even notice that.
    So what should this thread be about now?
  6. About being closed.
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