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[394]An actually detailed bombjumping guide.

Discussion in 'Knight' started by Gofio, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    Bombjumping for the beginner-est Beginners
    This is probably the easiest bombjump there is.
    These jumps will launch you vertically,
    and timing is everything.
    1: Press F and then C/F to throw the bomb on the ground.
    2: Move the mouse over the bomb. see the timer? it counts to zero starting at 115.
    3: At thirty or (a little) less, jump, hold your shield down, pointed at the bomb.
    ---> explosion
    4: Now, you either exploded, and got gibbed...
    ...or you got launched.
    If you exploded, you should time your jump better.

    Bombjumping for somewhat advanced players
    The advanced bombjump is a little dangerous, but can launch you twice as high!
    do steps 1 and 2 of bombjump for beginners.
    3: At 5 (!), you jump, and IMMEDIATELY hold your shield down.
    Depending on your reaction speed, you may want to start at seven or ten.
    4A: You will now be gibbed.
    4B: You have jumped succesfully! you did a good bombjump and you can be happy; Go get youself a cookie.
    The second advanced way of bombjumping. This is easier than the Vertical bombjump, but harder than the top one.
    1: prepare a bomb by pressing F
    2: Cook it
    3: Wait for the timer to hit fourty
    4: Start running. this should take 5 ticks on the timer
    5: jump, and perform a shieldglide.
    6: The bombjump will work only if you are gliding down when it explodes!
    Make sure, make very very sure, that you're allready past the top of your jump!

    Credit to strathos! Give him your Kudos, you cookies, your gratitude! Moorreee!!! Feed him all your likes!

    Bombjumping for even more advanced players
    These are the bombjumps used most by pro's, if you read this guide to be able to show off, read this well!
    Again, there's a way to propel yourself horizontally, and vertically. First, vertically:
    1 and 2: Basic steps. Light and cook.
    3: wait for the timer to hit 10
    4: Jump and throw the bomb up at the same time.
    5: Hold your shield up.
    6: Say your prayers (optional)
    7: Get launched god-knows-how-high: This is variable, at least 10-15 blocks, could be 20-25 if you're very good
    This would be "very good": Boney showing off his bombjumpskills.

    Kudos, cookies, you know the drill. +1 to bonesauce.

    Then, horizontally.
    I'm not going to explain this, just throw the bomb at a wall at the last moment, jump away from the wall, shield.
    The only downside is that Vidar will probably get all the credit.

    Bombing tips 'n tricks
    If you simply want to throw a bomb at someone, don't throw it before the timer hits thirty, and when you do, throw them past someone, so it lands behind someones back, giving you an opportunity to attack.
    You can do bombpowered shieldbashes using the horizontal bombjump. Doesn't work if bombgliding is disabled in the server, though. (bombgliding = gliding after a succesful bombjump, can be disabled coz' is very OP)
    bomb explosions can be added up, so if you want a really high bombjump, use more bombs.
    did you know that dropped bombs can explode too?
    you can cause chainreactions by throwing multiple bombs (as items --> press C) close to eachother!
    If you see a dropped one behind an enemy, light a bomb in front of him! He'll just shield it... hehehe...
    Every thirty "seconds" on the timer, is one second in real life!

    The double / triple bombjump!

    This being the third time I have to give credit to awesome people, let's take our kudos and cookies, and combine them into kukies.
    All your Kukies / Cookos to Cheez!
    Forget what I said: This, is the best way to show off.
    1: Prepare some bombs, one 15 ticks after the other.
    2 (for triple): Throw a third bomb on a ledge.
    3: Throw the second bomb in the air.
    4: bombjump with the first bomb.
    5: adjust your shield if needed; You want to bombjump with the bomb you threw up in step three.
    6 (for triple): Adjust your shield again, for the third bomb.
    This is never going to work for you, only dairy products can bombjump this good.

    //updated dramatically, the guide I wrote over a year ago is now more a guide and less poor explaination :D
  2. Fate

    Fate Studying seashells

    Mm all those meathead knights will definitely get a great use out of this one. Not me though, because I'm not a knight :p

    Great work.
    NightRaid104 and Gofio like this.
  3. One

    One I got 99 problems and my name is One Donator Tester

    I am really sorry for this...
    Advanced BJ? Hehehehehehhehehehehehehehehe.

    More mature note,
    This is not really a more simple way, the simplest way would be to show with pictures. A nooby confronted with this wall of text will get confused.
    Cheesemaster66 likes this.
  4. Fate

    Fate Studying seashells

    He stated he will add videos later. I am looking forward to that.
  5. One

    One I got 99 problems and my name is One Donator Tester

    My bad, i thought that little -will add videos later- thing was part of your signature
    Gofio likes this.
  6. Fate

    Fate Studying seashells

    Tbh, I didn't even know there was a (visible) timer for bombs.
    Gofio likes this.
  7. Xlayer

    Xlayer Haxor

    finally I know how to do this.
    Contrary likes this.
  8. superpokes

    superpokes Bison Rider

    Thank you, maybe now I can get to do a bombjump :3
    Gofio and KnightGabe13 like this.
  9. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Now, I think you should change BJ to bomb jump, just to stop spam on this topic.

    Now, you did not go through all of the bomb jumps, and I think instead of naming then with stupid names you should of just called them by their more known names, IMO I just thought that could be changed.

    Just a few points;

    You could link Cheesemaster66's triple bomb jump video just to show an extra way to bomb jump.
    You could teach everyone how to double bomb jump.

    I think you are also missing one of the most critical bomb jumps, the throw behind the back bomb jump, in my opinion this is the most superior bomb jump, and to be honest I do t even perform the held bomb jump anymore.

    You could also include one of my favorite bomb jumps, this jump is kind of like the phycopath jump, but you go vertical, I actually made a thread on this jump, in my foolishness and noobiness I named it after myself, I would give you the link but I am currently on my iPod, the name of the thread I re-call is the Ghozt bomb jump. I like to merge this jump, actually it's my special trick, you shall never know, MWHAHAHAHA.

    Anyway, sorry for the poor structure, spelling, grammar ETC but I am currently on my iPod.
  10. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    i did not do this, because there already were threads about it.
    but because of the reactions, I'd consider adding those bombjumps.
    would you mind if I quote your thread in my guide?
  11. MCrypa

    MCrypa Haxor

    I like your tutorial, but it seems a little bit messy to me >.<
    Maybe add some pictures or something.

    Not the steps themselves, but maybe the format?
    Gofio likes this.
  12. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    that must be one of the worst jokes I've ever made without knowing it.
    superpokes likes this.
  13. MCrypa

    MCrypa Haxor

    "--I will add videos later--"
    "you did a good BJ and you can be happy and go get a cookie."

    Hm. I seem to have offended you somehow with this post :l That was not my intention, so I'm sorry. Was simply acting silly.
  14. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    please read the fucking fourth third line!
  15. MCrypa

    MCrypa Haxor

    Umm... I'm not criticizing the fact that it's a bomb jump tutorial. I simply told you my opinion on it.
  16. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Now, you can quote my thread into your post, feel free, and the type of jump I talk about is more height not distance, I also take it to more detail and depth.

    Another tip to using the forums, when you reply to a long post, you don't need the whole post in the reply box, just insert something like -snip- just to save people eyes and ease of reading.
  17. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    i dont call them by any names, I have put them in sections.
    I dont use names, because there are multiple names for everything in KAG.
    (for examle, towers got about a hundred names! bighuge, doorsclimber, doornotcher, teamsafenotchclimber, thing-with-doors-innit)
    </br>--- merged: Jun 3, 2012 1:10 PM ---</br>
    i meant the second, or third line. (is the "moved to knight section by kouji" visible for everyone, or just for me?)
    </br>--- merged: Jun 3, 2012 1:11 PM ---</br>
    I am going to get pictures of every jump right now, be right back, unless Im not right back.
  18. Ne3zy

    Ne3zy Haxor

    Triple bombjump is a bit useless, in fact you go as far as the triple bomb jump with a double bomb jump
    Gofio likes this.
  19. MCrypa

    MCrypa Haxor

    Yes, it is visible to everyone.

    "First of all: I know that this is the threehundredfiftyfourthandsomethingmoreth guide to bombjumping,
    but none was easy to understand, so I decided to make my own, with pics
    -->if you want to criticise that fact, do it in a PM, and dont spoil the comment section with it."

    So when you say that fact, you mean the fact that it is the, quote:"threehundredfiftyfourthandsomethingmoreth" bombjumping guide?

    I was saying it was a little messy, thats all.
    But yes, when I said "add pictures or something" I didn't read the whole text, just scanned through quickly.
    It was just an example thou :P That's why I added "Or something"
  20. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Kouji can edit everyones posts, because he lives shad.
    Anyway, yes everyone one can.

    I see you listened with the snip thing, and see the edit button, go back to where you replied an just edit all my stuff.

    Referring to the name topic, most people refer to the 'advanced bomb jump' as the held bomb jump and most of the others have wide known names, it's your guide so you do what you want with it, just trying to help so you have no need to get defensive.

    Edit~ Maybe put each type of jump in it's own spoiler, this would clean up your thread a lot better, if you don't know how to do this, it comes under BB codes listed under one of the main tabs 'help' at the top.