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[428] badthread

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by Canadian98, Jun 26, 2012.


How would you rate the trap?

  1. Good

  2. Alright

  3. Needs work

  4. Absolutely useless

  1. Canadian98

    Canadian98 Bison Rider Tester

    canadian made bad threads when he was 12 years old, bad cancer was bad
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2014
  2. MacD

    MacD Shark Slayer

    A few problems I see with this:

    1. Your team will likely to want to access those shops as well. I'd expect some builders on your team to dig into there.
    2. The structure hiding the trap should be higher than 4 blocks. A knight can easily slash vault over it.
    3. Once the enemy breaks open one door tile, they can clearly see that there's a trap there (unless it's night).

    I suggest making the pit deeper and only putting spikes in the bottom area. Having spikes near the top will tip the enemy off right away.

    spikes go here.png

    I'd also put spikes in the area I've circled in this picture (only if you have the extra stone, if resources are scarce, just leave it as is). If a knight or builder were to clear out the spikes from the initial pit area, this is supposed to be your failsafe. Putting spikes in that room to kill enemies would be more effective than leading them to a dead end.
  3. Guro


    The concept is alright and it may fool careless enemies, but the amount of resources you need to dedicate to both initially create the trap and also maintain it is fairly high. It's also a pit trap of sorts, which is a little off-putting. For the most part, any time spent digging a hole for such a trap could be better spent on more productive work above ground. It just seems a little gimicky is all. The biggest risk is that most enemies will just ignore it and head straight for your main tower. Alternatively it is easily convertible into a handy tower base for the enemy with little effort. Maybe if the initial entrance wasn't so easily climbable or was even a full tower it would be better. Of course that just uses more resources though and defeats the purpose of having efficient traps.

    One must consider the amount of resources dedicated to a single trap in relation to how many kills it will get, and this trap uses up a fair amount of resources and time, but may not necessarily provide the amount of kills required to make it worth while. Sometimes simplicity is best.

    Perhaps if the pit was more shallow or you utilized a different trap it would be more efficient. I'd recommend a "shredder" pit or perhaps some form of autospikes like my Guro Grinder (the grinder in particular works very well in tunnels) if you're really keen on the idea. In both cases, I would potentially add an entrance of sorts to the area with the shops (from behind, or from the bottom of the pit) so your team can actually make use of them, as I predict that team members will try to dig in to the trap to use the shops. Here are some pictures of where I'd go with the trap personally.

    The Shredder Pit
    An inescapable pit that has relatively low resource upkeep requirements and a high death rate.

    The Guro Grinder Version
    You can stone up the area between the trap and the door to the quarters, or leave it open. It depends what you're going for. In either case, I'd like to see some sort of entrance to that quarters to make use of it as more than just bait.

    Those are just 2 examples, but I think you could put all sorts of different potential traps in there. The biggest problem is people just jumping/laddering over and heading straight for your main base, or even converting the basic entrance into a tower base though.

    In Summary:

    • Might want to make it unclimbable, or put a relatively small tower on top of it.
    • As soon as somebody opens it up, the trap will be visible and people will more than likely ignore it.
    • Uses up a great deal of resources and time in proportion to how effective it will be.
    • Can certainly see people (team mates) trying to dig into the stone to get to the shops.
    • People may convert it easily
    Oh and you should probably spoiler/crop your images, they're huge man. It's easily done in paint or any other image editing program.

    I'll keep an eye on this thread and see how your design progresses yo. :thumbs_up:
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  4. Guro




    Turns in to this when posted:

    your text here/your image here
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  5. CoD

    CoD Ballista Bolt Thrower

    And don't forget to snip posts.
    Anyway back to the trap; Guro has already identified most of my issues with it but I still have a couple. Those spiles in the middle can only hurt your team, the bridges retract for the enemy and the floating spikes do nothing. But they stay solid for your team i.e. damaging you.

    On top of that I wouldn't go into that trap when I can see it, even for workshops.
    Canadian98 likes this.
  6. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    </br>--- merged: Jun 26, 2012 7:28 AM ---</br>
    guro grinder is not as good as it could be.
    the enemy can easily walk over the little pit, by walking slowly.
    the door doesnt help that much, because it can easily be slashed, without hitting the spikes.
    the combination of the two parts of your trap both have a weak point, creating a weak structure.
    you'd need some blind foes if they actually fall for the trap =3

    bitch please, you named a nooby trap after yourself that has been used since build 46...
    ah well. canadians. =3
  7. Guro


    There's no need to be unpleasant. Maybe you should try to offer some constructive criticism instead of just telling people their stuff sucks.

    As for the grinder, it only takes a split second of directional input to instantly gib people, and if you had the area between the grinder and the workshop stoned up, then slashing the door is just a waste of time on their behalf anyway. I tested it out and even when the door opens you can't see the spike immediately.
  8. HERaLD

    HERaLD Shark Slayer

    An enemy builder would most likely attack the stone where it is thinnest, to the left of the false entrance.
  9. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    so it does not actually suck?
    1: make a little hallway in front of the trap, the enemies will reinforce it and the inside of the trap will stay dark.
    2: make it higher so that they dont climb over
    3: optional: add an overhang and an archerspot
    4: why the fucking hell are there spikes in midair? remove them, they dont work anymore (actually, they dont work anymore, for 400 builds!)
    5: why the helling fuck is there a stone wall, with a whole bunch of handy buildings next to it? yeah, I KNOW! ITS FOR LURING PEOPLE! and giving them a usefull base and a nice fortifyable tower on top of it.

    BUT! the doors are broken, and they have light in your trap!
    as I said above, make a hallway, that is a little TOO easy to fortify, so that they wont see it.
  10. Guro



    Not necessarily.

    Something to note:

    Light travels further left than it does right. If you were to create this trap in conjunction with the grinder on red team you would be at an advantage, as the trap would appear dark even when both doors are missing.

    Light differences.png

    You can't see it, but there's a grinder hidden in the darkness on the right hand side.
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  11. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    Im not convinced!
    you only broke the lower part of the doors.
    if you think knights fit through one tile, you're mad!
  12. Guro




    Back on topic now yeah?
  13. Bunnyboy

    Bunnyboy Drill Rusher

    There really isn't anything wrong with these traps, apart from them needing to be taller to stop people from vaulting over them. :thumbs_up:
  14. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    The concept is great, but the concept fails when a competent builder comes even near you.
    Canadian98 likes this.
  15. Spoolooni

    Spoolooni Shark Slayer

    I agree that it would take a lot of hard work to build a trap like that and even so, one must be stupid with an ambition to fall for such tricks.
  16. Miauw62

    Miauw62 Shipwright

    Yeah, you'd be much better off building an actual tower and putting a grinder at the bottom.
    It takes alot of effort to build, but it wont fool many people.
    Not saying that its bad, but its not the best trap ever.
    Canadian98 likes this.
  17. SirSammy

    SirSammy Shark Slayer

    Cool trap bro, but it still need some work.


    The light from your quarters reveals to very important pieces to your trap. The stone blocks that are indicated by the red rectangle. An experienced knight/builder always knows to be wary of structures that are dark inside(6/10 it's a spike trap). Anyway the thinking/experienced knight will not go through the door way because of the wall, and if they break a peice of the door they can see dat' ITSATRAP. Anyway, I wouldn't be victim of your trap because I know that it's blocked off from the right side(the side that I'm attacking on.)
    Canadian98 likes this.
  18. Jumpout

    Jumpout Shopkeep Stealer


    :thumbs_up: Goodo. It could be handy for luring cocky knights into it, you running away from them and hopefully catch them with it as you run thru it

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