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[428] General Mechanics Discussion

Discussion in 'Classes & Mechanics' started by killatron46, May 14, 2012.

  1. killatron46

    killatron46 Cata Whore Donator
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

    Discuss the general mechanics of KAG affecting all classes. Discussion here is related but not limited to the changes of build [428].

    Full Changelog:
    “zf” = zombie fortress
    - u_shownames now uses new player name style instead of big stupid one
    - spectators with u_shownames see all player names
    - spectators now see unit counters
    - Fixed single character player names no longer crash the server (and are therefore allowed) (#327)
    - Fixed full name not showing on linux/mac when someone changes teams (#151)
    - Fixed username is not cased correctly after successful authentication. (#237)
    - dropped the materials counter delay
    - the blinks still take a while to go away but the counter is always up to date
    - Fixed broken Connect To…. (#148 and #1)
    - Fixed Looks like red builder is going to build blue tiles (#254)
    - Fixed breaking a shop that is on background tile doesn’t give mats (#253)
    - Fixed setting high duration results in ban for 0 seconds (#266)
    - large bans (longer than 2 years) and bans with -1 time now result in permbans.
    - Added expiry time to listbans
    - Made bans case-insensitive
    - Fixed - Archers deal massive damage to team catapults (#271)
    - really fixed trap door+back wall = free money (removed hack) (#198)
    - Fixed lost stone on removing trapbridge on background (#258)
    - Fixed GOALTICKS independent ticktime mod operation in director.cpp
    - Fixed Knights attack catapults when they use it (#81)
    - Fixed various potential server crashes while fixing (#327)
    - Various tweaks that may fix small bugs/instability - fixed
    - KAG crash when closing KAG with server browser open (#333)
    - addressed chat box/minibox background hardcoded, now takes center pixel colour. (#157)
    - Fixed the listPlayers() script
    - fixed abusable bug where spectators can block map start (#305)
    - fixed more meaningful autoupdate failure messages for libcurl (#306)
    - fixed the launcher menu text for the various sites sucked and fixed some of the URLs
    - fixed can repair trap bridges with backwall (#205)
    - fixed can repair other team’s door to be your own (only works blue->red) (#76)
    - fixed about 3 related bugs/exploits
    - fixed can’t slash shielded target sometimes (#276)
    - fixed jumping on someone and slashing hurts you (#309)
    - stomping does less damage to the stomper
    - Fixed quarters don’t heal when there’s less than 0.5 hearts to heal (#353)
    - fixed door breaking/fixing (#204)
    - updates to how paper rendering works
    - Fixed catapults dont hurt backwall enough, though haven’t done bridges etc yet (likely related to arrows) (#331)
    - Lowered chat spam timer and inserted anti-spam message if you exceed it rather than failing silently
    - Added sandbox room and tweaked sandbox to include it
    - sandbox now has free items and shops.
    - fixed server segfault due to API error conditions
    - fixed quarters light not acting like a light
    - fixed chests giving light by default
    - bomb in zf costs 10 coins (was 20)
    - more probability of zombie having coin
    - disconnect issue should be fixed, please playtest for a while and see
    - fixed client-side light in blob
    - added constructor to APIPlayer, too much non-initialized vars bugs
    - fixed free full version access
    - bots attack dead zombies
    - removed buildnum from launcher caption to avoid confusion
    - collapse anti-grief doesn’t work for outposts
    - fixed charged arrows dealing no damage when shot through bridge (#321)
    - fixed knights don’t stop when ordered to go to zombies
    - destroying castle blocks in zf doesn’t remove coins
    - bots try to jump over kegs
    - fixed bots not following orders when faced with zombies
    - fixed throwing kegs into walls
    - removed “buying” zombies from Portal
    Build 394 Redirect
    Build 415 and 420 Redirect
    Build 421 Redirect.
    Build 424 Redirect.
    Build 428 Redirect.
  2. Bleedy

    Bleedy Catapult Fodder

    So much money and gibbing.
  3. Username5679

    Username5679 Shark Slayer

    Almost everything is broken sadly. :l
    but yay for new hats
    Froghead48 likes this.
  4. Crashty

    Crashty Builder Stabber

    Bombs explode epicly fast, Money drops are massivly increased, Players sometimes go spazzing out like if they had 10,000 ping

    But yeah new hats :P
    Bunnyboy likes this.
  5. killatron46

    killatron46 Cata Whore Donator
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

    Build 394 is out:
    - bomb timers counting down too fast randomly
    - falling too fast
  6. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    I find this build, actually really stable, I think the devs are in the right direction with only fixing bugs.

    I would just like to point out that this was not a build, it was just a hotfix, but it was good that you put it here, it just could have gone into (With the edit button) your first post.
  7. Drafiks

    Drafiks Haxor

    I like how superhero bombjumping has returned.
    although its pretty useless now unlike back in 228
  8. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    It has always been possible, it is just hard with a ping over 100.
  9. fishfinger73

    fishfinger73 Haxor

    Well, sorry to ask but, what exactyly is superhero bombjumping?
  10. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    A type of double bomb jump.
  11. Bunnyboy

    Bunnyboy Haxor

    can you light a bomb while bomb jumping?!
    Smalcon likes this.
  12. Jomppexx

    Jomppexx Shopkeep Stealer

    I dont think soo
  13. Bunnyboy

    Bunnyboy Haxor

    Then how can you "double bomb jump"???
    Smalcon likes this.
  14. Jomppexx

    Jomppexx Shopkeep Stealer

    Idk what even is a "double bomb jump" :huh?:
  15. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Stop spamm. XD

    Anyway, yes you can light a bomb while flying, but that is not the way you do it, I'll just tell you.

    Tap f three times.
    When the bomb in your hand reaches around 50 chuck it staright up.
    The fly off the bottom one and the second bomb should take you higher.
  16. killatron46

    killatron46 Cata Whore Donator
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

    Well looks like the new build is out!
    - fixed zombies squeezing through solid walls (although this makes it harder for them to climb some notched)
    - added list of players to the stats.txt output
    - shield bash changes
    - Shield bash re-implemented for runners, needs testing and suggestions from players
    - added stun and max cap vel to bash
    - Shieldbash vars: shieldbash_push_factor,max_shieldbash_push,min_shieldbash_horiz_vel
    - added clientside shieldbash variable
    - Added Map Water
    - Shield bash blobs
    - added water variables to map generator
    - Added Wooden Structures
    - fixed grass appearing under bloody spike
    - grass dissapears under room construction
    - added shieldbash vars to ctf rules
    - removed cc align from config.gm again
    - added up/side ratio for shieldbashing
    - added knockdown for sheildbashing
    - particle fall in water effect
    - added runner-block blob collisions
    - added genericblock blob
    - finished block 2 block collisions
    - made blocks ridable
    - added block crushing
    - added warning output to some GM commands when not executed serverside (rather than failing silently).
    - dropped blocks snap to grid
    - added ball_hit_momentum variable to blobs to control knockback power
    - fixed items that are not onground cant be picked up with key tap
    - blocks can be attached to backgrounds
    - fixed collider-runner collisions
    - added Door Block destruction anims
    - added pulley
    - only moving blocks hurt runners
    - added attachment component
    - attachment component loads from config
    - fixed building tiles over blob blocks
    - made wood blocks auto-tile properly
    - added wood blocks to minimap render
    - added wood blocks give mats back on destruction
    - changed splash effect
    - added warmup arrows for archer in ctf
    - synced water height (not tested)
    - fixed extra qualification in DrawRope
    - added drowning and gasp sounds
    - fixed missing casts on min, swapped to maths function for good measure and compile time safety with vs
    - added wood tiles to png map format
    - fixed blob components not being deleted
    - fixed building solid blocks above head
    - moved autostart.gm to OS/package - had to copy it into each folder separately, didn't put it in linux_dedicated
    - made it easier to get out of water
    - fixed sunlight not entering from out of screen areas
    - fixed crash on joining server without build blocks config
    - fixed linux server not defaulting build blocks
    - fixed getting coins while drowning from hitting self
    - fixed screen getting darker with henry drowning
    - fixed some retarded superbouncing particles thing
    - light passed through destroyed wood back
    - fixed colored pixels?
    - fixed #395 cursor changed when hitting R whenever.
    - fixed wraith particles going nuts when unlocked
    - changed order of rcon dumping to help protect server passwords from guards
    - logical error with last fix, should be actually fixed now..
    - added a space and comma into formatting in packet handling (useless output otherwise)
    - removed debug defines in director
    - fixed migrant names bug
    - skeletons destroy wood
    - only wood on start of zf
    - fixed migrant names bugimproved zombie movement on ladders, walls and Notches
    - skeletons only attack doors and wood when stuck or angry
    - skeletons attack doors and wood when angry too
    - fixed holes not working
    - disabled caves if cave_thickness == 0
    - disabled gold protection for debug build
    - added generator_ctf_lake
    - fixed corpse carry crash (on getCarryBlobPlace)
    - added conditions to prevent crash on 0 teams
    - runner corpse appears in front when carried
    - greg has half less health
    - fixed bedrock sparks not appearing
    - wood blocks can be upgraded to stone
    - stone back wall cant be downgraded to wood
    - white block cursor only appears when destroying (RMB) or when block can be placed
    - reworked support code to support different materials
    - added creak sound when cant build with enough support
    - fixed wood blocks cannot be repaired
    - fixed cannot actually build stone block over wood blocks
    - added start of enemy radius "cannot build" zone
    - hearts are now above head
    - hearts and name on mouse hover slowly fade out
    - hud elements scroll out instead of fading out
    - added air bubbles
    - classes have different air time
    - fixed explosions not dying underwater
    - bubbles show until air restored
    - everything can skip on water
    - catapultshot=false always in water
    - fixed spikes giving support
    - fixed spikes with background not giving support
    - spikes can be only placed next to solid blocks
    - fixed the merge
    - fixed #504 gold bullion gives +10 per hit.
    - fixed merged issues
    - fixed splashing when spawned in water
    - new Creak sound
    - water is lit by daylight/night
    - hitting tree once gives 6 wood
    - materials fall out on digging as eggs
    - fixed materials not joining in places
    - fixed wrong sound being played on material join
    - water sound effects play if listener is in water
    - fixed material collect sound played multiple times
    - materials have more gravity
    - materials have different sizes depending on amount of resources stored
    - fixed mat particles making egg mat
    - world.png work - wood is much more visible (still need to change dirt backwall)
    - added water_suddendeath and water_raise_time variables to game rules
    - fixed autotiling of wood against ground back
    - fixed stub giving -1 wood (1 commit earlier)
    - added rotation method for CAnimSprite
    - material eggs position from ground
    - water level can also lower
    - added water sudden death
    - removed unused LootGive function from runner
    - fixed stone mat pickup icon
    - added floating mat amount picked up
    - only builder can put mat into resources
    - removed moving away carried thing from other things
    - above head hearts are scaled 2x
    - added frames to above head hearts
    - remaining hud elements scaled 2x
    - fixed not being able to put block without support near inbetween blocks
    - tweaked resource number color
    - fixed hanging spikes on collapse
    - smaller names font
    - can drop mats during warmup
    - finished updating curl on mac
    - war map cycle addition
    - warmup materials appear next to tent
    - grass removed from tent front
    - removed option to add resource using C (can only carry in hand)
    - cant move tent materials
    - runners squeeze through window
    - added server script function waterLevel( tile_height );
    - timers are reset on join and pickup of materials to prevent timing out
    - no non-classic blocks can be used on non-gold servers
    - tweaked arrow water skipping
    - grass is destroyed if tile beneath is destroyed
    - fixed mats going crazy on pickup
    - fixed travel tunnels working for both teams
    - splash effects are made now before modifying velocity (for mightier splashes)
    - fixed bomb gravity
    - fixed picking mats immediately after dropping
    - fixed squeeze and building collisions
    - fixed teleporting into blocks (removed Geti's stuck "fix")
    - fixed not resources from mining
    - bridges cant be built against backgrounds
    - temp fix for pickup bomb crash (no icon will show up in menu for timed bomb)
    - fixed no wood blocks on clients

    - materials.png tweak for bombs
    - added temporary workshop build item spam prevention
    - increased min_shieldbash_horiz_vel
    - fixed pink pixels on collapsing wood from world.png
    - reduced vertical speed limit when slashing to prevent getting stunned because of it.
    - made it so that shield-bashing counts as your kill (I think)
    - shieldbash tweaks from testing
    - fixed bridge castle back support bug
    - Added wood_warmup, stone_warmup, gold_warmup, arrows_warmup, bombs_warmup to team - sets materials at tent on start
    - Added weapon_clash variable to gamemode.cfg
    - synced egg health over net
    - catapult_shot = true only set if launched from cata
    - fixed cata not destroying wood
    - fixed spikes hanging after collapse on client
    - removed mat pickup sound if smaller than 10
    - water is not rendered if 0 height
    - water level change happens faster now (was incorrectly calced)
    - fixed water level rising on sudden death after map change
    - fixed seeing other peoples mat counters
    - shield bash sound plays only at higher velocity than bash
    - lowered default shield bash velocity
    - stomm stun doesn't happen for team mates
    - throwing objects more smooth on network
    - fixed mats not dying
    - added decay to materials, after 30seconds
    - water level can rise only when game has started
    - added new workshops to full ctf
    - added static material count to CTF
    - if workshop has bomb to build and upgrade - tapping E will make bomb
    - added upgradable rooms to FullCTF
    - removed cata from full CTF to prevent base camping while there aren't boats
    - added stone_amount and related vars to team configs for on-start mats
    - fixed infmats pickup
    - tweaked generator_ctf_lake.cfg
    - added generator_ctf_twolakes.cfg
    - added missing file
    - constrained arrow skipping to 10degrees.
    - reduced arrow skipping velocity because it was a bit mad
    - removed endmatch on everybody drowned (too buggy)
    - fixed materials dropping during break
    - fixed water level changing before map starts
    - player light decreased in Full CTF
    - removed mat points appearing above head
    - fixed picking up invisile other team heart
    - hud scrolls only on zoom out button
    - fixed FullCTF folder in team1.cfg
    - fixed splash when throwing out something picked up from water
    - fixed material wrapping to 65k
    - fixed mats given on tent when warmup amount = 0
    - less pause when trying to build unbuildable area
    - slowed down underwater bubbles
    - can regain air more easily if head above water and standing on solid or ladder
    - added tunnels to FullCTF
    - fixed tunnels in FullCTF
    - added armoury/archer range, made tunnel more expensive
    - fixed issue with team2 config (classes in different order)
    - fixed some server-side commands possible to launch on client
    - forced water sync every now and then
    - removed old/unused code
    - edited help texts in workshops
    - fixed pickup help text at tent with resources
    - increased arrow draw time and made sound reflect it
    - added show/hide hud tutorial text
    - fixed tapping class workshop
    - quarters can change to builder in FullCTF
    - fixed no cursor when hud scrolled out
    - renamed zoom out for archer as AIM MODE
    - hud scroll out acts as soldat style aim
    </br>--- merged: Jun 11, 2012 10:26 PM ---</br>
    Faster server browser update . . . Build 420 has been released.

    - server browser now uses API and threaded calls
    - more colors in server preview minimap in server browser
    - many server browser bugs fixed
    - made arrows not damage at minimum velocity under water
    - made arrows skip higher
    - dirt no longer created for infinite support
    - fixed dropping mats working always -> allowing inf mats on startup
    Riletyface and Ghozt like this.
  17. thegoodone

    thegoodone Tree Planter

    After releasing fast server browser game starts crash a lot :oops:.
    Do you guys have the same?
    As for me, the best in new build it`s more real physic.
    </br>--- merged: Jun 12, 2012 4:05 PM ---</br>
    In my opinion,KAG became ugly with new build :oops: .
    I fell the miss of good working out in details, in bright maps..
    Am I only one who thinks that KAG was prettier than now????
  18. killatron46

    killatron46 Cata Whore Donator
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

    Well, Build 421 is out, I can't find a change log . . . If anyone can find one or has an idea what changed, post here.
  19. Bammboo

    Bammboo Ballista Bolt Thrower

    The fix was that you could no longer hold down c to keep your charge forever. There may be more but that is what I know for sure.
  20. killatron46

    killatron46 Cata Whore Donator
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

    That feel, when the build number keeps getting updated.

    - A number of API calls made from KAG servers to the API were changed such that they do not cause lag spikes on the server in certain situations. The server should also deal better with the API being unavailable (if it is completely unavailable, people will not be able to join but the players already in the server should be fine)
    - There have been a handful of changes/hotfixes since 421 came out, so it is time to bump to the next build number to ensure everyone has the latest and greatest