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[469] Cheese's Knight Guide

Discussion in 'Knight' started by CheeseMeister, Jun 27, 2012.


Do you think this could help new players in any way?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  1. Hello all of you lovely KAG players! Today, I present to you… [428] Cheese’s Knight Guide!

    This guide will be about the knight class; it will have tips and tricks for the beginner knight, and the knights who have some idea about what they are doing. Edit: made a short video with some knight skills in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16LDOjM887U&feature=youtu.be

    It will include: Basic movement for knight, shield bashing, vaulting and a few more things.

    Well then let’s jump straight into it then, So first up:

    Shield Gliding:To shield glide first you need to jump into the air, while you are in the air you click and hold the Right Mouse Button while pointing the mouse upwards, this will slow your fall by a lot. I’m fairly sure this will let you fall around about double as far.

    Jabbing:To jab all you have to do is click the Left Mouse Button, this will make your character jab with his sword in the direction your mouse is pointing. This will do 1 heart of damage if you hit an enemy.

    Slashing/Charged Hit:This is fairly straight forward all you have to do is click and holdthe Left Mouse Button, you will see dots appear from your head, when the dots above your head complete a circle and turn yellow then it is time to release the button.

    Shield Bashing:Shield Bashing is the act of slaming your shield into someone’s face, to shield bash follow these instructions; jump into the air facing towards your enemy, as soon as you are in the air point your mouse at the enemy and then shield in their general direction! This will cause a short stun, and may also fling them up about 5 tiles back into the air, also if they are in the process of charging a slash your shield bash will stop their slash!


    Vaulting: Ever been stuck because there is a 4 tile high wall infront of you? Try vaulting, all you need to do is dig a 2x1 hole in the ground and vault off it.

    If you did not understand the demonstration I will explain; the first two pictures are of me trying to get over a 4 block high wall, with no success… But then I dig a 2x1 hole in the ground and hop in it, when I am inside the 2x1 hole I started running in the direction of the wall and then I jumped and made it up. So vaulting off the side of a block, will get you 1 tile higher then normal.

    Boost Pads/Vault Pads:In this section of the guide I will teach you how to use Boost pads, these are very useful for getting higher than a normal jump, while using less resources.

    So, very easy to do just get under the trap bridge then jump straight upwards as easy as that! This will get you 2 blocks higher then just jumping normaly.

    Slash Vaulting: The slash jump is another simple way to get over 4 block high objects to do it, start a slash, as soon as you end the slash jump into the direction of the wall. This can be taken to the next level, if there is a 5 block high wall infront of you combine vaulting with slash vaulting to bypass it.

    Bombs:This section will be all about bombs, it will be split up into 4 sections; Bomb Counter, Throwing Distance and Speed, Using Your Bombs Correctly and Bombjumps. I will say this though before I start, most of this will come naturally, not from reading this stupid guide.

    Bomb Timer: Themost important thing you need to know about bombs is when they are about to explode. If you hover your mouse over a bomb in your hand or a bomb on the ground you will see a timer, as you would of probably guess when this timer reaches 0 it will explode, when you pull a bomb out the timer starts on 120, each 30 ticks on the timer equals a second of real time, so in other words you have 4 seconds before it explodes.

    Throwing Distance and Speed: To get the maximum distance out of your bomb throws you should always slash when you are about to throw, or, throw your bomb while vaulting off a block.

    In the first spoiler I used the slash assisted bomb throw, I would get a bomb out, charge the slash up, release the slash and throw the bomb at the same time. This gets maybe 3-7 blocks extra distance and it will give your bomb a little bit of extra speed making your bomb harder to react to.

    In the second spoiler I was vaulting and slashing to help my bomb get extra distance, I first pulled out a bomb, started my slash, then I vaulted off the block a tiny bit after I released my slash and my bomb. This is probably the most effective way to get extra distance off your bomb.

    Using Your Bombs Correctly : This section is about cooking your bombs, this is essential for any knight, as not doing it will make your bombs easy to react to, and can be thrown back at you.

    I will explain step by step; take out your bomb, keep your opponent busy (shield bashing, jab spamming), when the timer on the bomb is about 5-15 throw it behind their backs, if you got the timing right it is very hard to block, in the last picture the timer is on 3 I’m fairly sure that is .25 of a second before it was going to explode. So, a good tactic to know.

    Bombjumps: One of the best things about playing knight is doing bomb jumps, there are a few different ways you can do one, I am going to teach you two.

    In the first bombjump all I did was throw a bomb on the ground, put my mouse over the bomb to see the timer, when the timer got to about 10? 15? I jumped into it with my shield pointed in the bombs direction. Note: You HAVE to be in the air when the bomb explodes for this to work, it also works best when you are about 1 tile away from the bomb when it explodes.

    In the second bombjump I, pulled out and held the bomb, waited for the timer to get to about 30, shield glided off the structure I was on and then the bomb exploded. NOTES: You have to be in the air when you peform this bomb jump if you touch the ground while your shield is still up from gliding you will explode in a fountain of gibs, so it is reccommended that you jump off a building that is atleast 5 blocks tall.

    Useful Skills and combos:

    The Double Slash: To peform a double slash all you need to do is, peform a slash then as soon as this slash hits the enemy spam the left mouse button! Quite simple to do and very lethal, but be aware that if your first slash did not hit, this will not work.

    Shield Crush: I actually have no idea if this is a bug, or if it is a feature. But moving on from that, all you need to do is shield bash someone into a wall, when they are up against the wall keep moving into them and shield bashing. Most of the time this will result in an explosion of gibs, some people call this bug abuse though, so I myself, do not use this on purpose.

    Bash And Stab Combo: This is quite a cheap/overpowered combo, just keep on shield bashing someone while you are spaming the jab button.. works most of the time.

    Ducking: Not really a tactic nor a combo, but this is fairly handy thing to know. Pressing the S key (default) will make your player duck, while you are ducking the enemy team passes straight through you! So this could be good to use if someone is going to shield bash you, but then you duck and his bash does nothing… don’t rely on this though.

    Enemy Trap Bridge Stabbing: The point of stabbing trap bridges is to make them neutral, so both teams can hop on them, so of course do it to the enemy’s bridges and not your own. To do this, first: get underneath an enemy’s trap bridge (preferably so it is 4 or 5 blocks above you), do a half jump just kind of tap the W key, then stab at the trap bridge. You will notice that if you jump to high the trap bridge will drop, making it unhittable, while if you jump to low the knight’s jab range is not enough to hit it.

    Enemy Door Holding: A great thing to do to help your team is holding the door open, say the enemy team has a derpy archer who is standing in a easily accessible doorway, you can kill the archer in the doorway and then stand in front of it before it closes, this will prevent the door from closing so all of your teammates can get through.

    That’s about it for now, if I can remember anything else I will add it in here. Please give me feedback about how a new player would be able to read this, and then go out and use these skills. Two Henrys were harmed in the making of this guide.

    If you vote "no" on the poll, please tell me what I could add or improve.
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  2. FG

    FG Fran Donator

    don't forget bomb jumping.

    nice clear guide that beginners will enjoy
    Digger101 likes this.
  3. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    That is an awesome guide, I see you really put some thought and effort into this guide, excellent job!
  4. Thank you for the feedback, I made this because I was really bored... I don't know why, but I was actually having fun writing this.

    I really could not be bothered to put bombjumping in... already enough guides for that. (I think..?)

    Ugh, I put "anyway" instead of "any way" in the poll... D:
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  5. HERaLD

    HERaLD Shark Slayer

    A correctly timed slash can get you up a four block wall faster. Just slash and jump about the same time.
    Also, not sure if this counts as a bug, but you can tap the jump key then jab any enemy bridges that are four blocks of the ground.
  6. Saverous

    Saverous Shopkeep Stealer

    just recently discovered that people tend to wait for a powerslash in the middle of a battle, sometimes it is more worthwhile to shieldbash and jab. Anyways Awesome guide Cheese!
    Specta likes this.
  7. Yep, I am aware of these, edit: slash jump added. I might add the trap bridge jabbing one.

    Yeah Saverous, might be adding a little bit of more advanced stuff.

    Still added it though Ghozt.
  8. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    The first note you added is a bug.

    The second thing is a feature. I way to get over structures as knights.
  9. HERaLD

    HERaLD Shark Slayer

    Ah, sorry, I'll try not to use it from now on.
  10. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Sorry for being offtopic.

    It doesn't really matter if you use it. Trust me, I use it all the time, as knight it is almost impossible not to.
  11. killatron46

    killatron46 Cata Whore Donator
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

    Fixed. :p

    By the way, you could just call vaulting what it is instead of giving it a new name and confusing some people(me). To add to slash vaulting you can slash vault for 5 tiles as well, you just combine vaulting and the slash jump.
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  12. Gamerbro

    Gamerbro Drill Rusher

    Good work :) this really could help new players.
  13. Ah, thanks for fixing that.

    Yeah, I actually don't know why I did lunging over vaulting... Thank you for pointing it out. :)
  14. Bunnyboy

    Bunnyboy Haxor

    Nice guide, maby just put a little section in there on bombs. Mention how to throw bombs, and how to throw them higher and further if you slash jump too. Good guide :thumbs_up:
  15. Actually stuff it, going to do a video on bombjumps and some written up bits for bomb throwing.
  16. Specta

    Specta Catapult Fodder

    Nice guide there, it really helped beginners like me, thanks!
    CheeseMeister likes this.
  17. Bombs and bombjumping stuffs edited in around the middle, advanced vaulting will be added today/tommorow.
  18. Nice guide! I honestly think I suck at knight so this helped haha. Also, a thing you could add. A little trick that most knights do: face the opposite side of the opponent, charge up your slash then turn around and hit them by surprise. :B
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  20. Added the build number for you, please remember about it next time.
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