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[469] Soulrealm's Strategically Combined Tower.

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by Kovett, Aug 8, 2012.


Rate my tower. Out of 5.

  1. 5: Nice! Nearly Perfect.

  2. 4: Cool. Only needs a few improvements.

  3. 3: Hmmm...It's okay I guess. I prefer another.

  4. 2: This is pretty noob. You really need to l2build mate...

    0 vote(s)
  5. 1: No comment. This is just so bad, that...no comment.

  1. This is my tower.
    I have borrowed ideas from many and designed this. This tower can be fast to build if you choose to.
    I will take you through a self-analysis of this tower.
    Please provide constructive criticism only.


    Brown: These are optional to build, so you can speed up construction.
    The catapult nest is optional.
    The back stone wall is optional.
    The archer shield (workshop) is optional.
    The trap-bridge and door collapse is optional.
    Shredder spike pit and long bomb chute is optional (usually takes longest).
    Spike pit can be replaced with a single bomb chute.

    Red: These are not to be considered into the building.
    The tower should not have dirt background there when constructed.
    The ladder with me ontop is just to position the screen.

    Green: Represents archer-friendly locations. The tower has also been lit up so that you can see!
    From the top, the catapult nest can be an archer port or a knight shield for your catapult!
    The door next to the catapult can be shot out of.
    The archer nest on top of the tower can be useful.

    The archer overhang is specially designed for archers to shoot out of and for builders to construct block-drops. The doors provide protection from bombs and enemy archers. Trap-bridges make team-mates not fall down and enable fast door-shooting through the right side. Ladders provide overhang for archers and builders.

    Collapsing door can also be used as an archer port (with ladders for more angles). Second door (underneath) can be used to repair spike or shoot out of at enemies.

    Knee-capper allows archers to kill knights and builders that approach the tower. It contains a bomb-chute.

    Purple: Explained Thoroughly! Very strategic.
    1: The Alligator Jaw. Super catapult nest decreased enemy archer's angle to hit catapult. A block may be added to the bottom jaw to further disable enemy arrow hits. However, when a block is added, bomb-jumpers chance to land there increases.
    2: Archer Shield. Protects archers from enemy archers. Increase accuracy, as it allows archers to stay outside of door for longer time, which allows better aim.
    3: Alternative Block Drop. Use with trap-bridges and door, when collapsed does not damage spike-pit and easily kills enemies. However very expensive in materials and very weak to bombs.
    Alternative: When low on resources, you can use stone with workshop tile. Break the last door on the archer overhang to totally disable enemy bombs. Make an L shaped stone collapse. Cheap in materials. However damages spike pit and enemies know its a block drop.
    4: Spike Door and Door Fix. Trap-bridge and spike tricks enemies into killing themselves. Can be fixed easily through door above. When knights slash at team door, they move higher a bit. However, stupid team knights allow enemies to come in, bombs can lodge in trap bridge and fail team members kill themselves on spike (very very rare).
    The doors on outside can be fixed by pressing against door on inside. You can also remove them to trick enemies into spiking themselves above. Ladder creates good fixing angle. However can be very weak to bombs.
    5: Ease of Access. When there is a quarters above knee-capper, you can put trap-bridges to enable invisibility in knee-capper. A block behind knee-capper allows for players to jump quickly into the tower, instead of walking into the knee-capper. However, some team members see the block and fail, by jumping too early and jumping over the single stone block, into the knee-capper, then have a hard time getting back out.
    Quarters give archers and team players healing. However, may be used by enemies when invaded and may also provide visibility of your team to the enemies.

    6: Final. Most significant weaknesses: Players don't know how to build quickly (many parts can be excluded). The shops inside tower can be used by enemies for destruction (bomb shop). Tower needs to be supported by at least one archer and one builder. Tower can be very weak (especially at knee-capper) when repeatedly bombed or infiltrated by a very professional builder. Tower cannot defend against enemy catapult fire (like 99.99% of all towers). However, you can ladder and back wall up very high, and rain catapult on enemy and enemy catapults. Spike pit is weak to bombs. Archers take a long time getting back in due to trees. You cannot bomb enemies directly in front (efficiently).

    Extra goodies: Trees in front of tower disables enemy ladders and block-offs (termites). Fast to build and very effective with practice and good choice of optional sections. Very cost effective (defense/attack to cost ratio).

    Constructive criticism please! Likes would be appreciated. Followers will be idolized (by me, well not really).
    No simple posts please (unless you give me a like for each simple post :)).

    Also check-out: My server at: https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/an-australian-server.7816/
    And Knight Championships at (private conversation): https://forum.kag2d.com/conversatio...t-1v1-championships-hosted-by-soulrealm.7759/
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  2. Riletyface

    Riletyface Horde Gibber

    If you have the time to make this, yeah go ahead. Perhaps a step-by-step guide in how to slowly build it, or maybe just to make a slight adjustment to how many resources and time it takes. Nice job!
    soulrealm likes this.
  3. justin101

    justin101 Catapult Fodder

    You could actually improve it by lowering the resources you need for the tower, overall it is a good as tower. :p
    soulrealm likes this.
  4. Exid

    Exid Shark Slayer

    Only problem I have with this tower, It only has one entry, if a builder bricks up the middle of the tower (near the spike door and door fix part) they could make the rest of the tower useless.

    The chance of someone messing up your tower is quite high too.
    MadDog, kubasanus, kl4060 and 4 others like this.
  5. @ Exid: Yeah, the noobing-your-tower factor is quite high, but its pretty good in clan wars, but even if the middle is walled up.
    It is still pretty hard to get into the actually tower (unless bomb jumping over it), or you can repeat bomb out the spike and door
    but true, if enemies get in and they r smart, they win the tower, but still takes a bit of time to get back on top of it.

    its also perfect height guys :D, no stun when coming out of main door, the top door you don't receive damage but you still get stunned

    @ Riletyface, justin: Actually many parts are optional, its quite quick to build the necessary important parts, that means just the front bit: the spiked door and part of the kneecapper, then you can add stuff later on

    The optional bits reduce the cost, but you can also substitute the trap bridges with ladders if you want (nearly all of them)

    CONCLUSION: so it depends on both teams. most people would: bomb it out/ build a shelter right in front/wall up spike pit and team door it and drill under tower O_o, happened to me 50% of the time, when it was fully built.../catapult this goddamn thing.
  6. Sarmane

    Sarmane Go Tau'va yourself San Diego. Donator

    ahhh my only main problem is that this is too idealistic... as in takes too much time and resources to construct- perhaps just a smaller version or modules which by step by step (throughout a game mind you) would be added onto it :)
    Riletyface and lavalord like this.
  7. Bunnyboy

    Bunnyboy Haxor

    Straight away I can see that the bottom is very weak, I reckon a builder could break through it in under a minute.
  8. With a builder and an archer in the building, a single builder cant infiltrate through the bottom. but yeah the bottom is still pretty weak, i think i should remove the door behind it and wall it up and put the door inside the tower to strengthen the base.
  9. Canadian98

    Canadian98 Haxor Tester

    If you have the time to build it, and if no one rushes you, this is a great tower. Although a builder would need to devote all of his tim to it.
  10. BlackKlit

    BlackKlit Shopkeep Stealer

    Wow! This tower, really is quintessence of painful death! Both for enemies and nooby alliesX3 I think it has moderately weak downer-pit part, because 1 well-timed bomb can easily disable it's main part, and pit will become a tunnel to get through tower=( But with good defenders, especially team-working builders+archers can fight off endless hordes of cannon fodder enemies! I like this tower a lot because of it's complicability. Good job!
  11. yeah i say if u want to stop them from laddering more u put one team bridge on the ground so they can't ladder and it then is easier for builders to place another one if they are in a jam and need to be protected from a bomb but yeah good tower would take all game to make or i think it would
  12. i can make this in 5 minutes. serious i timed it, it includes me gathering all the resources (except the starting 250 stone and 250 wood)
  13. Canadian98

    Canadian98 Haxor Tester

    But, if there were people pounding you with arrows and bombs, it would be much more difficult.
  14. Yeah. But people just don't know how to build this thing properly. There's a certain order in building it. Well meh, ill just use this myself.
  15. Antman

    Antman Base Burner

    The tower looks great from my non-builder view.. But the 'knee capper' isn't even going to hit close people in the head, let alone the knee?
  16. huh? im confused.
  17. Antman

    Antman Base Burner

    Build this, and attempt to use the knee capper.. You'll notice you won't hit anyone closer than ~10 blocks.
  18. oh. add a ladder! :D
  19. barge74

    barge74 Bison Rider

  20. Added build number, don't forget about this next time.