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[590] Fall Tower

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by Vicinity, Apr 3, 2013.


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  1. Vicinity

    Vicinity Catapult Fodder

    Here is my tower:
    For those who dont know, the thing above me is a trap.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Canadian98

    Canadian98 Haxor Tester

    Cant really see it, a larger image would be nice.
  3. Vicinity

    Vicinity Catapult Fodder

    Did you click on the attached files?
  4. Canadian98

    Canadian98 Haxor Tester

    Ah, much better c:

    Well, one thing is the door of the tower is a bit too high and builders and archers will get stunned from the fall. The collapsable stone on the top is a bit high up also, it will give the people attacking more time to get out of the way of the falling stone.
  5. Demon_Jester

    Demon_Jester Haxor

    Usually better to have bigger bottom then top. As cana said, the doors are too high which will make it hard to go melee for ally knights, therefore giving the enemy time and enough attacking knights to defend a builder which can collapse. The collapse stone, as cana said, is too high and they will run away with more then enough time. It is also above your over hang were there is bound to be archers when u want to collapse, and nooby archers who wont move.
    Random bomb shoot will only work against nooby knights, they are used for when u have a trap, so that if the enemy tries bombing the trap it goes down the hole and is made useless. Its not bad to have it, only takes more time, same with the height of the overall tower.

    It is also quite difficult to go up to the nest as shown below-
    (sorry for the massive size image :/ )
    Which may cause traffic damage.

    However, it seems high enough to with stand bomb jumpers and would be a suitable tower if not the very front tower.

    Tbh i cant rly say much about this particular tower as it is simple and doesint rly have many places for faults.
  6. Conquerer

    Conquerer Shark Slayer

    Quite good your idea, but the way you made it let you down.

    It looks strong enough to withstand bomb jumpers, although actual bombs thrown up into the archer nest could kill several team builders or archers. The collapse is quite ingenious, serving as an archer nest and a collapse, but griefers could team kill. Enemies would run away before the collapse reached them. I propose building a collapse similar but smaller and lower down. Also make the base a bit smaller. This tower's a tad too resource heavy, but with several builders at the start of the match I reckon a team could pull it off. As Demon mentioned also, there should be a ladder or a 'way up' of some sorts to make climbing up to the archer nest less challenging.

    One major issue with this tower is enemy builders. They could spam ladders up the tower, placing team doors for protection against the collapse. I think this is a big issue and it needs to be fixed.

    But overall, it's a decent tower, to say the least.
  7. Vicinity

    Vicinity Catapult Fodder

    Im glad that you noticed what the collapse is for:). As for enemy builders, if they try to scale up the walls via ladders, you can always knock em down with the collapse. Where as if the become termites, and start walling themselves in and digging at your towers, you can always stack it with more blocks, to have a larger impact radius!
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  8. Force

    Force Shark Slayer

    You should make the 'thing above you' one block lower so none of your team accidently die when someone collapses it. Its a greifers dream. I'd recommend more backwall on the left of your tower as well.
  9. zollie20

    zollie20 Bison Rider

    I like this tower for two reasons;
    1. It's cleverly done
    The collapse is well thought out, albeit unnecessarily high. The archer's den not prohibiting the collapse trap above it is nicely done too.
    2. It's realistic
    Looking at it from a strictly 'pub builder' approach, the bottom half of it seems very normal. Most average builders will make something like that anyway, so it isn't that much of a stretch for someone who's seen this to convert it into your tower.

    1. It's very resource intensive; places you could cut back would be the covers around the workshops; simply put them on trapdoors so enemies cannot access them.
    2. There is a wide-open exit. This is important because if a double bomb jumper gets in (possible as this tower might look daunting, but no a flat map it would be relatively easy to get over/into). As I was saying, a bomb jumper could theoretically land on the top and aim two bombs into the part where the bottom half connects with the top half, collapsing the top.
    3. The archer den is VERY vulnerable to enemy archer fire. While it may also look prone to bombing, without specific blocks and holes in the ground under it, a bomb wouldn't kill any of the archers inside. It might hurt them, but the tower is too high to have a fatal bomb blow up the den.

    Overall, it's a nice tower design, if a little overdone. Due to resource constraints, it being (I presume) a frontal tower, removing where the workshops are currently and instead placing them on trapdoors would be helpful. Also, (this mainly applies to games with experienced players on your team), putting a launch pad trap-
    :castle_wall: :bridge::castle_bg:
    :castle_wall: :spikes_bg: :bridge:
    would be a preferred method of climbing the tower. This essentially stunts pub knights from entering the tower, as they cannot reach the doors they would normally cut to get up.

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  10. You could do without the ladders on the top there. Maybe stagger stone and backwall, so that ladders cannot easily ride up the tower in a few seconds. An effective overhang is a happy overhang.
  11. kl4060

    kl4060 Haxor

    Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 1.19.20 AM.png
    This is using your great idea of dropping and it rapes knights. Also surprisingly its fucking effective against bomb jumpers after the thing collapsed. Random people will just bomb jump into it 0.0 if you don't trust me go to a server with a lot of people and build a few of this where people seem to jump. Works all the time.