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[590] What's hanging there?

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by Mazey, Jun 10, 2013.


bst tower?

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  5. Ej's mother

  1. Mazey

    Mazey Haxor Global Moderator Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Official Server Admin

    First of all, I'd recommend this for competitive kag (clanwar, gather...)
    It's resource heavy, but you should be able to make it within 50sec (excluded getting the mats)
    Ask me if you want to know why I did something
    Variations, less resource heavy
    EDIT: Don't ask me why this is the name of the tower, it's actually for the tower when I made it the first time which I turned into this
  2. You can squeeze through all the archer over hangs.
    Move to the right for a while, you'll find yourself falling through it.

    Just pointing that out (minor tip).

    Other things:
    The door near the top is not very useful. You shouldn't build things that allow enemies to /camp on, the roof does not serve a very effective purpose, instead of building a roof, extending your tower in height may be more beneficial.

    Also players should be given ledges to stand on, same from enemy fire, able to lob bombs out or shoot arrows through a door. i.e. see below.




    It's a substitute/alternative for bridges. You shouldn't use this in uncovered spots such as non enclosed archer spots, as when players are stunned, they fall from ladders.

    EDIT: SUM MOAR HALP! (see below)

    Someone pointed out that this tower is crappy to fix...that's not uber true, but it's true!

    Look at your base. See the front of your base? Yes! Where the bedrock connects with the Castle Wall Blocks!
    What will happen if we stick a bomb there? Oh dear. Let's put another one in! And another!

    Wait...I think your tower is nearly going to collapse! Oh no! What shall we ever do?

    Well first, you could add a bomb chute. Only 1 or 2 blocks will do. It'll help a lot! (even though decent knights can still hold their bombs there then let go at last second to blow it up)

    Next, you see that the other side of the wall of your tower base? Well, change the stone to a door. Now, if you lean against the door, you can fix the blocks outside!


    What? You reckon that one wall is enough? I doubt that. Did you know now bomb explosions can go through one wall? Hey! Be careful! I know! Just build a second wall behind it!
    Huh? You can just stand back a bit and it won't hurt you?
    ...well I'm going to stick a bomb there, then I'm going to lit another bomb! So that when you try to fix it...and my bomb makes a hole...MWUAHAHAHA! I'll definitely destroy you. And with luck, I might even take out the tower :)

    That's why: Build 2 walls!
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  3. No point in having the bridges under the main door + they get disabled pretty easily.
    Bottom of the tower isn't repairable which basically yells "toss 2 bombs into me!".
    Shops right next to walls make it impossible to reinforce the wall in late game with 2nd layer of stone to make it bombproof.
    There's no real point in making those 3 blocks high "covering doors" (like the one you have as your main entrance in #1).
    Too many ridiculous archer nests.

    ok that would be pretty much all quick criticism
  4. Mazey

    Mazey Haxor Global Moderator Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Official Server Admin

    The bridge under main door makes you got up faster, as with 1# you can go up fast because you got the bridge and the doors are there because with 2# (and 3#) you can make a hole with 1 bomb
  5. Here's what the most experienced builder should say:
    1) The bridges under the main door serve as a booster due to the doors slowing down your ascent. When you move up through doors, sometimes you get stuck, due to your velocity being slowed down from opening and closing doors repetitively. By putting a bridge or two underneath, you are able to immediately have a platform to jump up, instead of notch jumping.

    2) The bottom of the tower isn't repairable from the inside, which makes the tower less efficient in durability and defense. And as I explained above in my post above yours...^...a simple solution like a single door can fix it.

    3) The shops right next to walls DO NOT MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO CREATE A 2ND LAYER OF STONE.
    Simply build a layer of stone on the OUTSIDE. IT'S NOT THAT HARD.

    4) If you haven't studied collapsing techniques enough, then you haven't learnt that triple doors serve as a very good way to collapse stuff on enemies. If you join my General Social Forum: NOBA, you can read more about the Triple Door Heresy.

    5) Too many ridiculous archer nests? Yes and no. There is only one archer nest, however, its very exposed yet does not allow for a good angle of shot.

    6) It's moderately expensive to use in a clan war. Otherwise its fine. The usage of resources could be more distributed, to allow for more efficient using of the resources. e.g. instead of the roof top that allow a foothold for flying enemies, build a straight wall with the same amount of resources with a way to get up.

    7) Yes. I think a lot of people noticed, but I think that criticism should not be rushed and should be explained in detail together with how the player can improve their building.

    8) I do not understand...mind clarifying/rephrasing for me?
  6. sorry kovett, ill never have your builder skill :(
  7. Nein, I'm pretty sure you're close, perhaps even, or better.

    But I simply, went in depth, i.e. going into complication (i.e. I just wrote more in more detail).
    But the fact is, no one can ever be good enough at playing a class. Even if you are the best, there is still room for improvement...
  8. Infiniterising

    Infiniterising Amorous Duelist Donator

    It's a good tower, but not the best, but with the numbers of people not knowing how to use bombs properly recently, all a good tower needs is a way up, a way down, 7 blocks high and 3 blocks across and you could stop most knights.
    In fact, the most important thing about towers these days is how long it would take for it to lose its integrity.

    Tower 1 is the best because it would take take the longest for an archer to scale and a knight to blow up.
  9. thebonesauce

    thebonesauce All life begins and ends with Nu Staff Alumni
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    This is the lulziest thing I've ever read.

    Nice tower, OP.
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  10. 3243.PNG

  11. Mazey

    Mazey Haxor Global Moderator Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Official Server Admin

    Added 4#
  12. Force

    Force Shark Slayer


    Yellow: Random ladders? Why give the enemy an easy way up (If they breach the tower or bomb jump).
    Red: Obnoxious foothold. Here's a basic tower rule that I always follow: Never put an area that the enemy can stand on within reach of bomb jumps, trees (that archers can climb), etc. Any smart knight could easily cause havoc there.
    White: Add a bomb chute. It will improve how long the tower lasts. Putting stone in that area is a good investment, it will prevent would-be tunnelers.

    Other than those flaws, its okay. I would suggest making the base of the tower a few blocks higher. So the entry isn't within reach for the enemy. Like how you gave an effort to save resources.

    Good job,

    P.S. Maybe put a few spikes here and there, give the enemy a nice surprise.
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  13. Conquerer

    Conquerer Shark Slayer

    Yellow: Ladders for archers to hide behind the stone and draw arrows at the same time, probably. EDIT: I also doubt an enemy bomb jumper in competitive clan war would get to the flag and back, having to face half/all of the team.

    White: Bomb chutes wastes time, and so does digging out all that dirt. Tunnelling doesn't happen in gather btw. ;_;
  14. Sorry to tell that Conquerer but Force is absolutely right. Those ladders are simply useless and an easy way back for the enemy. Happened to me countless of time on gather that one man grabbed flag and just threw it from the top of my tower. Since then no more ladders or just place them more strategically without giving opponent an advantage.
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  15. Mazey

    Mazey Haxor Global Moderator Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Official Server Admin

    No, it's a lie. Because of those ladders you can go up fast. The doors up there are to block the enemy. How are you supposed to go up without the ladders? (The doors are only there to repair).
    The small place there doesn't matter, if they're there with a bomb jump you can easily slash them out as you can open the door so you can time so if you know how to play it's an instant kill/good slash to kick them off..
    About the white: I could make 2 deep 1 wide pit under the bridge for bombs and place stone behind it under the building, but it's not needed + you can use the trap to kill them/to get them away to get time to stand ready and slash/shieldbash from above.

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  16. play some clan wars maybe
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  17. Force

    Force Shark Slayer

    Are you kidding, they slow you down.

    And also, the ladders are bad. I have bomb jumped countless times over the enemy base and stolen their flag. Then after i got the flag, I could just walk straight back to my base because of ladders that let me up the towers.
  18. Mazey

    Mazey Haxor Global Moderator Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Official Server Admin

    No because there are doooooorss.. geez
  19. I prefer number 1 over the rest, but number 2 is defiantly in second place. Though if I made the 1st tower I would change it slightly(the doors really suck).
  20. Force

    Force Shark Slayer

    And knights can slash.