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[748] Generic Traps

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by Noonan, May 4, 2013.

  1. Noonan

    Noonan Poots Donator

    Spike Pit


    As you can see, when the enemy approaches the trap blocks they will deactivate and they will fall into pit of spikes. The wooden platform is turned upside down preventing the enemy from jumping back out and with this attempt to jump back out they will receive more damage from the spikes (spikes deal one heart of damage, excluding falling damage). In this image I have a lantern in with the spikes to show you how it is setup, but once this lantern it taken out all that will be visible is the wooden platforms and the trap blocks. If you back wall the wooden platforms and the pit area, then all that will be visible will be the wooden platforms - recommended setup (see image in Generic Notes for what it looks like).

    Water Pit


    The main purpose of this trap is to kill the enemy via water. This is almost exactly the same as the trap above, but instead of a pit of spikes, it is a pit of water. Once they fall into this pit of water they will start to drown. With the wooden platforms preventing their escape, they will then become trapped in this pit. Again, if you back wall the wooden platforms and the pit area with the water, then all that will be visible will be the wooden platforms (see image in Generic Notes).

    Mill Saw Trap


    These are always fun to make :p , and I somehow get the most satisfaction when an enemy falls in. It might be the instant kill of the Mill Saw or the sound effects it makes when an enemy gets blended into a thousand pieces :) .Once again, if you take away the lantern and back wall the pit area all that will be visible will be the trap blocks.

    Generic Notes:
    • The main purpose of the trap blocks is to make the trap team friendly, so that your team can safely walk over these pits without falling in.
    • Having a lantern near the pits with reveal the inside of each pit, thus making it more obvious and less likely for your enemy to fall in.
    • You can play around with the dimensions of each trap to find what you think is most effective (including the Mill Saw Trap - try adding in more Mill Saws!).
    • Having one of these traps in front of your team wall/tower will make each trap more efficient:
  2. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Some are those are so cool, I especially liked the water one!
  3. LostPix

    LostPix Base Burner

    You should place wooden bridge under trap blocks.
  4. Noonan

    Noonan Poots Donator

    That would give almost the same effect, but it would restrict the enemies space more.
    I'm not 100% sure that it would stop them from deactivating the trap blocks, if it did it would be a safer for your teammates. This would look more obvious to the enemies and be harder to assemble. Remember: people want a nice, easy and effective trap.
    I'll look into this modification.
  5. killatron46

    killatron46 Cata Whore Donator
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

    If you want to cut the cost in half, do trap blocks and wooden platforms every other tile. The only problem with doing it like that is some items can be lost through the holes.

    Door = trap block
    Bridge = wooden platform

    Looks great Noonan!
    Noonan likes this.
  6. Noonan

    Noonan Poots Donator

    Yea I had thought about this, but that is pretty much BC's spike trap extended. Also I tried to hide all the trap blocks from sight, so that it is less likely for an enemy to realise that it's a trap.
    I will this a shot and see how it looks, thanks for the idea.
  7. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    Even better than the hidden pit in front of a wall:
    Put a very obvious spikepit right in front of the hidden pit. The enemy will notice the pit, jump over it, and right into your sawmilltrap... Muehehehe...
    TheWids, Digger101 and Noonan like this.