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[748] New Bridges

Discussion in 'Builder' started by Squeal, May 4, 2013.

  1. Squeal

    Squeal Shipwright

    I've noticed that the new bridges are now effectively one-way blocks, but are there any applications for this feature outside of a basic cage trap?

    //Added build number. ~ Hella
  2. Canadian98

    Canadian98 Haxor Tester

    You can place them facing outwards outside of your mounted bow, that way enemies cant get in but you can shoot at them.
    I3lue likes this.
  3. GreenRock

    GreenRock Base Burner

    One way doors give way to neat puzzles/dungeons for singleplayer :)
    NinjaCell, Gofio and Guitarman like this.
  4. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    secret doors in roleplay?
    can be used as cheap shields for archers!
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