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[749][Guide] JTG's Personal Dry Beta Builder Introduction

Discussion in 'Builder' started by JTG, May 30, 2013.

  1. JTG

    JTG Bison Rider Tester


    Introduction: You may already know all of these things already, but this is for those who first enter Beta to consider, and its a general outline of anything I can recall to outline along the bottom, which is why the bottom text only section has grown so gigantic.

    This is a image screenshot of what not to do, Ladders as of this version have no support so imagine a big line of ladders as a separation from the back of that tower to the front, which means theres only one tile of support on the entire front half since doors do not count as support either.

    Likewise you can make some fun collapses that nobody will expect, by dropping the blocks by placing a ladder or door.

    This image below is what you should do in regards to laddering towers, there is a gap so now the front and back are connected via those 3 wood backwalls.

    A fun trick to use to add that intimidating mass of blocks to any tower without wasting lots of time, or when you are short in stone, is to use mostly wood, then line the giant block of woodblocks with stone, in this manner they cannot be lit on fire, and you get the same protection you would if they were stone, in cushioning explosions and the like and giving that awesome bulk you want in a intimidating creation.

    As you can see here, that usage of wood allowed me to make the most of my resources, now we have what appears to be a giant wasteful mass of stone blocks, when infact its stone lining wood, the enemy will know you mean business, and you can use that infinite amount of wood to make the most of your stone.

    A great way to stall the enemy, and make the most of your endless wood resources along with stone if you so choose to mix it, is to place doors all over empty space in diagonals or separated, this can be done in towers and really anywhere you choose that is a room that can be filled in and contains backwalls.

    Here is it in motion, just alternate it between backwall and door so there are no gaps for the enemy to go through, you can repeat it en masse over everything for a ultimate lockout, and a pseudo wall if the enemy is trying to go up a cliff and bombing it.

    We are going onto the section, most people will not pay attention to since there are no wonderful pictures, this will contain the strongest of defensive information here, which will inevitably lead every game you use it in to its entirety to a stalemate, or something hilarious, knowing the below will let you tinker with the building mechanics in beta tenfold more than the average person who is unaware of everything below.

    Preface: Workshop limits are bypassed by waiting, or building the workshop almost a full screen away from the maxed workshop.

    1. Making barracks everywhere.
    Barracks are quite cheap to produce costing only 75 stone, there is a barracks limit on workshops as of now, as you know the win condition is 80% of enemy team dead, and your team in their side.

    But you can effectively stalemate using these conditions by just massing barracks all over the place from the back of your side to the front.

    Be aware that the order barracks are in are from oldest (LEFT) to newest (RIGHT) and you will automatically spawn at the newest, in essence if you build lots and lots of barracks from the back of your side of the map to the front, you'll have people spawn at the one very close to it and attack and so on, effectively stalemating the match.

    The above information is important, since having 20 spawn points you want the closest to enemy to be at the top and the ones at the very back at the bottom.

    2. Making lots of delayed towers.
    The more delays in your structures the harder it is for a enemy to steamroll you in one go, and every time they fail you can repair ALL of the damage done, this can stalemate a map, depending on how many fighters you have, and how many delays there are, combined with barracks you stand no chance at losing.

    3.Bombjump/Catapult Towers.
    You can effectively remove half the swimming distance by making a extremely high ladder to the top of the map, making a one tile wide wooden backwall from the ground to the top along the ladders on the side the enemy is on, then place lots of wooden blocks at the top.

    MAKE SURE to place a thick layer, as each bombjump will destroy some, a catapult can also be placed do not put it against top of map if a cata is used.

    Effective in conjunction with knights bombjumping holding minikegs in the backpack.

    4. Backwall water Trapblocks.
    One that people seem to be catching onto now, just place backwall in water and place one trapblock a tile below the top layer of water, so your boats may pass through, and people may use it as a breathing point.

    5. Separated barriers.
    You don't need a solid line of blocks to put a stop, considering the thing that will destroy them will usually never be a builder, its usually a keg, a cata, a drill , or a bomb.
    In which case why even bother with a solid line in most cases?

    You can effectively increase efficiency with resources in SOME situations, such as when theres dirt backwall from a removed hill and such, by just laying a block then there being empty space then another block so theres one tile gaps between each other, you can make many layers separated from each other so you'll take one keg per layer.

    6. Boats always spawn to the left of another boat.
    People probably do not consider this, but a boat will always spawn left of another boat when it can, so making a boat while in your boat, and the enemy boat is to the left will result in that new boat destroying it.

    7. Barracks have infinite bombs on class swap of knight to knight.
    This may sound not relevant to builder, but you can make towers specially for chucking lots and lots of bombs at incoming enemies, its quite fun.

    8.Doors 1 tile from the floor tile you are standing on in the water hold air.
    One thing most people know by now since its widespread usage, but building a door 1 tile from the floor tile you stand upon in the water creates a pocket of air, putting your head in it and allowing you to breathe.

    9. Plan underwater tunnels smartly so they cannot be destroyed in their entirety easily.
    Always remember, water does not go up from its baseline only down. Imagine water flooding a tunnel. On the left which is higher the water is flooding in and filling everything, but the right has a sudden 2 tile upturn stopping the water from flooding it.

    In essence you always go down then up then down, so theres lines of tiles blocking waters movement from left and right, since it only goes down and left and right into free tiles and can never move diagonal. This would be a good picture.

    10. You can create top to bottom entrance tunnels into water fast.
    Make a two tile wide tunnel from the surface to the very bottom with wood blocks, now you can just fill in the gaps as you go down completely emptying this tube of water, effectively giving you a new entrance into previously waterfilled areas from the very top, pointless now that doors stop water, although might not be pointless if the lake is far too deep to surface/dive into.

    This can also be utilized for a fast underwater cave base exit and entrance.

    11. Crates are very fun to play with.
    As you know MM and Geti gave us wonderful crates, with fun physics, there is a limit on them as of now on one workshop, but you can dick around alone in a game, and use your plentiful wood to play a very risky game of stacking crates, simply produce lots of crates in one spot, then begin stacking. You can walk through crates, but jump on them, so use this to your advantage in walking into the middle of a crate and jumping up and placing one, you may need to balance back and forth.
    Stack the crates in one giant line, if you are good enough to stack crates to the very top of the map from the ground, then post a screenshot because that means you have elite skillz.

    It gets quite hard to stack crates horrifically tall in a line just a fyi, my record so far is 9.

    12. The best sawmills are staircases.
    I say this simply because, downwards into the dirt staircases can be infinitely large, supporting a infinite number of trees growing on them, and the logs automatically roll down the staircase most of the time.

    Simply make a staircase pattern make sure each stair is a dirt tile, then at the bottom dig a area for the saw, then to the side that you did not dig stairs into the ground, dig down and place a storage under the saw, the deeper the saw is in comparison to the bottom of the stairs the better!

    With this you can flood your entire storage with thousands upon thousands of wood in a very very short amount of time, as it supports many nurseries at once, do the math.

    13. Stone backwall can be used to make wood structures not burn in one chunk.
    As you know fire spreads from wood tile to wood tile, but whats stopping you from just using stone backwall to seperate the wood into chunks? Not much, very cost effective, and the most basic insurance you can have that your wood structure won't light on fire and completely go down. Just place single lines of backwall to seperate the wood structure from other parts of it, walla now it won't all burn down from one single fire, and instead you will just lose a section at most.

    14. Storages automatically store mostly anything that drops infront of them, this can include the trader.Yes storages, in fact store things automatically, as detailed by the sawmill section, this can be used to your advantage, factories drop things below the middle 3 tiles underneath them, this in turn can be used to make a very large tower with factories stacked ontop of each other and a 3 tile gap below each to drop into a storage, automatically hoarding all of the items.

    15. Doors can be rotated with space, stacking them facing upwards can give you a decent door ladder.
    Yes you can in fact make a giant line of doors that go straight up along a wall, and use it as a team only ladder, its low in effort, just remember to use only the up keep when going up these.

    16. You can destroy a mounted bow factory, then put the deed in a new factory for more mounted bows off one deed infinitely.
    This in fact works, if you ever wanted the enemy to know what it feels like to try to get through machinegun fire from a giant slanted tower with mounted bowguns on each level, here it is.

    Just remember, you can reload all of the bowguns quite easily, since a military supplies automatically fills any new archers with 20 arrows, use this to your advantage change into archer, load a bowgun, go back change back into archer again load another 20 arrows in, repeat.
    With this you can maintain far more bowguns than you should, firing continuously.

    17. Kegs not on the demolitions shop detonate when you select destroy item on the demolitions shop they came from.
    This means a whole lot of things, from the fact someone can lay the kegs all around your base areas then detonate them all at once with nobody even knowing what happened, to you detonating any kegs that go into the wrong hands killing the enemy, to even someone telling you NOW and you instantly detonating a keg against a target, via that option.

    18. You can see the glimmer of gold you cannot see in other areas when you only see one gold block. Yes pay attention sometimes its a easy way to find pockets of gold in that dark earth where you are unsure they are, for some reason the gold you cannot see in other areas also glimmers when you run into gold in a area you actually see, just make a mental note and move in for it later.

    19. Grinding a stone against a stone.
    Boats do not cut it sometimes if the enemy team is repairing things too fast, if this occurs you need to spam trapblocks all over water and such, one thing that usually occurs is the enemy terrain becomes higher than the terrain you can attack from, but if its bombed out dirt from your many demo kegs you can place trapblocks in a sort of stair pattern so your team moves closer

    20. Dirt backwall is very good right now too good.
    If you notice a map having super high peaks removing all of the dirt and placing a floating island of stone with a barracks, and any factories you desire on it such as Military supplies insures it will be a nigh undestroyable position, considering your team already destroys ladders accidentally way too much, they literally disintigrate when they do want to destroy them.

    21. Theres a lot of flying bugs.
    As of right now there are 4 flying bugs total, the ladder flying bug, the knights upshielding flying bug, the dinghy flying bug, the builders holding ladders flying bug. Take a chance to think of your own constructs that are safe against the air, considering in the future MM and Geti plan on adding more aerial antics in the form of gliders, bombers and such. So you might as well get a head start on planning building counters to those things, my suggestion is to learn to enjoy building important things underground in hills or dirt and dooring it like bunkers since it covers it from flyers messing with it.

    22. Nurseries only respawn seeds if they are completely empty and the seeds decay, or are planted. When you want tree seeds and plant them, you notice they are not coming back!
    Chuck those terrible grain and flower seeds (MORE LIKE BUSH SEEDS AMIRITE?) and you should have the nursery respawn with all seeds after they decay and disappear, likewise planting them works too but you don't want bushes and grains enmasse do you? Also remember trees can only be planted on dirt, a fun thing to consider is digging lots of minimum size tunnels to plant lots of trees one above each other if you are looking to bother people with a forest, you can also plant trees on growing trees in some process of which i haven't messed with but have seen occur on accident.

    And thats it for my builder compendium, hopefully you learn something new or consider things.
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  2. Jackard

    Jackard Base Burner

    obviously the solution is more mounted bows
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  3. Apronymous

    Apronymous Bison Rider

    Because at some point, you just aren't exploiting enough glitches.
  4. Jackard

    Jackard Base Burner

    The real challenge builders face is how are you going to design enough platforms for your mounted bows?
  5. Apronymous

    Apronymous Bison Rider

    Don't you just put mbows in all the blind spots?
  6. JTG

    JTG Bison Rider Tester

    :castle_wall::castle_wall: :castle_bg::castle_bg:
    :skull: :bow: :castle_bg: :castle_bg:
    :skull: :castle_wall::castle_wall::castle_bg::castle_bg:
    :skull::skull: :bow::castle_bg:
    :skull::skull: :castle_wall::castle_wall:

    Well you get the point make sure to get the mounted bow on the very edge of it.