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[753][Gen] Do you still find builder fun to play as?

Discussion in 'Builder' started by ComboBreaker, May 17, 2013.

  1. Knighthart

    Knighthart is love Donator

    I only played builder a few times in mid/late games because if the enemy team is constantly attacking it is almost impossible to get any kind of defenses up at the shore. Even if you instantly get some kind of wall up using 500 stone or whatever, 10 seconds later a longboat with a ballista and catapult comes in and fucks it all over in the matter of seconds.
    It just feels unrewarding, as I could have done more meaningful stuff with other classes in that time.
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  2. BoiiW

    BoiiW Shark Slayer

    I absolutely love being a builder! You can do whatever you want. Sometimes I take care of the wood industry, as efficiently as possible:


    A lot of fun. To me at least c:

    You can ring me up anytime, BoiiW & co. Wood industries.

    We come highly recommended.
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  3. Infiniterising

    Infiniterising Amorous Duelist Donator

    If you are getting tired of mining and chopping trees, Umm... theres something called a drill and a saw.
    Everything wood was used for can now be made with stone (other than workshops) , so I wouldn't even bother to make a saw.
    Just spend all your beggining gold to make drills and sooner or sooner (Drills speed everything up) you'll find more gold.

    Spend the new gold to make a boat factory then contiuning pumping out drills. Something like 4 drill factories is good.
    Everyone pills onto 1 boat and launch wave after wave of drill weilding manics and BOOM that tower that the enemy wasted their time on is GONE.

    Towers are under powered. 4 drill weilding maniacs launching wave after wave is power.
    Drills are underrated in beta.

    And none of that would be possible without builders. They are just as fun as they used to be. You just don't know how to play them.
  4. ComboBreaker

    ComboBreaker Horde Gibber

    a). So ,you are that guy who buys drills before military supplies and boats?

    And to b). I'll answer with quote as it shares my view:

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  5. Infiniterising

    Infiniterising Amorous Duelist Donator

    The drills make mining FASTER so u find GOLD to buy BOATS

    If building defences is UNREWARDING, then consider doing THE OPPOSITE.
  6. TheWhiteKnight

    TheWhiteKnight Ballista Bolt Thrower

    i agree.
    I think King Arthur's Gold's builder is all about building defences really quick, making clever traps, baiting knights and of course... going on offensive. but now KAB kinda misplaces it all and encourages builders to farm wood and other stuff, while they could be making the tower which could win you the game. overall I know this isn't the final version but PLEASE make the builder more classic again :D
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  7. ComboBreaker

    ComboBreaker Horde Gibber

    Then why would I build if it is unrewarding,since it is hard to build and easy to destroy walls?

    This is why not a lot of people want to play builder.Also starting gold(that is easily found nearby) is usually enough to buy boat,supplies,demo and maybe cata.You do not need more.
  8. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    After playing a bit more as a builder, I think that the tiles need to snap together like in classic, and there needs to be a sprite for placing blocks down. It also needs to be immensively faster, and so does selecting the blocks. Building feels really unresponsive, because there is no feedback from the game whatsoever when you build. It's also nearly impossible to quickly block out the knights in a tunnel when you're termiting the enemy.
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  9. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    I think the issue is that water really limits what builders can do. The main strength of builders in classic is the ability to instantly set up barriers along the map and to help allies by laddering over equivalent enemy barriers. Playing actively at the front lines was also the most fun part of buildering. Unfortunately thanks to water none of that is possible.
  10. Jackard

    Jackard Base Burner

    still a problem in land maps because its harder to be sure of vault height
  11. Viken

    Viken Horde Gibber

    Related to imprecise block-placing: movement also seems clunky. Gameplay would feel much smoother if it were possible to maneuver more precisely. That was the impression I got from my short time with the Beta, anyway.
  12. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    Even though I've already gotten used to the movement, I kinda agree with this. I really hated the movement for the first two months or so. On an unrelated note, what about builders dealing 1 heart of damage? They wouldn't still be in the level of knights at damage input, but at least they could hold their own foot in a fight.
    FYI: Highest a knight can get is 7 blocks without bombjumping.
  13. i don't like the click-mining shit. i suppose it was supposed to give advantage to "skilled" builders with good timing. but the result is that you gotta mash your mouse button or use a bot to be effective.
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  14. Apronymous

    Apronymous Bison Rider

    Also, whenever you play without sound, you can't mine effectively (or shoot as archer).
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  15. SlyStalker

    SlyStalker Shopkeep Stealer

    *Collapses tree on enemy knights in nighttime as builder* <----- I call that fun
  16. Apronymous

    Apronymous Bison Rider

    *Collapses tree on enemy archers in nighttime as knight* <----- I call that fun
  17. whatever1works

    whatever1works Drill Rusher

    Actually im finding all the class systems to be dumb. Ive been trying to master the combat of the beta since it was released, and i still cant manage to kill an archer at close range; as a knight.

    Builder: cant fight (AT ALL), cant swim, cant build fast.....
    Knight: cant dig stone ore or break wood, cant bomb away indestructible blocks, randomly destroys ladders, and CAN'T JAB?
    Archer: hardly any trees anymore, range is piss weak, knife never works...

    Honestly, i like a lot of things in KAB, but the classes are ALL screwed up imo
  18. Tsilliev

    Tsilliev Bison Rider

    Personally I play a lot as a builder, and something I don't like in the new update is where we don't have a nursery, saplings or seeds for trees are dropped when you cut down a tree, but the seeds disappear when you cut a small tree, and this happens every time, when there is a battle and knights chop down big and small trees while fighting or throw sachets or archers miss their target and hit the trees with fire arrows again, and there is more, when you cut down a tree and chop the logs, sometimes you chop the small tree and its not only me,everybody in the server makes this mistakes,only few people relocate the logs which takes a lot of time and somebody else will chop your relocated logs.
    I know that we get wood from supplies, but it takes too much time, every time after 1 h of playing, you wont see any trees on the map, so what do you think of spawning seeds even if a small tree is cut down or bringing nursery back which spawns seeds at a much slower rate than before and with some new options maybe.
    I really loved planting 10 seeds, waiting to grow and just like BoiiW filling up the storage with wood, and then using this wood to make beautiful port bay or fort.
    So what do you think maybe you like it how it is now? Where long games will end because some of the 2 sides deplete their resources?
    And something else, the new bombing ballista is so much over powered, at the moment, ballista destroys around 4 blocks on explosion, when it hits the wall and in my opinion it should be destroying around 2 blocks, on explosion, or we, the builders must make really fat towers of 8 block wide towers, which requires what? A lot of wood, I use stone only as a protective layer from fire and stone trap for protective layer from catapults which takes a lot of stone.
    What do you think?
    </br>--- merged: Jun 21, 2013 9:57 AM ---</br>
    I want to write an update, right now I am playing and I grow trees below saw, and 1 tree drops 2 seeds, now i see, so even if you have 1 seed, you can later grow more trees and store seeds, so its ok.
  19. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    The problem is just being able to destroy seeds. They should be purchaseable from the trader to avoid complete extinction.
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  20. Tsilliev

    Tsilliev Bison Rider


    Yes and when I played today I got only 1 seed per tree, is it a server option? Or maybe a chance to drop another seed? But purchasable seeds are a good idea or maybe farming tech that enables nursery without grain or kitchen because we have the dorms.
    Its a good idea, purchasing seeds, you wait for supplies, if you dont have gold, you get 50 gold from the supplies and purchase 5 seeds for 50 gold or something like that.
    I was playing today at the modded server with enabled commands and I was spawning war base, and it haves nursery, so I guess in the future, they may bring the generating seeds system with the war base, if they dont change the war base.