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[781] Ladder Tower

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by Metaphoenix, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Metaphoenix

    Metaphoenix Shark Slayer

    The Ladder Tower is just a ladder composed of ladders turned horizontally and stacked which allows you to climb the edges of the ladder while having the support frame of a tower. It could be a bug or not but its buildable in build 781.


    To create the Ladder Tower, it requires 4 steps.
    1. Create a stack of ladders turned horizontally. It does not matter how high you build it.
    2. (Optional) Apply a backwall towards the middle of the ladders. This will allow the ladders to be hidden from view.
    3. Place Solid Blocks on the 2 edges of the ladders and a layer of blocks at the very top. (The layer of block on the top is to prevent light from coming into your tower)
    4. Add doors to the side your enemies are on. It will prevent enemies from using your own ladders against you, unless they break it and discover that they can climb it.

    Notes: In order to break the tower, the ladders must be broken first. This rule allow applies with Explosions. (Which will break most of the ladders)
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  2. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    Nothing new really.
    If you post a building that uses bugs,
    check the bug reports too :P