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[781] One Hit Kill Spike and Vertical Trampoline

Discussion in 'Builder' started by genobee, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. genobee

    genobee Builder Stabber

    First, I apologize for any bad grammar. I'm not native English speaker. And not sure if anyone had posted something like this before. If yes, mod can lock this.

    What I got to show in this video contains bug and not bug but may not be what MM and Geti intended for the game, which is why I post here first instead of Bug Report section.

    One Hit Kill Spike

    Here are what I got to share after playing around with this for awhile:
    1. Spike falls faster than other kind of blocks.
    2. Falling or bouncing spike goes through bridge and trap block.
    3. Spike bounces on trampoline while other blocks damage the trampoline.
    4. One hit and you're dead.
    5. May have pierce attribute (as shown at 01:50).
    6. Using bridge method is easier but doesn't always work. The spike may stick on the bridge. Probably useful for quick dispatching large number of enemies rushing at your tower because spammable.
    7. Using door method always works but replacing the spike is somewhat difficult as player may prone to trigger the trap by mistake (opening the door) while setting up the spike.
    8. There is one restriction to bounce spike on horizontal placed trampoline. The height between placing spike and trampoline can't be more than 5 blocks high or the spike crumbles.
    9. Spike chain bouncing is hard to set up. Most of the time the spike crumbles on 2nd bounce. Then again I don't see any good use nor the practical use of it.
    10. At 01:50 is hybrid approach (bridge and door). It's easier to replace the spike outside the door this way and you can spam spike if situation calls for it.
    11. At 02:10 is the best I could come up with incorporating trampoline into this trap. Wall off the trampoline room to keep it dark. Place spikes under the trampoline incase enemies break the bridge and try to use it.
    12. Any wood or stone block present adjacent side (left/right) of spike's falling path will crumble the spike. Door, bridge and trap block are exception. See figure below:​
    :yes::no::no::no: :yes:
    No wood or stone block in :no: columns​

    Vertical Trampoline

    What I've seen and can think of how useful it can be:
    1. Pretty good for bombjump or human catapult alternative. It's cheap, easy to set up and safe.
    2. Your momentum and which direction you keep on pressing, affect on how far you can fly.
    3. Raid incoming enemy's boat especially if they have that nasty ballista.
    4. To some extent, you can control where you're going to land.
    5. If set up on strategic location, knights can glide and raid into enemy base easily.
    6. Reliable way to set this up:
    • deploy trampoline at :red: and stand slightly near left edge of the block then drop it.
    • break the block pointed by :up:.
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  2. JTG

    JTG Bison Rider Tester

    Moved to proper section?
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