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(^_^) U.S, California CTF

Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by armymanpwns, Dec 30, 2011.

Mods: jackitch
  1. armymanpwns

    armymanpwns Bison Rider

    recently went up still working out a few kinks but seems to be running well for the moment, trying to run a nice friendly server come join us and have fun. New players are welcome if you need some tips ask one of the admins they'll be happy to help, hey we all had to learn at some point :p

    I am looking into getting one or two more admins for the server, i will base my choice on people who play on it frequently are nice, responsible and help new players, if you ask me to be an admin this will severely decrease your chances so be good and you might be chosen. :3

    • No hacking (obviously)
    • No griefing (obviously)
    • Don't start arguments with other players (if you have a problem with what someone is doing explain it to an admin)
    • Have fun (most important rule of all)
    • Do not change teams and make the teams uneven.
    • Do change teams to make them balanced (much appreciated)
    • Do not advertise other server's.
    • Do not spam chat.
    • Also, do not use fly glitching, arrow glitching or tele glitching (where you go into 1x1 tunnels)

    slots: 20
    server location: California
    Main gamemode: CTF
    Pingkickhigh: 320
    Global moderation: on
    Number of unit: trying to fix this at the moment starts off at 6 for first game when server is start and gradually goes up, when fixed will probably be set to something like 64

    If you see someone hacking tell an admin if none are currently on the server use the !guard in the chat from the Esc menu.

    Up basically 24/7 might be down sometimes when trying to fix things.

    also i might take suggestions for things to do, events and such.

    Need to contact me for anything skype: armymanpwns

    server name is exact same as the title :3
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  2. Menen

    Menen Shipwright

    Hi. I noticed i was banned on your server. I dont believe i have ever visited your server and Id like to know the reason for my ban, and if it can be lifted.
  3. armymanpwns

    armymanpwns Bison Rider

    i have not banned you, it's probably just some sort of glitch with kag at this i point i don't ban people just kick them i do restart the server often which should lift any kicks/bans from players.
  4. Speedwagon

    Speedwagon Shipwright

    The game says I'm banned on your server. If I actually am I want to appeal this.
  5. armymanpwns

    armymanpwns Bison Rider

    i do not remember banning you so it could have just been a ping kick or just a glitch anyway try and join and if it does not work pm me and i will fix it. :P
  6. I really enjoy the arena special maps on this server...will there be more in the future?
  7. Hopdown

    Hopdown Shipwright

    I've been playing on this server for about a week and I tried to go on again today, only to discover that I was banned! Is this a mistake, or did I actually do something wrong? If someone could review my case, I'd really appreciate it.
  8. bilbs

    bilbs KAG Guard Tester

    Hey there armyman, I've been playin on your server for a bit now (even this morning!) and came back to being banned just now.
    After reading this thread, maybe it's just a glitch/accident? Anyway, let me know.

    EDIT: must have been a glitch, no longer banned
  9. Vidar

    Vidar KAG Guard Donator Tester

    I just had the same problem. Was fighting chicken 1 v 1 endgame and was kicked and banned. Anyone mind checking it out?
  10. Melan

    Melan Shark Slayer

    Happens to me sometimes too, just try joining back in 5-10minutes.
  11. Vidar

    Vidar KAG Guard Donator Tester

    Unfortunately still banned, I'll try again tomorrow.
  12. Yeah if you can't get in by now its probably glitched too a 24 hours ban :(
  13. killatron46

    killatron46 Cata Whore Donator
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

    Armypwns, would it be possible to make another duplicate server? POWER(2)? Because I find myself at a loss as far as good servers. Yours is awesome, but it is always full and very hard to enter sometimes, so make another? :D (don't change the number of slots please, just leave it at 20).
  14. Maverick

    Maverick Haxor

    This server needs more active admins in the afternoon.
    Me and apples were on just couple minutes ago, and there was this clan "RG" that was griefing the hell out of everything, and they were premium.
    I know one is like Whiterunn and the other is mrjoeman
  15. APPLEStoTHEpear

    APPLEStoTHEpear Shopkeep Stealer

    I wasnt even mad.. I was just, Dissapointed. :>:(:
  16. Melan

    Melan Shark Slayer

    I'm on the server at specific times for a few hours on weekdays, and most of the time on weekends.
    Some gaurds also visit the server from time to time, but yeah, I think the server needs just a few more admins.
    But I guess in the end it goes down to army's choice :p
  17. I'll be mod xD I play on there a lot whenever it's not full anyway
    ChronoWaster, Ruleral and Melan like this.
  18. Melan

    Melan Shark Slayer

    I wouldn't mind jer being an admin. :D
    I'm getting kinda lonely since Rambo is still not back yet :s
  19. I would recommend Jerloch for admin.
  20. Pitbull7

    Pitbull7 Shopkeep Stealer

    yeah i recomend jerloch as well
Mods: jackitch