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(^_^) U.S, California CTF

Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by armymanpwns, Dec 30, 2011.

Mods: jackitch
  1. Superblackcat

    Superblackcat baideist baide Staff Alumni Tester

    again.. i STRONGLY OPPOSE Supperdigger....
    Bammboo likes this.
  2. RoflcopterV22

    RoflcopterV22 Poison Headcrab Donator

    If you are in fact, still looking for admins, I would like to apply for a position, have seen plenty of speedhackers on the server and being unable to do anything about it frankly pisses me off.
  3. ImAwesome

    ImAwesome Haxor

    I recommend Rofl as admin,
    and DO NOT let superdigger be
    admin,hes like ten or something.
  4. superdigger26

    superdigger26 Catapult Fodder

    no i'm not
  5. Snowmaster14

    Snowmaster14 Tree Planter
    1. Delta Force - Delta

    hello im SnowMaster14 i was banned by a admin but not u he was wearing a tea pot hat and he banned me because i accidently throw a cata to the blues.so pls unbanned me and give me a second chanch pls.btw i love ur server.

Mods: jackitch