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A topic about castle defence.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by R. J., Jun 16, 2011.

  1. MM

    MM THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Great topic. My 2 cents:

    No successful attack without special equipment should go straight through the walls. A builder repairing stone blocks faster than destruction is a good thing.
    To win a castle you should do either:
    1. go above
    2. go under
    3. go through it with siege machines

    Contrary mentioned the above and under way. I will elaborate:
    1) placing a ladder next the wall (not a skybridge) so that troops can go over the wall should be a totally valid and encouraged tactic. Defenders should try to destroy the ladder or use other equipment (oil? rocks?) to kill the attackers.

    2) you can dig under the castle, unless it is built on bedrock. If so this way is impossible unless you have lots of bombs. Which you might develop over time with an armory (to be added)

    3) Building a ram or another siege machine will be the way to go through a wall or steel doors.
    I think steel doors are a good idea. They should be invincible against swords and hammers but destroyed fairly quickly with a ram.
  2. vig

    vig KAG Guard Tester

    How about slowly opening/closing stone doors before steel ones? Stone doors would be a reasonable option between weak wooden and strong steel ones.

    +Very sturdy
    +Enemies caught in the doors would be crushed
    -Slowly opening/closing
    -Building costs a lot of stone blocks and a few wooden ones.
  3. Fellere825

    Fellere825 KAG Guard Tester

    How about adding defense multipliers castle walls, so that the thicker the walls the longer it takes to destroy? Not making it too much longer just adding one more hit to it with each thickness or something. Of course there would be a limit on the multipliers so it wont be invincible.
  4. DarkDobe

    DarkDobe Guest

    I've also come to say that some sort of defensive multiplier for thicker walls would go a long ways towards improving defenses - though it ought to cap out at something like 3-4 stones thickness to keep things reasonable.

    On the topic of ladders - ubiquitous things that they are - and bearing in mind the ideas like the hot oil, which I rather like, especially so if it set ladders ablaze on contact - I've come up with a solution of my own, of sorts, while also giving arches some added use: namely Flaming Arrows.

    I picture them either being a finite resource like the Bombs - or perhaps made out of a large bundle of arrows to limit endless spam. The main attributes, however, would be the ability to impact and set ladders alight. Of course this comes with the potential problem of lighting your own ladders by accident, as well as dealing with fire propagation and limitation - not to mention (as a possibility) being able to set fire to forests as well.

    Really though - my primary intent would be to give the arches a little added utility - and some use for their F key - as well as a quick and dirty way for taking out exposed ladders, like ladders in the sky, or up against the wall of your castle.

    Give them horrible range, slow speed, and a slow windup - so that the archer has to get relatively close to his target, or at least spend a large amount of time preparing the shot - to prevent it being used so much as a combat tool and as a throwaway weapon. Some sort of commitment of time and vulnerability. Maybe a prep period where the archer sits still and wraps the arrowhead in linen, douses it with oil, sets it on fire - then its ready. If you take a hit while prepping, you have an accident and set yourself alight - something like that. Let the arrow burn away to nothing after 5-10 seconds of holding it drawn, so that you can't just prep it at a distance and waddle in at your leisure.

    Arg I could go on a while about this idea and the potential approaches and ramifications.