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(recruiting) Academy - It's all textbook.

Discussion in 'New/Upstart' started by Torik, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Torik

    Torik Shark Slayer

    What's up? So you clicked on this thread.
    That mean's your interested in finding out about Academy? :huh?:

    Well, whether you are interested in applying or not you can join the clan discord. If you wish to apply you can there! The 'Academy' clan is a fresh clan with the goal of reaching a competitive level. It is currently lacking YOU comrade as we need a much larger player base.
    Momentarily we are consisting of older, more experienced players and we need some bulk in the bunch! We need some knights knocking about. :teabag:

    [Leaders] Torik, CapitanForceX
    [Officers] Nevrotik, Urkeuse
    [Members] -
    [Privates] -

    There are rules and regulations in the discord but I will mention this briefly:
    In this clan, we do not tolerate any form of abuse. We don't tolerate hacking or any other forms of cheating. Failing to abide by the rules or regulations will make you the target for a swift booting. :)
    If you wish to join the discord then the link is in the applications section below. You can be in the discord even if you are not a part of the clan yet but you will lack member privileges until you apply and get accepted. So get applying!

    If you want to apply please follow these simple steps:
    1. Join the discord at https://discord.gg/tFbkkzG .
    2. Accept the TOS and gain access into the discord.
    3. Make your way to the #applications section and follow the form format in the pinned messages.
    4. Wait to be accepted! We will get to your request as soon as possible!
    We look forward to seeing your applications!
    See you in the field private,
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
  2. CapitanForceX

    CapitanForceX Drill Rusher

    Heyo! I'm back from my long period of inactivity due to Pc problems and i'm proud to be in this clan! I'm looking forward for some future nice CW and friendly matches!
    Join us guys! ::):
  3. Torik

    Torik Shark Slayer

  4. Ni

    Ni Battle Angel Forum Moderator Tester Mapping Moderator Donator Official Server Admin
    1. Active Forum Users

    Good Luck :3