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Account Ranking System

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geti, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. dwatring

    dwatring KAG Guard Tester

    @Loki, yes rly
  2. saniblues

    saniblues KAG Guard Tester

    I hate systems that tell you a player's "worth", it's better to decide that for yourself in-game.
  3. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    With some thought you'll realize people generally have grossly inaccurate estimations of self-worth.
  4. Wargod-Loki

    Wargod-Loki Haxor

    @ sani - YOU as the player decides it, over the system... hero....^^

    @ dwatring i dont speak trollish x)
  5. saniblues

    saniblues KAG Guard Tester

    Worth for other players, not yourself. Who really estimates their own self-worth?

    ...Besides the players that spew shit out of their mouths, trying to coordinate their team while thinking that calling them idiots will make them work faster
  6. dwatring

    dwatring KAG Guard Tester

    Not me, I'm totally awesome.


    Take a class on it.
  7. dwatring

    dwatring KAG Guard Tester

    Sorry for momentary thread de-rail. Back to account ranking system guys.
  8. Wargod-Loki

    Wargod-Loki Haxor

    lol u rly feeled to say sorry for that :D?

    but yeah... acc system ...we actually cant say if its going to be good or not, letz wait for the first version, guess it wont be implemented instantly before it isnt tested enough.
  9. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Cleaned up, don't do that again if you'd be so kind.

    @Sani - as backwards as it seems, we need some way of quantifying this. We've opted for a mostly social solution because it lets you choose how much each other are worth in a simple way. Sorry it dissatisfies you.

    @Contrary - your concerns on pointspamming and circlejerk upvoting are valid, however construction etc points won't contribute very much to your rep, it'll mostly be social. The circlejerk issue isn't really an issue - you can only upvote someone once per day, if everyone in a server was really having so much fun that they wanted to upvote everyone then that's fine. There'd have to be 30 or so dedicated people to get any sort of cumulative effect, at which point we're likely to notice and "moderate" their reputation. Everyone's stats, including their vote record will be public, and eventually accessible from the game, fingers crossed.

    Anyone played Combat Arms? It's a Nexon Online FPS, and the way their system is run is almost exactly how we don't want this one to end up. Hopefully we can pull together a team to sift through the reports and sort out grievances between players, rather than ignoring 99% of reports of hacking, occasionally banning some of the pro players and letting their scheduled maintenance go 7 hours over time in some cases. Every time I play that game I'm disappointed with the way they handle admin, but oh well.
  10. Swaggernuts

    Swaggernuts Guest

    Ya know Geti, I like you... your not a dumbass! YOU and (that other guy that works on the game but rarely posts on the forums) better keep this game in tip-top shape. We are counting on you.

    Also, will this system have a leader board style thing to it? So like we would be able to look up the most liked person. (lol. Kills/Deaths/Assists/Score/Likes. "hey man, i might have a 0.5 K/D ratio but im absolutly loved by everyone ;D")
  11. Wargod-Loki

    Wargod-Loki Haxor

    rofl as u wrote the system down like that.... it started for me to seem tooooo social xD
  12. Shadlington

    Shadlington THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    I'm worried this won't work as desired.
    I see what you're trying to do but there are severe problems with it.

    This could maaaaaaybe work if you didn't offer an incentive to be highly ranked like a discount on the game.
    With an incentive like that... If there is a way to exploit the system then it will be exploited.
    It doesn't matter what systems you put in place, automated or otherwise, they will find a way.

    Annnnyway, if this really is going to go ahead then I have more specific points to raise:

    I really don't think amount of time you've played should be a factor, to be honest (other than it provides you more opportunity to be upvoted). It doesn't reflect anything about how you are to play with, which is what this is supposed to be gauging.

    I like that in-game skill will be a factor. However, I think the existing points system needs a lot more work and balancing before this is translated into a ranking system.
    For example, I'd like to see assists getting some recognition. As an archer, if I take out a knight's shield so my teammate can get a kill, I am being a good player. That should be reflected in this system.

    I'm also concerned about things like everyone upvoting everyone in the same clan, regardless of how much they deserve it.
    This will totally happen.
    I really don't see how it can be avoided.
  13. J4son

    J4son Guest

    I think we should leave metagaming alone. This system seems inconceivable without bugs and I think reddit doesn't allow you to vote on users for a reason.
    Cute idea, just not what I want to see implemented into the community.
  14. FinDude

    FinDude KAG Guard Tester

    Can I downvote that annoying guy on the other team who keeps killing me?
  15. Wargod-Loki

    Wargod-Loki Haxor

    pls dont downvote me fin :( xD

  16. Gumball135

    Gumball135 Guest

    I'm not too fond of this idea. A similar system was supposed to be put in place in Left 4 Dead, but they dropped it before release (no motive was specified, but it received coverage in an article I read on the game, so they must have had some reason for getting rid of it). It always sounds good in theory, but the exploiting, griefing nature of the player-base tends to ruin the system completely, and I also think that it'll be too much work for you guys to administrate indefinitely.

    That said, I don't think anything I write is going to change your minds, and I hope it works out for the best. I'd recommend separate ratings for the players' skill and their friendliness/sociability/whatever; just because someone is great at the game doesn't mean that they have a similarly great attitude, and vise versa.
  17. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    I don't like the idea of KD ranking, sometimes I just want to play without caring anything.
  18. Pizza

    Pizza Guest

    Well, i already have been killed by a teammate so he could get the flag that i stole from the enemy. wont this system make poeple do more stuf like that in order to get points? and if i downvote him, cant he downvote me back?

    I would love some way to downvote all those trolls though.
  19. MM

    MM THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    I would model a ranking system on something that already works eg. Reddit.

    Secondly, I would introduce ranks but for the first couple weeks it would mean nothing. After these weeks we would see how much the points are true and how much sense they make. If it proves to be random and too easy to abuse we change the ranking system and test it again for a couple weeks. And so on... until we feel that all the really good players are top rank and all the griefers are in hell.
  20. Quimbo

    Quimbo Guest

    So I gotta use my own rep to downvote someone? I don't think that's a good idea. Why should I sacrifice my rep to downvote a griefer? That way, the griefer cannot only harm me in the current game but also permantently. Even though it's only a small cost, what happens when there are multiple griefers?
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