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Additional Information (Updated July 2nd, 2017)

Discussion in 'Beginner Box' started by Kouji, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. Kouji

    Kouji Cold, Uncaring, Sadistic, Evil and Cruel Meanie Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. REKINS OF SEAS: Super Crew of Ultimate Havoking 2: Return of King of KAG: Chapter 420blazeit - REKIN

    General Things to know, before you post:
    There are several tutorials on different aspects of the game. Just go to this section of the forums: KAG Release or Classic KAG
    If it's a new bug, post a new thread in the Bug Reports Section of the forum. Please check the bug has been reported before, however. If it has, post your specs and when you got it.
    If you have an idea you wish to suggest and it's short and simple, use this link. This is for KAG Release only; Classic will not be changed. Please search and make sure that your idea hasn't already been suggested. If you find that it was already suggested, but it is archived, PM one of the moderators if you wish to add something meaningful to it.
    If you are having troubles with technical aspects of the game, read the FAQ. Chances are that your problem has already been answered. If it hasn't, make sure you search first, since someone else may already have had the same problem as you.
    If you need to report another player for griefing/hacking/abusing, post in this forum. Read the stickies first before posting.
    If you were just randomly disconnected and and are unable to log back into the server, you were probably ping banned. This ban will wear off in 15-30 minutes. In the meantime play on another server or wait it out.

    However, if you were banned by a person, you may possibly appeal it.

    If you have been banned globally in-game and wish to appeal it, post it here.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: A server ban is different from a global ban. If you have recieved a global ban, you will have been emailed and will be unable to login to KAG. If you can login, then you have not received a global ban and instead have been banned on a server. If this is the case, then please appeal your ban on the server you were banned from here.
    If you are attempting to host a server, do not just make a thread asking "How do I make a server?". First read the wiki info on server hosting. Search in case the question has been asked before. If you are still having trouble after that, then make a thread explaining your problem in as much detail as possible. Simply saying "My server doesn't work" doesn't help.
    * Before you make a thread, read the stickies and search. If the search doesn't yield any results, try being more general, you may find a thread that has already been made. Here's a tutorial on searching the right way.

    *Finally, you can introduce yourself here. FuzzyBlueBaron might even give you an additional tip.
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Mods: Gurin
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.