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Adequate music for butcher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by erik102003, May 27, 2017.

  1. erik102003

    erik102003 Tree Planter

  2. I like butcher music. Kind of fits atmosphere imo.
    This thread is pointless.
    s-m-k answer.jpg
  3. erik102003

    erik102003 Tree Planter

    1. Lel, dat spoiler is cool
    2. I didnt say the butcher music should be replaced. I find daft punk pretty fitting, when i do one level like 50 times :)
    3.Delete the thread if you think its useless, i just wanted to share a (un)funny experience :P
    Epic-Guard likes this.
  4. Well... Idk, threads like this trash the forums a bit :/
    This could be posted on your own profile page for example :p
    eps0003 and erik102003 like this.

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