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KAG Admin Menu not showing up

Discussion in 'Server Help' started by jonipro, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. jonipro

    jonipro Horde Gibber Tester

    When i join my server by the local ip address ...
    I press esc and the admin menu isnt there unless i go to the console (home) and do somthing like turn a normal player to a normal player or freeze someone but freezing has stopped working and its quite annoying having to reset someones seclevid.

    This also happens to some other admins of the server and the "special colour orange/red" neither doesnt work unless the admin menu's working..
    Also F2 - F3 doesnt function before this..
  2. Eluded

    Eluded Ballista Bolt Thrower

    @jonipro Can you post the contents of your autoconfig.cfg file as well as the files (except for the .example's) in your Security/ folder? Then I or someone else may be able to help you.
  3. jonipro

    jonipro Horde Gibber Tester

    g_debug = 0                                                              # Sets the level of debug information (0 - none).
    g_locale = en                                                            # Sets the translation language - minimal support currently, more coming!
    g_externaleditor =                                                       # Sets the external script editor eg. for Sublime Text 'sublime_text.exe %s:%i:%i'
    k_rendersync = 0                                                         # Sync rendering FPS with game ticks ~ 30FPS
    g_sort = 2                                                               # Type of sorting in the server browser
    g_filterplayerlower = 0                                                  # Lower bound of players to filter on in the server browser
    g_filterplayerupper = 100                                                # Upper bound of players to filter on in the server browser
    g_filtergold = 2                                                         # How to filter on modded servers in the server browser
    g_filterpass = 2                                                         # How to filter on passworded servers in the server browser
    g_filtermode = All                                                       # Which gamemode to filter on in the server browser
    g_filtercategory = 0                                                     # Filter by Cooperative/Competitive game modes
    g_videorecording = 0                                                     # If set to 1 will hide most of the interface for a clean video recording.
    m_width = 256                                                            # Map generator width
    m_height = 128                                                           # Map generator height
    m_seed = 0                                                               # Map generator seed. Pick a random number. 0 will be random each time
    auth_autologin = 0                                                       # Should authentication be automatic on game start with saved password.
    auth_login = jonipro                                                     # THD Account authentication login
    auth_remember = 0                                                        # THD Account authentication remembered
    sv_gamemode = TinySandbox                                                # The gamemode launched on start of dedicated server. This usually is the DIRECTORY name under Base/Rules!
    sv_mapcycle =                                                            # The default map cycle loaded on server start. See Base/Maps/mapcycle.cfg.example for an example. Leave blank if you want Rules to load their own cycle.
    sv_mapcycle_shuffle = 0                                                  # Shuffle the map cycle or use maps in order?
    sv_mapautocycle = 0                                                      # Auto-cycle on next map to next map in list
    sv_gravity = 9.81                                                        # Sets the global physics gravity.
    g_registrationtime = 0                                                   # Time of players account registration.
    sv_canpause = 0                                                          # Determines whether the server can pause and sleep while there are no players to save CPU load.
    sv_test = 1                                                              # This determines if the server is in development testing mode. For usage in scripts.
    sv_restart_on_update = 1                                                 # The server closes and restarts itself if game update is detected - only done on map changes.
    g_measureperformance = 0                                                 # Measures script performance. Reset to 0 after game restart. Use performance or performance2 console command to show.
    v_bpp = 32                                                               # Requires v_restart to take effect.
    v_driver = 5                                                             # Rendering driver (0 - null, 1 - software, 2 - software+, 5 - ogl).
    v_vsync = 1                                                              # Vertical synchronization of video with monitor.
    v_uncapped = 0                                                           # Set to 1 to not cap framerate at 30FPS; set to 0 if GPU is overheating
    v_showfps = 0                                                            # Show the current FPS on screen.
    v_showminimap = 1                                                        # Show minimap or not. Might solve performance issues.
    g_playerlistkey = 9                                                      # The key used for showing the players list.
    g_screenshotkey = 115                                                    # The key used for taking screenshots.
    g_reportbugkey = 116                                                     # The key used for sending screen bug reports.
    g_tutorialkey = 112                                                      # The key used for showing help.
    v_postprocess = 0                                                        # Use fullscreen post processing effects.
    v_fastrender = 1                                                         # Degrades visual quality for speed
    v_smoothsprites = 0                                                      # Uses a filter to smoothen sprite pixels
    v_smoothmap = 0                                                          # Uses a filter to smoothen map pixels
    v_screenshotquality = 100                                                # screenshotquality 92
    v_drawhud = 1                                                            # v_drawhud 1
    g_fixedcamera = 0                                                        # Uses a fixed camera on player. Disabling this makes the camera Soldat-like.
    g_kidssafe = 0                                                           # Turns on/off violence & gore.
    g_noswears = 0                                                           # Turns on/off the swear filter.
    cl_chatbubbles = 1                                                       # Turns on/off chat bubbles hovering when players chat.
    v_camera_ints = 0                                                        # Snaps camera position to whole integer value.
    v_no_renderscale = 0                                                     # Disables the resolution scaling effects
    s_soundon = 1                                                            # Determines if the sound engine starts or not. Requires restart to turn sound on/off.
    s_volume = 0.25                                                          # Sets the overall sound volume.
    s_musicvolume = 0.25                                                     # Sets the music volume.
    s_effects = 0                                                            # Use sound effects or not.
    s_system = 0                                                             # Sets the sound system (0 autodetect;    1 DirectSound 8; 2 DirectSound;    3 Win MM; 4 ALSA; 5 Core Audio;    6 No sound.
    s_showmixer = 0                                                          # Shows the music mixer debug.
    s_gamemusic = 1                                                          # Plays music in game
    s_ambientmusic = 0                                                       # Ambient music while playing game.
    s_menumusic = 1                                                          # Menu music on or off.
    s_swapchannels = 0                                                       # Swaps audio channels.
    security_whitelist_active = 0                                            # Set to 1 to allow only the names in the whitelist or 0 to disallow the names in the blacklist
    security_whitelist = Security/whitelist.cfg                              # The file with the whitelist config
    security_blacklist = Security/blacklist.cfg                              # The file with the blacklist config
    security_ignorelist = Security/ignorelist.cfg                            # The file with the ignorelist config
    security_seclevs = Security/seclevs.cfg                                  # The file with the seclev config
    security_banflags = griefer abuser impersonation                         # Ban flags to observe but be lenient about - once expired these users will be allowed back in.
    security_strictflags = hacker                                            # Ban flags to observe absolutely, anyone with a history of these will be banned permanently.
    n_graph = 0                                                              # Shows the network activity graph.
    sv_maxplayers = 12                                                       # Maximum number of players allowed ingame.
    sv_enable_joinfull = 1                                                   # If set to 1 then privileged users (join_full seclev feature) may join the server when full.
    sv_reservedslots = 4                                                     # Number of reserved slots (additional slots on top of the max, accessible only to privileged players).
    sv_tcpr = 0                                                              # Whether to enable the TCP RCON server on sv_port. Default: 0.
    sv_tcpr_everything = 1                                                   # Whether to print the entire console log to tcpr, or just stuff sent specifically from scripts with tcpr(). Default: 1
    sv_print_tcpr_specific = 0                                               # Whether to print tcpr specific stuff to the console. Default: 0
    sv_register = 1                                                          # Whether or not to register this server with the master list.  You likely only want this set to 0 if this is a firewalled private server.
    sv_sendminimap = 0                                                       # Sends minimap to API. If this is set to 0 the minimap won't appear in servers browser.
    sv_port = 50302                                                          # Server communication port, this is where it listens for incoming clients. Remember to open this port in your firewall.
    cl_port = 50328                                                          # Client communication port.
    sv_password =                                                            # Sets the server password.
    sv_rconpassword = removed                                             # Sets the server remote console password.
    disable_seclevoutput = 1                                                 # If set to 1 then loading seclevs will not print them out.
    sv_allow_globals_mods = 1                                                # If set to 1 global moderators and admins can kick/ban players on server.
    sv_deltapos_modifier = 1                                                 # Controls the threshold for delta packet updating. Value higher than 1 will reduce bandwidth, lower increase.
    sv_compression = 1                                                       # Compress network data or not. Disabling compression may improve performance. DO NOT change this while running the server!
    sv_fastdeltas = 0                                                        # Faster deltas mean less CPU intensive but more bandwidth used.
    cl_name = {TSTD}Terracraft{SMG                                           # Sets the players nickname.
    cl_clantag =                                                             # Sets the players clan name.
    cl_classnum = 0                                                          # Sets the players class number.
    cl_team = -1                                                             # Sets the players team number.
    cl_sex = 0                                                               #
    cl_head = 60                                                             #
    cl_hat = 0                                                               #
    cl_joinaddress =                                         # Client only! Join address for the GUI box in menu.
    cl_password =                                                            # GUI: Join password.
    sv_maxping = 350                                                         # Max ping allowed on server after which player is kicked. Large ping players will slow down server.
    sv_maxping_warnings = 600                                                # Because of ping spikes, warnings are issued if a player has ping over max number.
    sv_pingkick_time = 300                                                   # The amount of time in seconds to kick someone for if they're over ping.
    sv_maxhack_warnings = 25                                                 # Maximum amount of warnings where server thinks player is hacking.
    sv_alloweditor = 1                                                       # If set to 1 players that have RCON can start map editor on server
    sv_name = Terracrafts & GoldenGuys TinySandboxV1.5 [EU]                  # Sets the server name displayed in server browser.
    sv_info = FOLLOW THE !RULES OR GET BANNED(Scripts by bananaman)Made By GoldenGuy,LordBillionairScientist,Terracraft,Dr.potato. tinyurl.com/TinySandbox1 [ADDED TANK] # Sets the server info displayed in server browser.
    sv_global_bans = 0                                                       # Determines whether the server uses the THD accounts global ban data.
    sv_verify_mods = 1                                                       # Set to true to if you want this server's mods to be API-Verified (must be registered and distributed directly by the developer), else false.
    sv_visiblity_scale = 1.25                                                # Scales the area where other blobs are determined to be visible by the player.
    sv_max_localplayers = 1                                                  # Maximum number of local players.
    sv_bots = 0                                                              # Number of bots (might not be used by server).
    cl_ask_to_download = 0                                                   # Prompts for mods download when joining server.
    cl_popup_shown = 1                                                       # Manages offers on menu startup.
    u_transparency = 255                                                     # Transparency of the game interface.
    u_showtutorial = 1                                                       # Show controls tutorial
    u_shownames = 1                                                          # Show team member names above head
    u_agreedterms = 1                                                        # Agreed to terms
    c_dimension_x = 1                                                        # Width of console in percents of screen.
    c_dimension_y = 0.9                                                      # Height of console in percents of screen.
    c_linespacing = 1                                                        # Space between lines in console.
    c_indent = 1                                                             # Left indentation of messages in console.
    c_key = 36                                                               # The key for opening and closing the console.
    c_history_size = 20                                                      # Number of console commands stored in history.
    c_halign = 2                                                             # Horizontal alignment of console 0-left, 1-center, 2-right.
    c_valign = 0                                                             # Vertical alignment of console 0-top, 1-middle, 2-bottom.
    cc_linespacing = 1                                                       # Space between lines in console.
    cc_indent = 8                                                            # Left indentation of messages in console.
    cc_key = 84                                                              # The key for opening and closing the chat.
    cc_key_team = 89                                                         # The key for opening and closing the chat in team mode.
    cc_history_size = 25                                                     # Number of console commands stored in history.
    cc_halign = 2                                                            # Horizontal alignment of console 0-left, 1-center, 2-right.
    cc_valign = 2                                                            # Vertical alignment of console 0-top, 1-middle, 2-bottom.
    cc_killfeed = 0                                                          # Show kill feed in chat console?
    g_reloadfiles_count = 0                                                  # How many files to tick forward the file reloader each frame. High numbers will cause lag.
    g_reloadfiles_wait = 0                                                   # How long to wait between updates to the file reloader.
    g_rendergraph = 0                                                        # Debug/optimization info. Turns on/off the rendering time graph.
    g_particlegraph = 0                                                      # Debug/optimization info. Turns on/off particle performance graph.
    g_physicsgraph = 0                                                       # Debug/optimization info. Turns on/off the physics time graph.
    g_scriptsgraph = 0                                                       # Debug/optimization info. Turns on/off the scripts time graph.
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    Attached Files:

  4. GoldenGuy

    GoldenGuy Ballista Bolt Thrower Tester

    I have the same problem :( i want to know how to fix it too
    jonipro likes this.
  5. Vertigon

    Vertigon Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Hate to bump a thread so old, but I was running into the same issue and figured putting the one possible solution here might help somebody in the future.

    What fixed it for me was opening the console and entering the following:
    /rcon /reloadseclevs

    All the server had to do in my case was check its seclevs.cfg again and see that I was able to access the Admin menu, and it showed up fine for me.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
    kaizokuroof and EhRa like this.
  6. jonipro

    jonipro Horde Gibber Tester

    Frankly enough that neither works in many cases. Thanks for sharing nothing new. Really appreciate it.
  7. Vertigon

    Vertigon Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Your sarcasm is uncalled for. I edited my post somewhat to reflect that this is not necessarily the only solution and may not necessarily work for everyone, but like I said in my earlier post, it may help someone with this issue in the future.

    Are you hosting your server on the same computer you're playing from?

    Additionally, you're registered by name in the superadmin.cfg file, but you may still need to login to the rcon with
    /rcon /login 'rconpassword'
    (whatever your rcon password is minus the quotes) before you are allowed to reload your seclevs with
    /rcon /reloadseclevs
    I guess let me know if any of this helps, although if you're going to continue to be hostile, I'm not going to bother trying to help. There's always better things to do.
    EhRa and Potatobird like this.
  8. jonipro

    jonipro Horde Gibber Tester

    Yes, I'm hosting from the same computer. Even as earlier the case was much weirder. Even those rcon commands didn't help at all so. I think it's just a issue with kag and I dont want to type those in everytime i play.