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AeroDemon (Lucifer) [REJECTED]

Discussion in 'Archive' started by SlashDemon, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. SlashDemon

    SlashDemon Shipwright

    • Which continent are you from?
    • North America

    • How often do you play?
    • Daily

    • What times are you usually available (Please answer with your timezone [UTC +/- X])?
    • UTC -7 or PST 2:00pm- 10:00pm

    • Which well known servers have you had admin on before? (if yes, answer the following sub-questions below as well)
    • No previous admin experience for KAG

    • Do you have any recommendations from Guards, Official KAG Server Admins, server owners or other notable people?
    • No

    • Why should you get admin and what makes you a good admin?
    • I play often, love KAG, and I’m fully capable of putting my work over my personal opinions, even if it is disciplining someone I know and like.

    • Any other information you think might be relevant?
    • Have been an owner of multiple discord servers unrelated to KAG and know how to run and organize groups of people. I also catch kegs.

    • Your Discord nick#number - Discord will be how you will receive realtime assistance calls, as well as a easy way to contact other Official Server Admins.
    • Kagup#4799
  2. Galen

    Galen Haxor Staff Alumni Donator