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An actual good idea to add

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Kouji, Jun 30, 2014.


Should be added

  1. Yes

    8 vote(s)
  2. Hell, yes

    56 vote(s)
  3. Nah, I'm a pleb

    14 vote(s)
Mods: Rainbows
  1. H3llO

    H3llO Shopkeep Stealer

    The only functional reason for implementing this would be, making the shitter so annyoing (preferably for Kouji) that he regrets making a sarcastic thread.
  2. Neat

    Neat King of the Dead Donator Tester

    Hat's off to you Kouji, i'm glad I left with you in charge of here.
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  3. bobotype

    bobotype Catapult Fodder

    Your job is literally to keep the forums in good quality and you're bitching because you have to do your job. No you don't have to be a robot, but you DO have to administrate, and right now you're doing the opposite.
    As for butthurt? You created an entire thread to tell people you're pissed off that you have to administrate stupid ideas? If it gets you that mad, just quit, I'm assuming you aren't being paid.

    Contributions to pidgeon class: can shoot through walls, can teleport at will, and lays eggs which "respawn" pigeon wherever they were laid
  4. Corpsey

    Corpsey Haxor

    The pigeons should have red eyes.

    Uh you should expand on your ideas bobotype. In my opinion every single one of those ideas is overpowered. Could you explain why they would be balanced at all, or even logical to implement?
  5. Neat

    Neat King of the Dead Donator Tester

    rofl quality in the suggestions section?

    Can I have what you're smoking?
  6. Boea

    Boea Such Beta

    Shoosh, this is how it usually ends up.
    Since pigeons do fuck all, only the added suggestion of "lain eggs as one-time respawn locations" would be viable, just as long as, "pigeons can't switch at places other than their spawn tent".
    "Shooting through walls", let alone "teleportation", would be unfair because they would be too capable of shitting on everyone, removing fun from the game, as now everyone is poisoned, 24/7.

    You do realise every job has a prescribed limit, after which point someone is working against their intended job.

    I like the wording for the title of this forum, Suggestion & Ideas; it seemingly suggests that not all suggestions are viable, let alone a suggestion, and that sometimes, and idea isn't necessarily a vapid dream.

    Regardless, you are telling the moderation, and administration staff to go against their own limits, and powers because you feel insulted for their satire thread. Boo-hoo, you've often made equally untenable threads/ideas with less tongue in your cheek: Oh woe is me, and my cognitive dissonance!
    Either you have intensive thread policing (thus destroying your chances to post each inane thought you have, and the variety or scope of ideas the community can make), or you let them be allowed to post their own inane ideas, like you do too.

    As far as this goes, it's a societal/community issue that requires individual thought, and consideration to get over, not the iron fist of the mods and admins. I know of a few places that can be an example of why this is the case.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
  7. Everytime you shit on someone you should get 1 coin as an incentive. Use rapid fire shits as an easy way to farm coins for the needy who can't afford kegs and bomb arrows. Pigeons should also be able to collect arrows midair and heal nearby players. +17
    FuzzyBlueBaron and Kouji like this.
  8. Ninja12

    Ninja12 Haxor

    Pigeon shop. Buy bird feed, explosive shit, and other assorted pigeon shit related shit.
    Be able to collect your team's pigeons' shit and build the pigeon shit shop with it.
    FuzzyBlueBaron, MadRaccoon and Kouji like this.
  9. Bint

    Bint Haxor

  10. Piano

    Piano Bison Rider

    pigeonshitkag simulator 2014 now.
  11. Wait, so it lets you only send messages to one person? So if there is a griefer, and you want to kick him, you can not really give a good reason., unless you message twenty people. Plus, why did you use the "Tired of grieving your own base, only to have someone snitch on you in chat"?, is this a class used to help griefers?
  12. Kouji

    Kouji Cold, Uncaring, Sadistic, Evil and Cruel Meanie Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. REKINS OF SEAS: Super Crew of Ultimate Havoking 2: Return of King of KAG: Chapter 420blazeit - REKIN

    Pretty sure this is exactly what you do when you post:
    hoa to computer.gif
    (cept you don't get better) Also, if that was actually my job, you'd be unable to post since day one. So please continue and give me a solid reason to ban you.

    Yes, as a guard, I actually promote greifing and hacking; which is the whole point of this thread.

    @Boea, thanks, couldn't have said it better myself
    Klokinator likes this.
  13. Superblackcat

    Superblackcat baideist baide Staff Alumni Tester

    guyz, lets have the pigeon sell hax... you can go pigeon pro, where you get all kag hacks and fly and speedhack and everything, pls.
  14. MadRaccoon

    MadRaccoon Haxor

    pigeon sprites
    IMG_1407.PNG all the colors are from the game pallet, to fit in the game style, I've also used the chicken sprite sheet as my guide what makes it easier to code.
    The Shit : first poop (frame 7) - falling shit
    second poop (frame 8) - shit in buildings, ground, etc...
    tird poop (frame 12) - shit in players
    (EDIT) frame 13 (pigeon take off) only used when it gets out off the ground, not in the flying animation

    Attached Files:

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  15. 8x

    8x Elimination Et Choix Traduisant la Realité Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Tester
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    This actualy could be a great thing for spectators! Just like Shiprekt
    KAG = the game where spectators are animals that troll the players
  16. @Rayne I summon you to mod it in
  17. Ninja12

    Ninja12 Haxor

    Can someone please get Vanhuek or someone really good at modding to get to work on this? I'm really excited now xD
  18. rymcd

    rymcd Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester

    If someone makes the mod we'll put it on the Lk Server. :heart:
    NinjaCell and Horse_That_Goes_Ni like this.
  19. I thought guards were supposed to stop griefers, but other than that, I like the idea of raging on other players and shitting on them.
  20. Galen

    Galen Haxor Staff Alumni Donator

    You don't seem like you get this thread at all, do you?
    Pizza, Sir_Walter and Kouji like this.
Mods: Rainbows