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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sarmane, Jun 18, 2012.


Will YOU Join [ALL]

Poll closed Aug 18, 2012.
  1. Yes- I will join the new clan and forget past clans to make new ones in the future!

  2. No- I will challenge [ALL] as part of my current clan to make mine the greatest!

  3. Maybe- I will decide when i see the viability of such groups!

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Sarmane

    Sarmane Go Tau'va yourself San Diego. Donator

    AOE Vs ALL Tonight- 18th-06-2012 Time: 7:00 pm AEDT (NSW)
    General Training session- Location: "Lavalords Unofficial Australian Server"
    Come and Join the efforts of the public to defeat Arthur's Original Elite in a friendly match of KAG CTF.

    The Following is a Public Call to Arms for the Australian KAG Community-
    -The following listed names are a number of Group based Clans which are Australian (Oceania) based- Let me stress that there ARE more clans that are Australian/NZ based simply not listed here:
    - (ABH) Arthurs Brotherhood
    - [AET] Arthur's Envincible Team
    - [AIM] Arthurs' Inconceivable Men
    - [ALU] Team Aluminium
    -[ASE] Australias Super Elites
    -(ASF) Aussie Special Forces
    - [AEF] Australian Elite Force
    -AUSS- Australians United Stand Strong
    -[EK] EliteKIWIs
    -ERC- Elite Ranger Corps
    -KORT- Knights Of the Round Table
    -[OGC] Oceanian Gaming Community
    -(WOD) Warriors of Death
    -[YM] Young Money
    -[KSB] KAG Smash Brothers
    -SOF (Soldiers Of Fortune)
    -Woo- Warlords of Old
    -IT- Invenceaible Troll's
    -[ANT]-Arthur's Nonpareil Team

    Of this group, AOE has only challenged 3 clans (Woo, KSB and AUSS). This is disappointing not from a clan's perspective, but from a gamer's perspective. This is disappointing because these other groups mainly have member sizes of 4-6 people whom either do not make enough of an appearance on Australian severs or just dont interact with proposing clan wars in game or on forums.

    Why is this being posted?

    1. Highlighting the fragmented and dis-organised system of groups which claim to be clans yet do not appear as fighting in such fashion- Clans are created for a number of reasons, one of which is to primarily participate in challenging other clans to matches of whatever purpose (typically CTF yet RDM is still legit)

    2. Desire to see change in clan groupings, I want to know if anyone else Australia wise wants to see more organised clans which have actual members AND they challenge each other so vote! This isnt an AOE point, I actually want to see a community here of gamer's who play the game in groups- increasing the intensity, challenge and feel of playing KAG between groups that want to defeat their peers for supremacy (all in friendly nature of course)

    3. See higher Forum population, there are alot of players who rarely, if ever visit this public space of KAG in which to see whats going on in the game or in its groups. On a side note, bringing these people in will help promote a larger community, with more people whose identity's are well known between each other.

    4. AOE wants to fight! As a group, against another group, with a real challenge present in the ability of the other group to work together their natural skills and communication achieving real teamwork to attempt to counter. A fair amount of the current clan descriptions have "Defeat AOE" as part of their introduction, This is your chance people!

    tl;dr- 1-highlighting current dis-organised/underpopulated clan system, 2-reforming these clans into seeing actual clans, 3- bringing non-forum members into the fray, 4- AOE wants to fight new clans!

    What to do then?

    BAND TOGETHER! Every single clan listed and others which hasn't challenge AOE to a clan war yet, band together and challenge us, we are ecstatic at versing other groups yet only three of these 20 supposed clans have been challenged. Every member of these groups, begin by joining a new group whose purpose is to challenge AOE. This will be the beginning of a new organisation which has its potential leaders and followers just waiting to prove themselves as the greatest clan(s) around! The point of this group will be to create a numbers heavy mix of players who want to be leaders of clans and players who just want to play in these clan(s), who want to participate in clan wars!
    Surpass AOE or be Defeated, fragment into subsidiary groups and begin a cycle of new clans which participate in fighting each other and make this a larger community by bringing in non-forum players into the fray along the way!

    tl;dr- band together into one mega group which purpose is to challenge AOE to clan war; win/lose and create subsidiary clans from which to challenge each other

    "This clan?" you hear yourself asking about? Is [ALL] Arthur's Last Legion
    IF U WISH TO JOIN [ALL], Remember, You are Hereby leaving your previous clans to join a clan that promotes the eventual creation of new clans- You are not intended to join old ones, (same members from an old clan can join and after make a new clan- this is just so the current clans dont stay so underpopulated and disorganised)

    Arthur's Original Elite are after a new wave of clans to challenge in the future, will YOU sign up with the first one of [ALL]? -Arthur's Last Legion- Sign up today! Spread the Word of this Announcement today!


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  2. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Anyone going to record this? I want to see some Aussie action.
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  3. Sarmane

    Sarmane Go Tau'va yourself San Diego. Donator

    good question BL, i dont have any recording know how, but i know a certain cheese meastro who may help......

    Also heads up guys- AOE vs ALL tonight will be a free for all public vs AOE game in which AOE is outnumbered by say an extra 6 (guessing) opponents- It is not an actual CW so come and play!

    BlueLuigi likes this.
  4. Foxodi

    Foxodi KAG Guard Tester

    AOE's strength is far from what it was, but yet we still remain undefeated. If we are merely a paper tiger - consolidate these clans and challenge us for glory!
  5. Antman

    Antman Base Burner

    You know us publics will still get our asses raped unless we use voice chat like you guys, the one big thing that stops the public team from winning is that we can't co-operate.
    I remember a few months ago, Exid tried atleast 50 times to get us into a real team, and only 1 or 2 people would listen.

    This is definatly a great idea for the clans though, but I'm still unsure what I'm going to do.
  6. WanderMark

    WanderMark :) Donator

    Sadly I'm from Northern Europe, CEST/GMT+1. Unless someone proves me wrong and tells me that I as a spectator wont suffer from the horrible ping too much ,think from 250-400, then sure, I could record. Recently received my new laptop. I've tried it out and I am able to record KAG without any video or audio distortion in a 1280x720 resolution.

    If I am not mistaken myself the time will be 12:00 here when you people start off at 19:00. Being seven hours behind. But then again, I am kinda on the other side of the world here, the ping will probably butcher everything in its path.
    SARGRA13 likes this.
  7. Sarmane

    Sarmane Go Tau'va yourself San Diego. Donator

    thats the start antman- you join [ALL] and we will begin using small chat groups in skype or the like if you want to get more (mumble or vent if ur keen)

    and thats only one part to this plan- the major point is to have people band together and begin working with each other and playing on a regular basis in clans, not by themselves as loners who get frustrated at each other like in say the above mentioned example of Exid (poor exid... he tried so hard for the pubbies :D)

    the point being = make pubbies into clanners = less frustration/ more fun for all!

    @WanderMark- cheers for trying nonethe less- hope lavalord has the server up by 7- it should be a non-premium server so more people can join

    @@Antman- well im going to be like looking over [ALL] initially to see how many members it gets going and helping it through its first few steps so it isnt just a zerg affair, why not join me there for its start?
  8. Antman

    Antman Base Burner

    Yeah, I see how we need more clans.. AOE, being the best clan in Aus, has nothing to compete with.. making it not much more than a name.
    So, you think I should join [ALL]? Or continue my journey trying for [AOE]?

    EDIT: I'll PM you about it.
  9. Creille

    Creille Base Burner

    i would be able to record but i probably wont be available at the time :( so i will not be participating
    can someone get some screenshots?
  10. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    I would totally try and help by giving room I have on my mumble to the other clans joining, but I honestly doubt it will help given it's location.

    The other team should definitely consider voice chat, it's really a deal breaker very often.
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  11. Creille

    Creille Base Burner

    we did beat AOE once, i think you were in that game antman :) i have a screenie of the victory
    so ALL could win if they tried like we did that game
    and thats a great idea blue
  12. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    This sounds awesome.

    Someone with good organisation skills (I can help) should make a massive group with the leaders (members?) of all Oceanic clans, then from there we start organising clan wars.

    I also capped the flag in an AOE vs ALL round.

    Aim and I are ready for a clan war, I can understand you might not want to be defeated, so if you back down we understand. :P
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  13. Foxodi

    Foxodi KAG Guard Tester

    5v20's don't count as defeat :< Dem Tunnelers.
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  14. FuzzyBlueBaron

    FuzzyBlueBaron Warm, Caring, Benign, Good and Kind Philanthrope Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    *is innocent!*


    (that said: I AM A DWARF!!! :3)
  15. lavalord

    lavalord Haxor Staff Alumni Donator Tester

    I would like to say that I will be glad to host any CW that Australians want. And as a second idea how about we have a CLANS VS RANDOMS night. It would be a good place to scout for upcoming players and try to convince them on what clans would suit there needs. One a last note i would love to join [ALL]

    P.S. I have gotten a recent influx of players wanting to be admins. If u think you are a trustworthy, kind sort of person and u want to dedicate you time as an admin on my server (ITS A RESPONSIBILITY NOT A STATUS) then contact me. But i can not stress enough it is not a short process (now works on a non disclosed system of points on of which is donating to server costs).
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  16. Sarmane

    Sarmane Go Tau'va yourself San Diego. Donator

    my thoughts too lava about Clans vs All events- they are fun indeed for the clan :D

    for those that wish to join [ALL] u need to simply follow the group link in the OP and join, i will accept u all and we can begin the clan building, figuring out who wants to play when, train when, know who else is playing ect
  17. CoD

    CoD Haxor

    Cool, but yeah AIM might have to back down to spare you guys the humiliation. ;)
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  18. Darksteel

    Darksteel The see me Boulderin', they hatin'. Donator
    1. Australians United Stand Strong - AUSS - (Invite Only)

    I'll be representing AUSS for this, we won't be pushed around any more!

    P.S. AUSS has it's own Mumble server, I will make enquiries with Immortaluterus to see if it can be used for this.
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  19. I'll be there ;)
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  20. CoD

    CoD Haxor

    Good to see AUSS back ;)
    I forgot to mention I'll be there. So be afraid, very afraid.
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