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Important Aphelion's Roleplay - Development & Changelog

Discussion in 'Groups' started by Aphelion, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Aphelion

    Aphelion Wunderkind Donator
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    LATEST VERSION: v2.6 (March - 15th - 2016)

    Roleplay v2.6 (released March. 15th - 2016)


    - [Added] Badland map
    - [Added] Saw to the Builder Shop
    - [Tweak] Effect per tier of "Shield Gliding" techs to 25% (up from 20%)
    - [Tweak] Chainsaw heats up at half the rate when cutting trees and logs
    - [Tweak] Saw cannot kill players or undead
    - [Tweak] Storage of a losing team becomes accessible to the victors of a war for half of the rebuild period

    Economy Tweaks

    - [Tweak] Increased chance for equipped items to be dropped upon death to 75% (up from 50%)
    - [Tweak] Coin reward for player kill changed to 4 coins (previously 0-10)
    - [Tweak] Coin loss percentage from death to non-player changed to 10% (previously 0-33%)
    - [Tweak] Coin loss percentage from death to player changed to 20% (previously 0-50%)
    - [Tweak] Trading Post cold cost reduced to 10 (down from 20)
    - [Tweak] Prices of items in the Armoury adjusted


    - [Added] Complete overhaul of undead creature behaviour and AI
    - [Added] Added new undead creature, the Ankou, which sets those it attacks on fire

    Bug Fixes

    - [Fixed] Issue where the Anvil could not be used
    - [Fixed] Piercing arrows not showing at the Anvil or Armoury

    Roleplay v2.5.3 (released November. 2nd - 2015)


    - Chat will now be displayed only to nearby players unless you type // before your message to speak out of character
    - Race bonus of the Orcs changed to 1.5x chance to yield from Ore deposits instead of 1.25x yield from Gold blocks
    - Added crafting tab to build menu
    - Added editable signposts
    - Added fireplaces
    - Added wooden triangle block

    Bug Fixes

    - [Fixed] Collision of cannonballs and bullets is buggy
    - [Fixed] Not able to destroy team platforms
    - [Fixed] Orc chat colour hard to read

    Roleplay v2.5.2 (released October. 13th - 2015)


    - Golden chestplate defence rating increased to 65 (from 30)
    - Golden sword damage multiplier increased to 1.75x (from 1.25x)
    - Golden equipment will always drop on death
    - Updated the power attack animations of Knight weapons
    - Angels are allies by default, Undead are enemies

    Bug Fixes

    - [Fixed] Not being able to enter Noom's dungeon when joining the server after the portals have been destroyed
    - [Fixed] Aura of Flight having a chance to drop instead of always dropping
    - [Fixed] Showing the default sword sprite instead of the equipped sword
    - [Fixed] Mace costs 3 Mythril bars instead of 1 Mythril and 2 Iron
    - [Fixed] Scroll of Earth missing from the Enchanter
    - [Fixed] Disappearing ladders and spikes

    Roleplay v2.5.1 (released September - 2015)

    - Added sprites for the Mace and War Axe
    - Added piercing arrows to the Marksman
    - Added a new scroll called Scroll of Earth, it trasforms dirt walls into dirt
    - Reduced the amount of Defence rating the Mace can ignore to 15 (down from 20)

    Roleplay v2.5 (released September. 16th - 2015)

    - Added a new map called Murky Marshes
    - Added a new structure, the Trading Post, which players can use to sell items to others
    - Added half a heart of damage to Miasma runes
    - Extended peace time to 10 minutes and included Undead
    - Machinery technologies now reduce the time it takes for a Mill to grind grain
    - Reduced the day time regeneration of Undead to 1/4th of normal instead of the previous 1/3rd

    Roleplay v2.4.1 (released August - 2015)


    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/blowjob.18526/) to v3.32
    - Added a default custom skin for all Sponsors
    - Reduced tech costs by 20%
    - Removed certain words from the chat filter

    Farming overhaul

    - You can deposit all grain in one click
    - Grain is now picked up automatically by the builder
    - Grain is no longer a food item, use it to make flour which can then be used to make bread
    - Flour production automatically begins with grain is deposited
    - Flour can be retrieved at any time and accumulates as it is produced

    Roleplay v2.4 (released August. 23rd - 2015)


    - Red barrier moved to the upmost part of the citadel
    - Team base renamed to Town hall
    - Added 2500 Gold to Noom's Chest
    - Food stack count and effectiveness reduced
    - Potion of Regeneration nerfed
    - Undead can now regenerate health during the day, but much slower than normal

    Knight changes

    - Removed Mythril and Adamant swords
    - Increased Copper sword damage to 1 (up from 0.5)
    - Increased Iron sword damage to 1.25 (up from 1.0)
    - Added two new weapons for the Knight, the Mace and the War Axe

    Marksman changes

    - Removed Mythril and Adamant arrows
    - Reduced Iron arrow damage to 1.25 (down from 1.5)
    - Reduced Steel arrow damage to 1.5 (down from 2)
    - All chainmail buffed by 10 defence rating
    - Adamant chainmail added
    - Increased round shot material size to 15 (up from 10)
    - Hand cannon changed to Adamant tier and given the previous requirements of the Musket
    - Musket changed to Mythril tier and given the previous requirements of the Hand cannon
    - Changed the armoury cost of the Musket to 63 coins
    - Changed the armoury cost of the Hand cannon to 120 coins

    Mage changes

    - Removed Tome of Telekinesis and Tome of Returning
    - Tomes have been renamed to Auras and been given a Defence rating
    - Added Aura of Flight as a reward from Noom, it grants Angelic wings
    - Reduced the cost of Miasma runes to 8 coins (down from 10)
    - Reduced the cost of Lightning runes to 12 coins (down from 15)
    - Reduced the cost of Bomb runes to 20 coins (down from 30)
    - Reduced the radius of the Energy spell by one tile
    - Reduced percentage increase in spell radius by Wizardry techs to 10% per tier and total 50% for the mastery tech (from 20% per and 100% for mastery)
    - Spells casted by the Mage will lose accuracy over distance, the reduction in accuracy depends on the spell, with Energy runes being the least accurate

    Roleplay v2.3.5 (released July. 6th - 2015)

    - Updated scripts to BUILD 1537
    - Added mechanisms

    Roleplay v2.3.4 (released May. 27th - 2015)

    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/blowjob.18526/) to v3.31
    - Added three new music tracks
    - Increased maximum yield from grain plants to 4 from 3
    - Undead will no longer heal during the day when exposed to sunlight, instead they heal twice as fast at night
    - Fixed issues with shop icons

    Roleplay v2.3.3 (released May. 18th - 2015)

    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/blowjob.18526/) to v3.30
    - Fixed a bug caused by build 1492

    Roleplay v2.3.2 (released May. 10th - 2015)

    - Increased the effectiveness of the Willpower tech tree, reducing the cooldown by 20% every tier instead of 10%, having the Human Archmages tech results in an 80% reduction in ability cooldown time
    - All chests can now be opened by Undead
    - Undead no longer get all techs for free, instead, techs cost half as much and they have access to all racial techs
    - Vote percentages are now displayed without decimals
    - Reduced free Undead time for admins to 3 days

    Roleplay v2.3.1 (released May. 9th - 2015)

    - Fixed health regeneration for Undead
    - Fixed free techs not registering for Undead
    - Super admins can no longer spawn gold

    Roleplay v2.3 (released May. 9th - 2015)


    - Server rules are now displayed while respawning
    - Added the commands /togglehead and /toggleskin that can be used to toggle your custom head and custom skin, respectively
    - Removed /skin on-off command
    - “Dwarven Heavy Builders” tech renamed to “Dwarven Sappers”
    - Improved the Musketman sprite to fit quality standards

    Race Selection

    - Overhauled the race selection menu to be compact and friendly to all resolutions
    - Racial descriptions updated to be consistent and describe the best class of that race
    - Races that you cannot access are displayed in grayscale

    Server Messages

    - Increased interval to two minutes for less interruption
    - Compacted rules into one message
    - Added more tips and refined old ones


    - Reduced Chest spawn probability to 33% (down from 50%)
    - Overhauled the central waterfall section in Moonrise Valley


    - 6th race, the Undead added, they are sponsor-only and at war with everyone
    - Undead cannot drown or eat food, and regenerate health slowly
    - Undead reside in an evil lair deep underground, close to Noom’s dungeon
    - Undead can use the portal network to travel between Noom, their team base, and any “Zombie portals” in the world
    - A path leads to a section of the Undead lair in each map, but to enter completely, Noom must be defeated to unlock the indestructible doors that bar access
    - All undead NPC’s and structures (including Noom) moved to the Undead team
    - Zombie Portal renamed to Undead Portal
    - Zombies will no longer injure members of their team


    - Angels are now allowed to enter Noom’s dungeon
    - Fixed an exploit that allowed people to smuggle builders into Noom’s dungeon via a Crate


    - Two-sided votes (alliance/end a war) will now require fifty-percent of players on each side to pick yes for it to succeed, this prevents larger teams from always getting their way
    - You cannot end a war or start an alliance automatically with an empty team, because the percentage of players that accepted would be zero
    - Mortal races can now alter diplomacy with Angels and Undead
    - Angels can revoke relations and start alliances, but not declare war against any race other than the Undead (which is only necessary after the Undead have been defeated and the ten minute rebuild time is over)
    - Undead have full access to the diplomacy system
    - Angels and Undead can never be allied

    Roleplay v2.2.2 (released Jan. 11th – 2015)

    - Decreased movement penalty when firing/charging as a mage to 0.7x
    - Increased mage fire interval to 1.5s vs the previous 1s

    Roleplay v2.2.1 (released Jan. 3rd - 2015)

    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/blowjob.18526/) to v3.19
    - Reduced lightning spell radius to one tile vs the previous two tiles
    - Increased lightning spell damage to 3
    - Increased the movement penalty when firing/charging as a mage to 0.40x
    - Added a new tome to the Wizard's staff called Tome of Telekinesis that can be used to pick up items at a distance

    Roleplay v2.2 (released Jan. 1st – 2015)


    - Reduced movement speed of all classes by approximately 11%
    - Reduced wall-running ability of all classes by 1 step
    - Reduced the spawn frequency of Ore deposits to 50% down from 85%
    - Increased the drag of projectiles fired from Crossbows, Hand cannons, and Muskets, they'll now fly straighter
    - Improved wing flight mechanics
    - Bases now give resupply items
    - The Scroll of Undead now revives already-undead creatures, while transforming Builder/Knight corpses into Zombies and Mage/Archer corpses into Skeletons

    Map reworking

    - Reworked all maps
    - Eden: Flipped map and added a pond between the Orcs and Elves
    - Raelsian Peninsula: Swapped the Dwarf and Orc base locations, added a pond near the Elf base, overhauled Human and Orc territory, increased the size of the lake at the far-right, and reworked certain underground sections of the map
    - Moonrise Valley: Flipped map, swapped the Human base and Dwarf base locations, and completely overhauled the Elf & Orc area
    - Increased the number of Ore spawners across all maps

    Mage overhaul

    - Reworked mage sprite
    - Increased mage HP to 3
    - Orb system replaced with spells, each spell requires a rune per cast
    - Added the following spells to the Wizard's staff: Energy, Miasma, Lightning, Bomb
    - Wizardry effect moved to Willpower tech
    - Wizardry effect changed to spell area of effect increase

    Roleplay v2.1.4 (released Dec. 24th – 2014)

    - Reduced Orc gold bonus to +25% vs the previous +50%
    - Reduced the cost of Grain seeds to 5 coins, as they were before
    - Items purchased at the Armoury now have prerequisite techs
    - Fixed the Mage
    - Fixed killfeed icons

    Roleplay v2.1.3 (released Dec. 24th – 2014)

    - Updated scripts to BUILD 1337
    - Revamped Diplomacy UI
    - Removed the spooky crypt song
    - Reduced the cost of Grain seeds to 7 coins
    - Added wind ambience
    - Added underground ambience
    - Added missing requirements to secondary techs
    - Zombies now grant kills

    Roleplay v2.1 (released Dec. 20th - 2014)

    - Reduced day/night cycle time to 30 minutes
    - Reduced the spawn frequency of Chests to 50% down from 85%
    - Added a new item, the Chainsaw, perfect for cutting things, it overheats very fast, but packs a punch in a short period of time
    - Reduced the base maximum heat of Drills to 100, while increasing the effect of technologies on their maximum heat

    - Added four different seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
    - The season is randomly selected at the start of the game and changes at the middle of night
    - Crops grow faster in Spring, somewhat slower in Autumn, and very slowly in Winter

    Music changes
    - Each season has been given a theme song that will play as the sun rises
    - Added 8 new music tracks: Alvae (Summer theme), Kingdom of the Bards (Spring theme), Bound (Winter theme), Druidic Dreams (Autumn theme), Prophecy, Cliffs of Moher, Welcome Home, and Invictus (new Dungeon track)
    - Removed 4 music tracks: Ancient Storm, Nocturnus, Vivec, and Moonrise Over Vivec

    Map updates
    - Improved the valley section between the Humans and Dwarves on the map Eden
    - Improved the valley section between the Dwarves and Elves on the map Eden

    Dungeon and Noom updates
    - Revamped the Dungeon across all maps
    - Improved the AI of Noom
    - Increased chance to spam orbs in final stage of the battle with Noom

    Tech changes
    - Renamed Archery tech to Marksmanship and tech now affects all weapons
    - Replaced Sharpshooter tree with Grappling tree
    - Reduced the fire time reduction of the Marksmanship tree to 0.94x, 0.88x, 0.82x, 0.70x vs the previous 0.9x, 0.8x, 0.7x, 0.5x

    Blacksmithing changes
    - Normalized armor bar costs to 4/4/4/4 vs the previous 3/3/4/4
    - Normalized sword bar costs to 2/2/2/2 vs the previous 1/1/2/2
    - Increased the bar costs of Gold equipment to 16/8 vs the previous 7/3

    Potion changes
    - Rebalanced potion costs, effects and durations
    - Added a new potion: Potion of Water Breathing
    - Added a new potion: Potion of Sapping
    - Fixed the Potion of Rock Skin effect

    Building improvements
    - You can now buy weapons and armour at the Armoury
    - Moved potions and scrolls from the Market to the shops below.
    - Added the Enchanter, where you can buy scrolls and tomes.
    - Added the Apothecary, where you can buy potions and potion ingredients.
    - Renamed Nursery to Farming Shop, updated descriptions, overhauled sprite, and reduced the cost of Tree seeds.
    - Blacksmith Workshop, Armoury, and Market sprites overhauled.

    Archer improvements
    - Renamed class to Marksman
    - Renamed Cannonballs to Round shot
    - Removed direct damage of the Hand cannon and normalized the splash radius
    - Resolved issues with the charging cursor
    - Added a new weapon called the Musket
    - Added Mythril chainmail
    - Increased arrow damage to 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 for Copper/Iron/Steel/Mythril/Adamant
    - Increased splash damage of the Hand cannon to 2 (up from 1)

    Roleplay v2.02 (released Dec. 8th - 2014)

    - Added Elf heads

    Roleplay v2.01 (released Dec. 7th - 2014)

    - Added a new map called Misty Mountain, it's the largest map yet
    - Added a new map called Badland, made by Duke_Jordan
    - Added Elf Archer sprite
    - Fixed the Scroll of Returning

    Roleplay v2.0 (released Dec. 5th - 2014)


    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/blowjob.18526/) to v3.18
    - Tent replaced with Team base, a new structure based on the old War base structure
    - Added a proper class selection icon for the Mage
    - Added Elf Builder sprite
    - Added an additional music track
    - Increased day cycle duration to 48 minutes vs the previous 24 minutes
    - Rebalanced library tech costs
    - Valuable materials won't decay in quantity


    - Expanded the space between the Humans and Dwarves in Eden
    - Expanded Orc territory in Eden
    - Expanded the lake between the Humans and Dwarves in Raelsian Peninsula, also moved the Dwarf spawn upwards a tile to prevent flooding
    - Expanded the valley section of Moonrise Valley
    - Added additional flora to Raelsian Peninsula

    Farming and Food

    - Plant growth system overhauled. While plants will take longer to grow, their growth is alot more dynamic. As plants exposed to light and others of their kind will grow alot faster than those that are not.
    - Bread, Cake and Burgers now require flour as an ingredient. Burgers will now require a Fish as well and Cake now heals 4 hearts.
    - Added a new Mill building where grain is ground up into flour. Flour can then be sold at a Market or used to make food.
    - Cactus seeds now cost 10 coins.


    - Added detailed descriptions to all items
    - Added the purely cosmetic Gold chestplate and sword for the Knight, equal to Iron stat-wise
    - Increased the Armadyl chainmail defence rating to 60 vs the previous 50
    - Changed smelting durations to 10/10/20/30/40 vs the previous 5/10/10/30/60 for Iron/Gold/Steel/Mythril/Adamant
    - Removed the smelt cancelling function


    - Builder's cannot capture bases
    - Fixed spawning at the edge of the map when your base is being captured

    Roleplay v1.9 (released Nov. 23rd - 2014)

    Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/blowjob.18526/) to v3.17
    Updated race portraits and added tooltips:

    • Human: Jack of trades, Humans gather wood and stone faster
    • Dwarf: Dwarves of the mountain, they specialize in stone mining
    • Elf: Guardians of the forest, they specialize in woodcutting
    • Orc: Dwellers of the depths, Orcs specialize in gold mining
    • Angel: Guardians of the world, Angels are able to fly and gather all resources faster
    • Added Elf Knight racial sprite
    • Halved the amount of resources given by resupply
    • Gold bars now cost 100 gold to smelt and one Gold block will yield that amount
    • Redwood Tree renamed to Elder Tree
    • Tree seeds now cost coins at the Nursery instead of wood
    • Orc and Angel team colors have been darkened considerably
    • Replaced the flawed system for distributing ore and chests, new spawn percentages are as follows; Adamantite 10%, Mythril 20%, Coal 30%, Iron 40%, and for chests; Adamant 10%, Mythril 20%, Steel 15%, Gilded 15%, Iron 40%
    • Resolved issues with icon tokens
    Map updates
    • The Angel citadel has been completely recreated
    • Beautification changes made to Eden
    • Reduced gold content across all maps
    Resource balances
    • Increased the wood yield from logs (50w per log instead of 30w)
    • Saws will provide half the wood (25w per log instead of 50w) that one would receive by cutting a log manually, just as drills waste half of the stone they mine, and racial bonuses now apply to saws.
    • Drills can no longer mine stone infinitely
    • Iron is now more common than coal
    • Iron respawn time reduced by 60 seconds
    • Iron yield probability increased by +23%
    • Coal respawn time increased by 60 seconds
    • Coal yield probability reduced by -5%
    • Adamantite yield probability increased by +3%
    Racial bonus rebalance
    • Humans: +1.25x wood and stone
    • Dwarves: +1.5x stone
    • Elves: +1.5x wood and the ability to climb trees
    • Orcs: +1.5x gold
    • Angels: +1.5x wood, stone, gold and ore
    Library tech overhaul

    There is now a tech tree for each class.


    Smithing I (Unlocks the ability to work with Steel) ->
    Machinery I (Unlocks Steel drills and saws)
    Smithing II (Unlocks the ability to work with Mythril) ->
    Machinery II (Upgrades Mythril drills and saws)
    Smithing III (Unlocks the ability to work with Adamant) ->
    Machinery III (Unlocks Adamant drills and saws) ->
    Dwarven Heavy Builders (Unique Dwarf Tech – Resist 50% of incoming damage)


    Endurance I (Reduces armor movement penalties) ->
    Shield Gliding I (Increases shield gliding time)
    Endurance II (Reduces armor movement penalties) ->
    Shield Gliding II (Increases shield gliding time)
    Endurance III (Movement penalty removed) ->
    Shield Gliding III (Increase shield gliding time) ->

    Orc Elite Knights (Unique Orc Tech – Mastery of Endurance and Shield Gliding - Increases movement speed and shield gliding time)


    Archery I (Fire faster) ->
    Sharpshooter I (Increases the velocity of arrows)
    Archery II (Unlock crossbow and fire faster) ->
    Sharpshooter II (Increases the velocity of arrows)
    Archery III (Fire faster) ->
    Sharpshooter III (Increases the velocity of arrows) ->
    Elven Master Archers (Unique Elf Tech – Mastery of Archery and Sharpshooter – Increases fire rate and accuracy of arrows)


    Wizardry I (Ability cooldown time reduced) ->
    Willpower I (Increases max orbs)
    Wizardry II (Ability cooldown time reduced) ->
    Willpower II (Increases max orbs)
    Wizardry III (Ability cooldown time reduced) ->
    Willpower III (Increases max orbs) ->

    Human Archmages (Unique Human Tech – Mastery of Wizardry and Willpower – Reduces ability cooldown and increases max orbs)

    Class changes

    • Increased the Knight movement penalty to x0.70 / -30%, the penalty can be reduced by researching Endurance, level III Endurance removes the penalty entirely
    • Added a cap to the number of orbs that a mage can manage at any one time; the cap starts at 3 and is increased by the Willpower tech by 1 per level, the Archmages tech increases it by 2 for a maximum cap of 8
    Coin currency changes

    These changes encourage builders to gather resources and sell them for coins instead of spamming blocks. Combatant classes are encouraged to fight wars or NPCs for coins.

    • Builders will no longer receive coins for construction
    • 0-33% (up to 50% if killed by a player, and up to 10 extra coins for the kill) of a player's coins will be dropped on death, the amount lost is the same as the amount dropped
    • Players that die by a teamkill will not lose any coins, while the killer is penalized and loses 50
    Shop changes
    • All item prices have been adjusted to coincide with coin changes
    • You can now buy and sell wood, stone and gold at the Market
    • Potions and food can now be purchased from the Market for coins
    Loot table reworks
    • Upgraded loot systems to support variable item quantities
    • Reworked chest and NPC loot tables
    Noom's Chest
    • Added an Adamant chestplate
    • Added 3 Steel chestplates
    • Added 3 Steel swords
    • Added an extra hand cannon and 30 more cannonballs
    • Added 5 Scrolls of Returning
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2016
  2. Aphelion

    Aphelion Wunderkind Donator
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    Roleplay v1.7 (released June. 27th - 2014)

    - Added Adamantite ore deposits and equipment
    - Added the following equipment for the Knight: Adamant chestplate, Adamant sword, Dragon chestplate, Dragon sword
    - Added the following equipment for the Archer: Adamant arrows, Iron chainmail, Steel chainmail, Hand cannon, Cannonballs, Armadyl chestplate
    - Added the following equipment for the Mage: Tome of Invisibility, Tome of Acceleration, Tome of Resistance, Tome of Teleportation
    - Moved all tiers down a level of rarity so that Adamant is now as hard to get as Mythril was before. Here are the figures:
    - Iron chestplate: 3 bars, Steel chestplate: 3 bars, Mythril chestplate: 4 bars, Adamant chestplate: 4 bars
    - Iron sword: 1 bar, Steel sword: 1 bar, Mythril sword: 2 bars, Adamant sword: 2 bars
    - Iron chainmail: 2 bars, Steel chainmail: 2 bars
    - Coal respawn: 4 minutes, Iron respawn: 4 minutes, Mythril respawn: 5 minutes, Adamant respawn: 10 minutes
    - Coal rarity: 60%, Iron rarity: 45%, Mythril rarity: 30%, Adamant rarity: 15%

    - Added dynamic Tree emitted ambience; including sounds of Birds and leaves rustling in the wind.

    - Added Beer
    - Added the Scroll of Returning to the Market
    - Scrolls can now only be activated by the person holding it
    - Angel colour darkened so that it is readable

    - Added Adamant chests
    - Chests are now in the background and not collidable
    - Removed Bronze chests
    - Increased the maximum amount of wood a furnace can hold to 500

    - Knight "Armour" renamed to "chestplate"
    - Armour no longer increases your directly HP. Instead they each come with a "Defence Rating" statistic.
    The defence rating is the percentage of incoming damage is absorbed when you have that kind of armour equipped.
    - Equipped items are now highlighted green in the Equipment menu regardless of whether or not you have more of them
    - Greatly increased the velocity of projectiles fired from the Crossbow

    - Revamped diplomacy messages
    - Wars will now end once either the enemy or allied tent is "captured", then a ten minute rebuild time is initiated,
    in this time any teams involved in the war will be unable to declare it again

    - Map Updates:

    - Added a new map "Isles of Eternal" by Aphelion3371
    - Expanded the underground areas of Eden

    - The (close to) Racial Parity Update:

    - Added the following racial sprites: Orc Builder, Orc Knight, Orc Archer, Orc Mage, Orc Heads
    by @MadRaccoon

    - The Dungeon Update:

    - You will now find a Dungeon deep below the surface. In that dungeon lies the evil Necromancer, Noom.
    Would you like to get your hands on a set of Dragon or Armadyl equipment? Then you'd better defeat Noom, but that's not something you can do alone.
    For the gates to open you must destroy all Zombie portals on the map.

    Roleplay v1.6.2 (released June. 15th - 2014)

    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/resources/blowjob.151/)

    - Added a Female version of the Dwarf Knight racial sprite
    - Added a new Scroll of Returning that teleports the user to their team's Tent
    Dropped by Undead and found inside Bronze/Iron Chests

    - Reduced the bar costs of Mythril Armour, Swords, and Arrows by one
    - Increased the HP of medium and large ore deposits
    - Ore deposits will now display an HP bar on hover
    - Improved the AI of Creatures (Skeletons, Zombies, Zombie Knights)

    - Music changes:

    - Added five additional music tracks by Adrian von Ziegler
    - Removed "that Morrowind Song"

    - Fixes:

    - Aerodynamics tech not applying to the Crossbow

    Roleplay v1.6.1 (to be released May. 29th - 2014)

    - Optimizations made to several scripts to improve performance
    - HUD size increased to facilitate increased inventory size and potential Knight HP

    - Added Male Dwarf Knight racial sprite
    - Added Iron, Steel and Mythril arrows; Smithable at the Anvil
    - Added item pickup priorities for Ore
    - Replaced the Copper resource and Deposits with Coal
    - Made it so only the player that started Smelting is able to Cancel smelting and Retrieve the bar
    If that player leaves anyone will be able to Cancel or Retrieve the bar.
    - Removed the Steel-Tipped arrows and Diving Helmets techs from the Library

    - Balances:

    - Made the Crossbow legolas shots more precise

    - Added a constant 5% speed reduction to the Knight
    This can be countered with a Potion of Swiftness

    - Increased HP of large Ore deposits; this allows mining for longer periods of time
    - Drastically increased the respawn time of Ore deposits
    - Rebalanced yield percentages of Ore deposits

    - Corrected scaling of Armour HP as it was unfair vs Weapon DMG scaling, it now works as follows:
    Copper - 3HP
    Iron - 4HP
    Steel - 6HP
    Mythril - 8HP

    - Rebalanced the loot of Chests
    - Rebalanced the costs of Armour and Weapons
    - Reduced the Smelting time of Iron, Gold and Steel bars
    - Smelting Mythril will now also require 10 Coal

    - Bug fixes:

    - Randomized ore deposits and chests should now be functioning correctly
    - Fixed the description of some items
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing people from constructing Mage Shops
    - Fixed bug where a Knight that had some form of Armour equipped could fly whilst using a Potion of Feather

    Roleplay v1.6 (released May. 27th - 2014)

    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/resources/blowjob.151/) to v2.4

    - Added a new "Building" structure to the build menu

    - You can no longer "run over" allies with vehicles
    - Halved vehicle collision damage to blocks

    - Added racial sprite for the Dwarf Builder; by @MadRacoon
    More racial sprites coming in the future.

    - Blacksmithing:
    - Added a "Blacksmith's Worskhop" to the new Building structure
    - Added Copper, Iron and Mythril ore deposits to the Maps, these ores can be smelted into bars
    - Added the ability to smelt Iron, Steel, Gold and Mythril bars at the new Blacksmith's Workshop
    - Added the ability to create Swords and Armour at the new Blacksmith's Workshop

    - Equipment:

    - Added an Equipment menu that can be brought up by pressing F
    Here you can equip items as well as view equippable items for your class
    - Added various tiered swords and armour
    - Added the Crossbow

    - Added chests:

    - Added various chests of different tiers (Bronze, Iron, Steel, Gilded and Mythril) to random positions on the maps
    Each chest has a loot table; that means randomized loot. The higher the tier the better the loot.

    - New blocks:

    - Added the hardy Steel block; requires 1 Steel bar
    - Added the cosmetic Gold block; requires 1 Gold bar

    - Tech updates:

    - Removed Steel and Mythril sword techs due to the above updates
    - Reworked tech costs to factor in the new Ore

    - Music additions:

    - Added 2 new music tracks; For the King and Ancient Storm

    - Updates to the Grasslands map:

    - Grasslands renamed to Eden
    - Elf area updated; you will find trees more abundant but stone scarce and scattered
    - Orc area updated; you will live underground, among tunnels filled with gold and stone

    - Central rewards area added in between the zombie portals

    - Bug fixes:

    - Food from the Kitchen can once again be used to tame Bison
    - Fixed not getting coins from building Stone Workshops

    Roleplay v1.5.1 (released May. 19th - 2014)

    - Day cycle time doubled
    - The Red barrier has been moved slightly higher to allow for more building space

    - Music changes:

    - 7 custom music tracks added; the total duration is approximately 60 minutes

    - Heaven updates:

    - Primary island updated
    - Secondary island added, credits to @RadioActive

    - Map changes:

    - Raelsian Peninsula map rotation fixed so that races are lined up as follows; Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs
    - Grasslands map overhauled
    - Waterlands map temporarily removed from the map cycle to be revamped

    - Bug fixes:

    - Corrected the kill message icon of Orbs

    Roleplay v1.5 (released May. 14th - 2014)

    - Build menu/Icon issue fixed
    - Restored the original cost of core building blocks

    - Your team must now be selected upon join and can't be changed without rejoining
    VIPs and Admins can bypass this

    - Loot tables reworked
    - Skeleton HP reduced to 2 hearts, attack damage buffed to 1 heart

    - Slightly reduced coins gained by building
    - Reworked Scroll costs

    - "Workshop" building removed
    - Balloon moved to the Vehicle Shop
    - Removed 3x2 storage from Kitchens and Nurseries

    - Spikes will no longer Spike allies
    - Scripts updated to build 1120

    - Mage class overhaul:

    - The Mage Shop is now a wooden structure

    - Mages are now fully charge-to-fire like Archers

    - Invisibility duration increased to 10 seconds
    - Invisibility cooldown time reduced to 10 seconds
    - Invisibility "feather" effect replaced with a "swiftness" effect

    - Orb sprites reworked
    - Orb collision logic overhauled
    - Regular orb "mat size" reduced to 10
    - Regular orbs no longer do map damage
    - Water orbs will now splash upon death as well as collision

    - Bug fixes:

    - Corrected the "Gold for coins" icon in the Market
    - Corrected the inventory icon of the Potion of Mystery
    - Corrected an entry in the loot table; Zombie Knights will now drop only one Potion of Mystery at a time rather than a whopping 200

    Roleplay v1.4.1 (released May. 10th - 2014)

    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/resources/blowjob.151/) to v2.3

    - Angels are now listed on the Diplomacy UI
    - "AFK" vote-kick option restored

    - Added a new Loot table system. Currently have tables for Skeletons, Zombies and Zombie Knights

    - Kitchen food overhaul:
    - Bread (Grain - 2 hearts)
    - Cooked Fish (Fishy - 2 hearts)
    - Cake (Grain, Egg - 3 hearts)
    - Burger (Grain, Leaf - 3 hearts)
    - Golden Burger (Burger, 10 Gold - 4 Hearts)

    - Potion changes:
    - Added a new Potion called the Potion of Mystery
    - Potion costs simplified to encourage use

    - Bug fixes:
    - The Scroll of Light will now convert all nearby corpses instead of just one
    - The Cactus seed slot icon in the Nursery has been fixed

    Roleplay v1.4 (released May. 4th - 2014)

    - Doubled the cost of core building blocks (Wood/Stone backwalls and blocks)

    - Fire arrows removed due to having been used frequently for griefing
    - Doubled drill dirt heat build up
    - Trading Post renamed to Market

    - You can longer damage Neutral players, this means the only way to fight is with War.
    Neutral just means that you do not necessarily want that team in your territory. Doors will not let them in, traps will trap them, spikes will.. spike them?
    It's up to your team to create adequate defences (traps, doors, spikes) etc. to keep unwanted players/teams out.

    - New racial bonuses:
    - Humans: Yield 50% more wood and stone
    - Dwarves: Yield twice the amount of stone
    - Elves: Yield twice the amount of wood
    - Orcs: Yield twice the amount of gold
    - Angels: Yield twice the amount of all resources and immune to fall damage

    Roleplay v1.3.2 (released May. 2nd - 2014)

    - Scripts updated to build 1110

    Roleplay v1.3.1 (released April. 24th - 2014):

    - Fixed an issue that was causing maps with Cacti to load improperly. Caused by incorrect blob naming
    - Added Cacti to all maps so that the icon is cached (instead of having a question mark taking up four slots) for the Nursery

    Roleplay v1.3 (released April. 22nd - 2014):

    - Angel racial perk added: Immunity to fall damage
    - Skinney's head mod updated to version 2.2

    - New "!forcepeace" command for admins which resets diplomacy. To be used to prevent warmongering
    - "/help" command removed as it wasn't used

    - Creatures are no longer forced to team -1. This means that all creatures created using the Scroll of Undead will become your minions
    - Creatures can now be picked up if they are on your team (Zombies, Skeletons, etc. created by Scrolls of Undead). Now you can create your own, personal, dungeon of Zombies! Or even a Zombie-filled trap!

    - Cacti can now be grown by planting Cactus seeds. Perfect for keeping people out of your territory!

    Roleplay v1.2.5 (released Feb. 24th - 2014):

    - Valentines script removed
    - Storage Cache has replaced the Storehouse
    - Dinghy removed

    Roleplay v1.2.4 (released Feb. 14th - 2014)

    - Caravel by @Fellere825 can be created in the Boat Shop for 500 coins, 400 wood, 100 gold
    - Angel race icon added
    - Hearts now take 150 seconds to disappear (up from 40)
    - Valentines script added
    - Undead are less "bouncy" and their speed has been increased

    - Spectating no longer breaks the vote system

    Roleplay v1.2.3 (released Feb. 13th - 2014)

    - VIPs now have access to the Angel race
    - Skinney's head mod integrated (v1.9)
    - Yagger, BlueLuigi, JoshTG, JTG and Fellere825 (band of moles) are no longer chat filtered

    Roleplay v1.2.2 (released Feb. 12th - 2014):

    - Mage orb control code written to replace that by @norill
    - Issues with Potions late-game have been fixed

    Roleplay v1.2.1 (released Feb. 11th - 2014):

    - Code cleanup and general fixes
    - Mage shop sprite improved: staff from wizard shop sprite by @toffie0 added
    - Citadel shrunk

    Roleplay v1.2 (released Jan. 31st - 2014):
    -- Hopefully this one made the gramps.. ehm, grumps happy --

    - Script updates of build 1013 applied
    - Elves are now able to climb trees regardless of their class
    - "AFK" vote-kick reason replaced with "RKer"
    - "Ponies" renamed to "Angels"
    - Pony class removed and to be replaced in the future

    Roleplay v1.1 (released Jan. 24th - 2014):

    - "Kingdom" bit of Race names removed so "Elf Kingdom" becomes "Elves", etc.
    - Door wobbling removed
    - Various tweaks made to maps
    - Cicada and Owl ambient sounds fixed (files were improperly named)
    - Custom head for "orange_otter_01" added

    - Diplomacy system changes:
    - You cannot vote for WAR unless you are Neutral with that team
    - Both teams must agree to change to Neutral status if they are at WAR

    - Tree updates:
    - New "Redwood Tree" which is much like the tree from KAG Classic
    - "Bushy Tree" renamed to "Oak Tree"
    - Tree growth times are now much more varied

    Roleplay v1.0 (released Jan. 20th - 2014):
    -- The update that changed the world --

    - Custom head added for wilpin7!
    - Custom head added for Sirpixelot!
    - Flipped variations of maps removed from the cycle
    - Cacti sprite and rotation is now varied
    - Runner swim speed reduced by .3
    - Creature targeting system improved
    - You can now use allied tunnel networks. Allied tunnels do not become a part of your teams tunnel network.

    - Grasslands map updates:
    - Width increased by 100px
    - Human area updated, gold reduced
    - Dwarven area updated, they now sit atop a true mountain
    - Humans and Dwarves seperated more, Small desert added between them
    - Elves and Goblins seperated more, Elven Woodlands expanded
    - Hill that seperates the Dwarves and the Elves shrunk
    - Zombie Crypt updated, entrance added on the Human side along with a second Zombie Portal

    - Waterlands map updates:
    - Width increased by 180px
    - Dwarven area updated, made to be more hilly
    - Ponds added to seperate the races on each side
    - Central water zone expanded

    - Ambience and Music system updates:
    - Calm music is always played if your team is allied with everyone
    - Allies are now considered friendly
    - Ambience and Music will always play unless s_soundon is set to 0
    RP v1.4 (released Dec. 29 - 2013):
    - New "Goblin Kingdom" race

    RP v1.5 (released Dec. 29 - 2013):
    - Potion lasting times rebalanced
    - Players will now gain more coins from building and less from fighting
    - Added "Did you know?: You can earn coins by building" message, to encourage building for coins
    - New "Potion of Regeneration", heals 1 heart every 3 seconds for 30 seconds
    - "Potion of Swiftness" has become "Potion of Feather"
    - New "Potion of Swiftness", increases movement speed for 60 seconds
    - Bushes now drop 1-3 leaves, a single leaf is needed to create a "Potion of Invisibility"
    - A leaf is now required to create a Bush seed
    - All classes have been given an extra heart
    - Grown bushes can now be destroyed

    RP v1.7 (released Dec. 30 - 2013):
    - New Diplomacy system where players can vote for Neutral/Allied/WAR status; to access: Esc -> Vote -> Diplomacy
    - Elven chat made to be much more visible
    - Festive heads are now visible
    - Lantern light radius increased to 96 (from 64)
    - Library light now animates
    - Racial bonuses are back:
    • Humans: [+ 50% more yield from logs]
    • Dwarves: [+ 100% more yield from logs - 5% Movement speed]
    • Elves: [+ 5% Arrow speed]
    • Goblins: [+ Resist 10% damage - 10% Movement speed]
    RP v1.8 (released Dec. 30 - 2013):
    - Elven chat (finally) completely visible
    - Allies can now go through Allied doors
    - Corpses now take 5 minutes to disappear
    - Auto balance has been removed
    - Dwarves now have a huge amount of stone by their base
    - New "Small Grasslands" map -- Grasslands with certain bits cut out, 70px (across) smaller.

    RP v2.0 (released Jan. 1 - 2014):
    - You can no longer collide with Allies
    - All class hp increase change reverted; because the Diplomacy system now exists.
    - New "Waterlands" map
    - "Small Grasslands" map removed
    - Skeletons, Zombies and Zombie Knights added -- They will only be found in the dungeons of certain maps
    - Zombie Portal added -- Will be found in the dungeons of certain maps
    - "Did you know?: You can vote for a certain stance towards another team; Esc -> Vote -> Diplomacy" message added
    - Balloon speed increased to 15 (from 11)

    RP v2.1 (released Jan. 1 - 2014):
    - Crashing issue (hopefully) fixed
    - Skeleton/Zombie duhs and groans are now much quieter
    - Skeletons and Zombies rebalanced to allow a skilled Knight to easily dispose of them -- Time your attacks!

    RP v2.2 (released Jan. 2 - 2014):
    - You will no longer receive coins by damaging other players
    - You will no longer receive coins by damaging or destroying siege units
    - You will now receive 20-30 coins by killing enemy players
    - You will now keep 1/4 of your coins from the previous game
    - Undead creatures will now drop coins (Skeletons: 5, Zombies: 10, Zombie Knights: 50)
    - Undead creatures will now drop scrolls from time to time -- Some very rare, that you cannot purchase!
    - Skeletons have been given an extra heart
    - Lovely new "Trading Post" building added -- Trade coins for gold, Trade gold for coins, Buy grain, leaves and some cool new Scrolls!
    - All trees and plants will take 10 more seconds to grow
    - Custom head for the first donator, fulviolee.

    RP v2.3 (released Jan. 3 - 2014):
    - All undead creatures rebalanced
    - All scrolls now emit light
    - Four new buyable scrolls: Scroll of the Guardian, Scroll of Light, Scroll of Destruction and Scroll of the Undead
    - Undead creatures can no longer climb indefinitely
    - Mithril renamed to Mythril
    - Issues with the Diplomacy system fixed

    RP v2.4 (released Jan. 3 - 2014):
    - Scroll of Destruction fixed
    - Scroll of the Undead fixed
    - Zombie Lightning effect added to the Scroll of the Undead
    - Neutral status will now properly halve the damage taken

    RP v2.5 (released Jan. 3 - 2014):
    - If another team declares Neutral/WAR status towards your team, your team will automatically do so as well.

    RP v2.7 (released Jan. 9 - 2014):
    - Goblin racial bonus changed to 5% damage reduction and -5% speed reduction.
    - Zombie Knight hearts reduced by 4
    - New look for Wooden blocks
    - Statuses to other Kingdoms are now synced

    RP v2.8 (released Jan. 10 - 2014):
    - Script updates of build 998 applied
    - Scroll of the Guardian now works as it should (heals all allies rather than a single one)

    RP v3.0 (released Jan. 12 - 2014):
    - Mages, mages and mages.. ! Yes, that's the other new class! Don't worry, they're not overpowered.
    - New HUD look!
    - Lovely new !help command, can be used to directly contact Admins and KAG Guards if they are online
    - Loverly new footstep sounds from the upcoming ADVENTURE mod
    - .. Wonderful new and improved music/sound system from the upcoming ADVENTURE mod added (though the Music is still the same, as in not from Minecraft)
    - Changing to Neutral status now requires both teams to agree
    - VIP freeze immunity removed
    - Zombie portals now spawn Zombies slower
    - Trees now have the potential to grow much higher
    - The Goblins have been replaced by Orcs
    - No more auto-pickup delays
    - New racial bonuses:
    - Humans; +10% all resource yield
    - Dwarves; Doubled stone yield, Halved wood yield
    - Elves; Doubled wood yield, Halved stone yield
    - Orcs; Doubled gold yield

    RP v3.1 (released Jan. 12 - 2014)
    - Fixed "Goblin Kingdom" text in diplomacy voting section to "Orc Kingdom"
    - Mage invisibility cooldown reduced to 30 seconds
    - Mage orb fire delay increased to 60 (from 40) and bomb orb damage doubled.
    - Map heights increased to allow higher building

    RP v3.4 (released Jan. 13 - 2014)
    - New floating lands in the Sky ::):
    - New map! "Realasian.. ehm Raelsian Peninsula" by @Sgnt_Sneeky-Pants , thank you :heart:. As a token of appreciation she has been given VIP status.

    RP v3.7 (released Jan. 14 - 2014):
    - New "Peacetime" for the first five minutes of the game all Races will be allied and unable to alter Diplomacy. This is to encourage and enforce proper Roleplay rather than an all-out war.
    - Team platforms can now be used properly by allies.
    - Trap blocks no longer open to allies.
    - There is now a (red) barrier preventing access to the Citadel that only the people of the Citadel can go through. This was done to prevent the Citadel from becoming a distraction.
    - All inventory sizes increased to 3x3 from 2x2
    - Aerodynamics tech now works as it should (increases speed by 10% rather than reduce it by 90%)

    RP v3.8 (released Jan. 14 - 2014):
    - People that were ban evading by changing their IP have been flagged and will be automatically kicked upon joining the server

    RP v4.0 (released Jan. 15 - 2014):
    - Redline knock-down force increased to 700 (from 400)
    - Custom head for the donator Queen Empho (wuusup)!

    RP v4.3 (released Jan. 17 - 2014):
    - Red barrier size increased to 50 (from 30)

    - One batch of Regular orbs now contain 15 rather than 20
    - Orb firing sounds are now much quieter
    - Orb speeds are now consistent
    - Regular orbs now cost 15 coins
    - Water orb speed increased to 11 (from 9)
    - Healing orb speed reduced to 7 (from 11)
    - Healing orbs can now heal you 3 seconds after fired
    - Bomb orbs now deal 4 times the damage to wood and stone structures
    - Bomb orb explosion radius increased to 48 (from 32)
    - Bomb orb damage reduced to 3 hearts (from 4)
    - Regular orb and Bomb orb knockback towards Knights reduced by .5
    - Invisiblity cooldown time reduced to 20 seconds (from 30)
    - Lag related to orb firing should be fixed

    RP v4.4 (released Jan 18th - 2014):
    - Water ammo stun time increased to 2 seconds (from 1.5)
    - New !checkstatus command

    RP v4.5 / RPR v0.9 (released Jan 19th - 2014):
    -- The end of the Cloud Epoch --

    - Default on-join class changed to Builder
    - Archer hearts increased to 3

    - !checkstatus command fixed and altered to /checkstatus
    - !help changed to /help

    - Drills now drill dirt as efficiently as drilling Stone or Wood blocks
    - Steel Swords tech now doubles sword damage to wood blocks (up from +50% increase)

    - Fixes to Footstep Sounds
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  3. Aphelion

    Aphelion Wunderkind Donator
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    Roleplay v1.8 (released October. 12th - 2014)

    - Added the Editor (https://forum.kag2d.com/resources/editor.235/)
    - Added a new map named Moonrise Valley
    - Added four new music tracks

    - Retired the map named Isles of Eternal due to performance issues
    A new version of the water map is coming Soon™

    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/blowjob.18526/) to v3.13

    Roleplay v1.7.12 (released August. 26th - 2014)

    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/blowjob.18526/) to v3.05

    Roleplay v1.7.11 (released August. 15th - 2014)

    - Partially updated to BUILD 1215
    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/blowjob.18526/) to v3.03

    - You can no longer "insta-spike" those who you are not at war with, this fixes the spike invisibility exploit

    Roleplay v1.7.10 (released July. 31st - 2014)

    - Added Dwarf racial heads

    Roleplay v1.7.9 (released July. 24th - 2014)

    - Updated Blowjob (https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/blowjob.18526/) to v3.02

    - Teams will once again start the game Neutral. However, the option to start a war will still remain unavailable during the five minute peacetime.

    - Updated Undead stats to match KAG Classic

    - Mythril and Adamantite deposit spawn "likelyness" reduced
    - Mythril deposit respawn time increased to 8 minutes

    - Scrolls of Destruction will heal Noom instead of damaging him

    - Chests, if neutral, will now convert to the team of the player if picked up
    Once converted, they will only be accessable to that team

    Roleplay v1.7.8 (released July. 12th - 2014)

    - Updated scripts to build 1180
    - Updated rules

    - Dinghy is back
    - Angels can no longer access the Dungeon

    Roleplay v1.7.7 (released July. 7th - 2014)

    - While the Day cycle has been reduced to 24 minutes (from 48 minutes) Nights now last longer and are darker
    - Minimap disabled

    Roleplay v1.7.6 (released July. 5th - 2014)

    - Dragon wing animations improved

    - Fixes:

    - Fixed an exploit that allowed you to jab Noom to death

    Roleplay v1.7.5 (released July. 5th - 2014)

    - Dragon chestplate now grants you a unique appearance
    - Dragon wings have been resprited

    - Allies can no longer collide their weapons with allies
    - Character inventory size changed to 4x2 instead of 3x3

    - Fixes:

    - Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented you from drinking Beer or Potions

    Roleplay v1.7.4 (released July. 3rd - 2014)

    - Added war win/lose sounds

    - Added Dwarf Archer racial sprites

    - Noom can no longer be killed instantly with a saw
    - Noom will now summon minions more often
    - Noom's health has been doubled
    - Noom's orbs now deal half the damage as before

    - Dragon and Armadyl equipment can no longer be destroyed, meaning that they will always drop
    - Dragon chestplate now grants you dragon wings, its regeneration bonus has been removed
    - Armadyl chainmail now grants you angelic wings, its speed bonus has been removed

    Roleplay v1.7.3 (released July. 2nd - 2014)

    - Angels now have wings and are able to fly

    - Noom has received a unique appearance
    - Increased the health regeneration rate of the Necromancer in later phases

    - Added spikes near the doors to Noom's Chest

    Roleplay v1.7.2 (released June. 28th - 2014)

    - Slightly increased the structure damage of the Hand cannon
    - Added a Hand cannon and 20 Cannonballs to Noom's chest

    - Fixes:

    - Fixed an exploit that in some cases allowed players to loot Noom's Chest before he was killed
    - Armadyl chainmail is no longer missing from Noom's Chest

    Roleplay v1.7.1 (released June. 28th - 2014)

    - Temporarily removed the new "Isles of Eternal" map due to performance concerns
    - Reduced the ore yield percentages of: Iron, Mythril, and Adamantite

    - Zombie portals are now handled server-side for the most part
    - Zombie portals will take half the time to activate at the start of the game
    - Reduced the amount of coins yielded from a portal destruction to 200

    - Fixes:

    - Fixed an exploit that allowed players to smuggle builders and objects such as saws into dungeons

    --- Double Post Merged, May 9, 2015, Original Post Date: Apr 21, 2014 ---
    Changelog for v2.3 added[/spoiler]
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