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Archer Shop (Exclusive) - Hang Glider

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Spec7, Dec 1, 2013.

Mods: Rainbows
  1. Spec7

    Spec7 Tree Planter

    While Knight have more so methods of aerial tactics, Hang Glider could do enough justice for Archers. Grappling trees, buildings, and ground to increase speed velocity is good for a moderate rush. Depending on the situation these components won't be available few of the times. The technicality of the mechanics is the test of skill and survival on the users. It can be used when the Archer leave the edge of the structure. To build up the pacing, hang gliders can go faster than the Knight Shield glide. There's a few setbacks though along with the risk factor.

    - Can't attack/ grap while riding on the glider unless depart.
    - 2 Hit Durability
    - Single use, one way direction (unable to turn back)

    Using the glider would save time from travel on foot and grapple, quick action adds suspense to the game-play. It won't be replacement of catapult since it still serves it's purpose well. Hang gliders can't be carried on the catapult. The thought of the price haven't been determined yet. What do you think?

    Note: I know that Hang Gliders aren't around during the medieval times. For KAG it could be made possible seeing the materials provided for variety of tools at the workshop disposal.
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  2. Sponncx

    Sponncx Builder Stabber

    I could see it working, if it were able to gain some upward momentum, perhaps a running (Or swinging) start will gain you air.

    Basically, I want to launch in a hang glider, so I climb up a tree, and grapple onto a different tree, then press space to activate my glider, which goes shooting off into the distance.
  3. One

    One I got 99 problems and my name is One Donator Tester

    Archer is already spiderman, they don't need any extra mobility
  4. I think this is genius! especially with the momentum mechanic sponncx was talking about.
    my setbacks:

    - The player has to constantly hold up the glider with the space bar
    - when firing arrows the glider glides down until he presses space again
    - Single use, one way direction (unable to turn back)
    - If the glider is shot by an arrow from another archer it should loose altitude until eventually crashing.

    You could use the glider to smash into enemy's when aiming downwards.
    The player can gain speed in mid air if he aims downwards with the glider and then quickly goes back up (this reduces the height each time the player does this in order to not be able to stay in the air for ever)
    Hot air from burning wood could increase the gliding time and also make the glider go higher.
    The player could slow down the glider by pressing the back arrow key.
    A knight should be able to attach to the archers grapple when gliding. But in turn of doing this the speed, distance and height you are gliding at should be reduced.

    my pro paint skills.

    Also other archers could hijack the enemy's team glider in mid air by jumping on it or grappling it. Imagine a dogfight between 4-6 gliders but instead of bullets arrows would be fired....
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  5. Duplolas

    Duplolas So Sad

    Theres this thing called a chicken.

    :chicken::chicken::chicken::chicken::chicken: <----------- Those things.

    They do the exact same thing and cost 30 gold coins from a shop to buy their egg. They also breed by themselves and spawn on the map when it first starts.

    If you are leaning more towards the airship side of flying (which I still wish was in the game) then that would be cool. But right now chickens are really the only glider we need.
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  6. Spec7

    Spec7 Tree Planter

    Oh yeah, I didn't know that chicken/ egg can be purchased from a shop. I agree that chickens are only gliders we need if some time are invested in them.

    That's almost an even distribution now that I think about it. when Archers swing high from trees with the chicken is game along with grappling buildings. Knight have double reinforcement combine the chicken and the shield glide. I guess they needed it the most bypass defenses. Is it OP if Knight perform a bomb jumps and the chicken together? (If so, I say the chicken should be exploded once they impact the explosion.)

    Note: Before thinking up of hang gliders, I was browsing through the vehicle folder and saw the airborne units. It did give me an inspiration to start out small to improve certain class just a bit. Perhaps subliminally hope it may take the battle to the skies.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2013
  7. JaniKutscher

    JaniKutscher Builder Fan Donator

    Nah, chicken do the same thing .
Mods: Rainbows