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Archer tips

Discussion in 'Archer' started by KingGoldZX, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. KingGoldZX

    KingGoldZX Shopkeep Stealer

    Archers face a lot of crap and we are a lot like ninjas so we should use these skills to avoid this crap ight?

    1. Hiding
    Its an important skill that can save ur life and give u the advantage over an unsuspecting knight by allowing you to either finish off a hurt knight or get some good damage off of one this also goes for builders and other archers.
    1 tactics are hiding in bushes on the ground
    2 near recently killed bodys
    3 in trees
    4 even in dark corners
    5 or trap doors

    //Edit by Furai: Fixed the topic title.
  2. I decide not to hide that ends up with you getting pwned... so i casually jump from tree to tree or use a strategical evasion... RUN AWAY :eek: He is coming :eek:
  3. toffie0

    toffie0 is sweeter than you <3 Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester

    You can hide behind / under the bed. I love doing that while I'm healing.

    My tatic is to jump from tree and jump on their head / sheild. If there's a group of knights, I either do a runner, hide, or play who can wack the tree that Toffie is in first :P
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  4. Conquerer

    Conquerer Shark Slayer

    Archers should utilize their skills more. Instead of plainly running away which has a 75% chance of you being gibbed or slaughtered, you could use your tree climbing skills to your advantage. Trick the knight by jumping from tree to the left or right tree, gaining ground on him as a result.

    Also, when a knight has a bomb counting down and you're nearby, if he's facing you, when the counter reaches 35-65, jump towards him and over his head. He will usually throw the bomb towards you, and if you run towards him, you may minimize the damage dealt. Be careful not to let him jab you though.

    And if you're in a group of archers and an enemy throws a bomb towards you, don't forget that any class can pick up bombs. I've had countless times as builder grabbing a bomb and killing several enemy knights with it. You can grab the bomb if it's still counting down a fair way and chuck it far away, either saving everyone or killing yourself and saving all else.

    Don't forget your stomping- stomping is a powerful tool to archers. Example: Load up an arrow and stomp on a shielding knight, causing him to drop his shield and exposing him to your arrow. If a knight isn't shielding, you can just stomp on him, reducing hearts.

    So if you're an archer and you're faced with the problems mentioned above, take action and suddenly, you've saved countless lives! Don't forget to read over this when you're a big and famous chieftain archer. :B):

    If you hide you have a 25% chance of surviving, so I highly recommend running away.
  5. toffie0

    toffie0 is sweeter than you <3 Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester

    Also heal as a archer two hearts is very little, two hits from arrows and your dead. Today I saw a archer go for a walk while we had little lives, he got hit by a arrow thats not going fast. I thought, oh he has prenium he'll heal, when I realised he was still walking I thought what's the bet he'll die any second now, and the next thing I knew he was killed by a soft arrow at my feet.
  6. Conquerer

    Conquerer Shark Slayer

    Yes, healing is essential. Get hit by an enemy archer by full power- next thing you know, you've got half a heart and you're struggling to survive. As soon as you're hit go to the nearest team quarters. In some cases(myself included), archers like to combat at the front line offensive. If you're hit by an arrow of any strength, you've immediately become vulnerable and you must get to a quarters.
  7. DubstepMonkey

    DubstepMonkey Horde Gibber

    Ugh ill guess i might give tips im trying to remember what i did 1/5 years ago..

    Door flash:
    Usually in towers pic below make sure u have the timing right and choose your target and stuff like that also i recommend after enemy shoots right click and start hold left click, because after they've shot you have a more likely chance of hitting them. flashing is essential it saves time from healing and its a basic need if a knight is not there to help out.
    1. A bed helps out alot! and i mean alot!
    2. Also hiding in trees will help but dont camp for long kiddies they will find you!
    3. Also try not to get that close to the middle of the main fight cause you'll be slashed up and gibbed into a billion peices and all that time collecting arrows . . . . . . . .
    4. The archer is meant to be a stealthy class. So act swift, don't be gay and have fun also i hate archers so you barely see me playing archer..
  8. Greetings!

    As many of you know (or not) I am also playing archer as my main class :) I'd say that since the wiki.kag2d.com doesn't get updated much, but Archer gameplay tips are up to date! I've been regulary updating them with newest patches and thinking of tips that could be useful. Copy-paste them here :bow:
    • On most servers, Archers cannot damage themselves or teammates with arrows. They can, however, damage workshops, catapults or outposts used by enemy team, gaining 5 coins per hit.
    • Archers are slower and don't jump as high when charging a shot, but jumping when releasing the shot will increase the height of the arrow.
    • The faster an arrow flies the more damage it inflicts, to a maximum of 1.5 hearts.
    • Despite the red charge area being fairly big there are no variations in arrow speed between the beginning of the red charge and the end of the red charge. There are only 3 different levels of base speed and range.
    • A fully drawn arrow (yellow circle around the cursor) breaks a Knight's shield block for a moment, stunning him and allowing allies to attack. This tactic is useful against fortified enemies, especially if you can manage to synchronize with another Archer.
    • Fire arrows at a wall while jumping against it to quickly scale it.
    • Archers can only destroy dirt blocks, making them less suited for leading raids than the other classes. But because they can quick-climb walls using arrow-ladders, they may be able to climb an enemy tower before a Builder can get a ladder up or destroy team doors, and suppress the enemy while reinforcements arrive.
    • Laying prone with allows the Archer to hide in bushes for an ambush, feign death, or avoid being targeted. Enemies do not collide with the Archer when lying down.
    • Climb trees to get a safe spot when defending your castle.
    • Because the Archer is able to collect fired arrows by right clicking, it is also possible to 'catch' arrows mid flight, but is very difficult to achieve due to latency and arrow speed.
    • When making arrows from trees, every right-click makes one arrow. Right-clicking when climbing the tree stuns the Archer.
    • If any Knight/Builder hits a tree while an Archer is on it, it causes the Archer to fall. Jumping from tree to tree can help to avoid this.
    • Archers can add/remove momentum from their shots if they move towards/away from the direction they are shooting.
    • Since Build 572 Archers are able to stomp. To do that, you must fall down on enemy up from at least 6 blocks height, causing the to enemy take damage & stun for a short duration. The stomp damage is dependent of height. If the Knight shields, you will get damage & stun, while the Knight will get only stunned.
    • While it may not seem readily obvious, Archers can be very deadly underground in the company of Knights and Builders, supplying suppressing fire to allow your team to advance.
  9. DubstepMonkey

    DubstepMonkey Horde Gibber

    Also try not to lay down ( holding s) because knights will see your tag if their mouse is on you also in trees. So be cautious of this also try volley shots shooting up in the air and landing on someone. This works good on high towers and might give a random hit or a sneaky fluke kill ( rage quit jk matey). Also if people hate you as an archer your doing a brilliant job but not for the guy on the other team. :(
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  10. Conquerer

    Conquerer Shark Slayer

    DubstepMonkey, I seriously think you should add some grammar to that. No offence meant but I couldn't understand that.

    Although, because I'm such an evil grammar nazi, I'll do it all for you. :p

    I hope this helps others understand a bit better.
    P.S. I'm not sure if I should be posting this in this thread but seriously, I could barely understand that. I think this is an approximate guess of what Dub was trying to say.
  11. This is interesting normally conq you hate it when i shoot you in offensive + I have never seen you archer. why is that?
  12. Conquerer

    Conquerer Shark Slayer

    We're getting a bit off topic, but I guess I'll answer.

    I don't hate it when you personally shoot me, but when there's several archers spamming high powered shots at me. (Nothing worse than arrow spamming archers) Also, I prefer to go builder or knight. Usually builder. If you wish, I'll show you my supreme archer skills next time we meet! :O
  13. That sounds good :3 :D