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Archers and its overpowered fire arrow

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Alael, Nov 11, 2013.

Mods: Rainbows
  1. Alael

    Alael Catapult Fodder

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to take time to write what i think about the archers and its fire arrow,

    I feel that the fire arrow is overpowered against wood building, I mean the builder have between 2-5 second to use the water bucket on the arrow before the fire take on and destroy even enormous base in less then 10 second,

    Like this wood building are almost useless, SO my suggestion is to decrease the spread up time and damage leaving to the building the possibility (because now its impossible) to go buy a bucket and save the base,

  2. SpideY

    SpideY Hear Me Roar Staff Alumni Donator


    You can use water arrows, a bucket, water bombs to extinguish fire.
    To avoid these problems of fire, you can use stone instead of wood on several parts of your buildings. Castle wall is a good counter too.

    Imo, its not overpowered.
  3. JTG

    JTG Bison Rider Tester

    Split the wood into sections with tiny bits of stone, so the fire cannot spread off one arrow very far, get the most bang for your buck.
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  4. ZeroZ30o

    ZeroZ30o Bison Rider

    I feel like it is overpowered, but necessary, else matches would go on forever, since if you're only using wood, that generally means the stone in the map is gone (from my experience in matches).
  5. Bernhardt

    Bernhardt Builder Stabber

    I don't see fire arrows as a big problem. My solution has been to take fire arrows into account in the design of the building.

    This being said, I would be willing to test fire that would spread a little slower. Even as a Builder I think fire arrows are funny as hell, but perhaps that's not the reason for their existence.

    Perhaps slower fire spread would decrease the amount of fubar moments and increase the depth of playing a Builder (considering and positioning workbenches as fire posts, for example). Having to carry a bucket of water with me at all times would be a pain in the butt, considering that some Builders enjoy rushing to the frontlines and getting themselves killed a lot.

    How about positioning filled water buckets in each wooden room for emergencies beforehand?
  6. Vania

    Vania Shopkeep Stealer

    They're not OP. Learn to fireproof your buildings.
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  7. ZeroZ30o

    ZeroZ30o Bison Rider

    They are if stone runs out, which is pretty much the only reason a builder would want to use wood.
    Since CTF and TTH are very different for that though, let me say that fire arrows in CTF are pretty godamn good, especially late game. In TTH, stone is pretty common, since the whole team is not fighting for it, pretty much. And maps are generally bigger.
    Anyway, point is, arrows are kind of way too good in CTF, since, on top of using alot of wood, water is not easy to come by. But then again, that's the mapper's fault.
    The one who does the map is in charge of balancing the game, I feel like. There's so much tweaking stuff can do, since the map will -pretty much always- end up being exploded to pieces if the match lasts too long, so... bedrock balances that pretty well.
    On top of all that, a well-timed bomb arrow in their doors (or three :P) is much more effective, if you use teamwork.
  8. Vania

    Vania Shopkeep Stealer

    You still get 30 stone on every respawn.
    30 stone = 15 stone backwall tiles.

    15 backwall stone tiles properly placed can easily fireproof a smalish tower.
  9. ZeroZ30o

    ZeroZ30o Bison Rider

    I'm talking about actual blocks which stop people's movement. And archer can just get more fire arrows in both gamemodes, so, you can't really do anything once there is no stone.
  10. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    Five seconds is actually quite a while if you really think about it. I have a had a few close games where we were forced to use wood structures and while fire was threatening it is not so difficult to have buckets nearby.

    But on the other hand that doesn't mean the game couldn't be improved by nerfing the spread of fire. In the average match fire is indeed pretty devastating and really punishes the use of wooden structures, which is a shame because it would be cool if we saw more of a mix. As JTG said you can have fire breaks made of stone to optimize your investment but that looks really ugly lol.

    It could be worth try fire arrows with a slightly slower burn or a limit to how much one fire arrow can burn. Fire arrows would still have a lot of use even with a reduced effect but it might allow more wood to be used in buildings improving the viability of battle builders and in a weird way improving the viability of fire arrows as wood usage increases.
  11. Jlordo

    Jlordo Nobody Donator

    If you're out of stone, you deserved to get burned. We can't have games lasting 10 hours. Limited stone is to stop a defending team from stalling forever.
  12. ZeroZ30o

    ZeroZ30o Bison Rider

    Which is what I said in my previous post:

    "I feel like it is overpowered, but necessary, else matches would go on forever, since if you're only using wood, that generally means the stone in the map is gone (from my experience in matches)."

    I also think it's pretty much always the map maker's fault.
  13. LostPix

    LostPix Base Burner

    Hey how about add sudden death mode to KAG like most games use it, easy system that will eradicate problems with 10 hour long rounds! Let it rain meteors from the sky or something.

    Wood could use a buff from fire because it's already very weak and useless or keep it as it is but allow players to decide when to buff it for example we have water buckets right? Get water and soak wooden blocks with water so they become immune for short time to fire. Problem fixed.
    ZeroZ30o likes this.
  14. SamuraiCupcake

    SamuraiCupcake Builder Stabber


    Tips to prevent OMGWTF fires :
    1- Make stone backwall. In CTF, go to the tent for 30 stone if you've run out. It's cheap and it'll save your shops.
    2- With your limited stone, convert the wood into stone at the corners of the walls. That way, only one side of the room will burn and you'll have time to fix.
    3- Make sure wood layers do not connect to too much other wood layers. All it takes is a tiny bit of stone.
    4- Go mine some stone.
    5- Kill the archers before they fire their fire arrows, or block them.

    If everything gets wrecked its because you got too greedy. Be smart.
  15. Duplolas

    Duplolas So Sad

    Please don't nerf fire arrows. Look through the entire discussion on archer changes then come back. Fire arrows' destructive capabilities are one of the few things that actually make them not that bad. Nerf that and archer gets even worse of a class to play.
Mods: Rainbows