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ARENA Open: Spring

Discussion in 'Old Events/Giveaways/Contests' started by Ej, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. I3lue

    I3lue Drill Rusher
    1. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    I guess not but it would be good to know if it's worth signing up for if you don't know what you're getting out of it.
  2. raphael2708

    raphael2708 Catapult Fodder

    Ok, I removed my account, I hope you will make one tournament like that in Europe :)
  3. As Challonge is troubleshooting me, I request again:
    you, people who live in Europe and don't know geography for shit, if your internet connection isn't 200/200 (in Mb/s), please don't sign up to the tournament as you are going to lag shit out of people.
    All of you, people living in Europe without 200/200 connection, who already signed up, REMOVE YOURSELF, PLEASE.

    It's not because I hate you, it's because it makes less and less places for people from NA.
    Kalikst likes this.
  4. Guitarman

    Guitarman Haxor Tester Official Server Admin

    Do you have to stick around for the whole three hours or just until it's your go?
  5. cleggy

    cleggy Arsonist

    Add an under score: Guitarman_

    On a separate note for me and my fellow Europeans, will there be spectating opportunity so we don't feel too excluded? If I can't take part I wouldn't mind watching some fights. :/

    Edit: I guess this extends to all those outside NA not just Europeans.
  6. killatron46

    killatron46 Cata Whore Donator
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

    You can ban me Ej, since I have terrible ping no matter where I go. :B):
  7. Ok, let's repeat myself for the 3rd time!

    As I can see many people who don't understand the word "no", I will explain it further so even the darkest rooms might be enlighted!
    a) at some point you would need to have a duel between continents
    b) or have 2 separated tournaments which is a bad idea because
    c) it's the first time I'm actually organising anything aside of a clan war and overdoing isn't a good idea EVER
    d) the LAG between the PLAYERS is the problem
    e) I'll try to cook something up for EU if you all stop spamming both the thread and the bracket

    Can we agree on this?

    edit: so far killatron is the boss of this thread
    FuzzyBlueBaron and killatron46 like this.
  8. Conquerer

    Conquerer Shark Slayer

    I'll sign up, although my password was changed by a former friend so I'll wait until it's all good again. :(
  9. Alpaca

    Alpaca Base Burner

    I'm na, but my internet sucks half of the time, and is decent the other half. I'll sign up when i get a chance, if there are still spots left. Is this gonna be hosted on a sharkcrave server liek the action one? cause his hosting company suckz
  10. darDar

    darDar KAG Guard Forum Moderator Tester

    so maybe make it obvious in your thread that it is only for NA players.
  11. Kalikst

    Kalikst Bison Rider Tester
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

    implying it isn't.

    read op.
    Guitarman and WarrFork like this.
  12. GreenRock

    GreenRock Base Burner

    Signed up.

    Bonus: I live in Texas
  13. Guitarman

    Guitarman Haxor Tester Official Server Admin

    Dat edge
  14. Alpaca

    Alpaca Base Burner

    oh, nevermind. 7pm GMT Saturday doesn't work for me. It actually never works for me, there's only one thing that I do on a regular basis, and it's 2:30 to 4:30, so unless I could check in at 2:00, possibly up to 2:30 but preferably by 2:15, then not play until 4:45, 4:30 if traffic is good, then I wouldn't be able to participate D:
  15. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk gaurenteed shitter

    It said just "Nighthawk" was taken, so I hope they're okay with me signing up as "Nighthawk_KAG".
  16. Alpaca

    Alpaca Base Burner

    Alright, Ej, i'm afraid all of the spots will get taken tomorrow while i'm at school, so i'm gonna sign up, and then if my previously proposed time schedule doesn't work for you I'll just quit. (I sign in at 2:00, leave, come play at 4:45, but I can totally see you not wanting me to do that, kind of defeats the point of signing in in the first place, just on the off chance that it works i don't wanna miss out because i didn't sign in time)

    Edit: FUCK IT'S ALREADY FULL. I SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT SOONER. curse me and my good manners, wanting to wait for a response from Ej BEFORE signing...
    I3lue likes this.
  17. toffie0

    toffie0 is sweeter than you <3 Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester

    Can I try to join, and if I get in then my ping is above 66 can I leave? Sorry I'm not sure about my ping, I'm in Victoria in AUS
  18. Conquerer

    Conquerer Shark Slayer

    I'll sign up if I can make it. I live in NSW, Australia, if that's relevant.
  19. WarrFork

    WarrFork フォーク Donator Tester

    Read the first post, it's mostly for NA players only.

    You will have higher than 66 on a NA server since you live in AUS. Don't even try.
    Anyway, you can take a look at your ping if you join Action server, it's the same server as it will be for here.

  20. Joefesok

    Joefesok Builder Stabber

    I'm sowee :c
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