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Art Dump

Discussion in 'Art' started by Lizardheim, May 30, 2011.

  1. Asu

    Asu THD Team THD Team Forum Moderator

  2. Elf

    Elf Bison Rider
    1. A Special Forces [SF#]

    @Asu that's a nice, crafty cannon you got there. Hopefully not aimed at me.
    I might have played too much Super Hexagon recently
  3. Biurza

    Biurza E X T R A T H I C C Staff Alumni Donator
    1. MIST
    2. Active Forum Users

    I'm really interested in seeing u draw not human/elf/whatever that creatures are, but some animal in that creepy cute style.
    Don't think i've seen one yet.
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  4. Elf

    Elf Bison Rider
    1. A Special Forces [SF#]

    I didn't draw any animal as such yet, this thing on the left is closest to a non human I've got as of today.
    At this point it's just a sketch, without details, ik, but I'll work on it.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 5, 2018, Original Post Date: Jun 4, 2018 ---
    @Biurza it happened that I decided to draw a cat for a friend yesterday.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 6, 2018 ---
    Ehh, really? Tripple post? Whatever. Biurza, this one you'll find interesting.
    MonkyInnocent.png Monky wants to play.png
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  5. Biurza

    Biurza E X T R A T H I C C Staff Alumni Donator
    1. MIST
    2. Active Forum Users

    An actual cat? Nice
    I though it would be more like.... With these pointy teeth in giant smiling mouth from ear to ear, with blood and guts, guts everywhere. Dunno why i thought this way :rollseyes:
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  6. Elf

    Elf Bison Rider
    1. A Special Forces [SF#]

    Yay. Why is this place dead? :(
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  7. EhRa

    EhRa Ooooooof Staff Alumni Donator
    1. KRPG

    So for an assignment we have to do a slide/speech type thing (Pecha Kucha) and part of my topic involves Fight Club (the book but for my images taking stuff involved with the images). These are some of my favourite slides, made up of a mix of different images etc. (none of my own actual drawings).
    Slide 12.png
    Slide 9.png
  8. joshua12131415

    joshua12131415 Bison Rider Tester

  9. Elf

    Elf Bison Rider
    1. A Special Forces [SF#]

    That's a mightly lot of spare time.
    I like it tho. =D
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 5, 2018, Original Post Date: Jul 20, 2018 ---
    I got a drawing tablet now!
  10. asger75

    asger75 Haxor

    tricky stuff hey :P
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  11. gausscone

    gausscone Unseasoned, but stainless

    I wanted to try something new: oil painting! Digital oil painting. Great way to waste time, even when you don't have to watch the paint dry. And there's an undo button... which I will not comment on.
    It's a knight! Hopefully he's at least recognizable. I made this with the oils on Fresh Paint, but it came out looking like vector graphics. Don't bully me, I only figured out that there was a blend tool an hour ago. I do have some choice words about the overall composition, but I'll keep it private between me and myself.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 14, 2018, Original Post Date: Sep 9, 2018 ---
    Oof. Ouch. Now I understand why I haven't seen any skeletons yet.
    Composition is probably off by a few leagues because this was originally meant to be a wraith (Wraith is more animalistic, didn't want to toss the skull.). Anatomy could very well be wrong because I forced myself not to use any photo references; as such, this is technically a picture of me. Don't ask. You never ask how much a man feels up his boners. Don't quote me on that either.

    Learned a lot from this one, but I'll be very happy to do fleshy creatures like all the cool kids. Oh yeah.
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  12. Prototype

    Prototype Haxor

  13. Elf

    Elf Bison Rider
    1. A Special Forces [SF#]

    AYYOO, thread is back alive! Awesome! Good job on art both of you!
    Meanwhile, I did a do with ink, and I think it's my best skull so far.
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  14. Prototype

    Prototype Haxor

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  15. MnMixer

    MnMixer Ballista Bolt Thrower Tester
    1. [MxA] Maximum Abbilities Community Server


    A month ago I made it for gamejam
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
  16. gausscone

    gausscone Unseasoned, but stainless

    Zombie knight. Believe me, if I could have used a reference, I would've. I've never even seen necrotic flesh before. I won't be accepting questions about the validity of that.
    With the outline and the background, it looks a little childish, and I don't dislike that. Paint is an interesting medium. I'm not great, but this is a lot more fun than... uhhh... no comment.

    Zombie knights are pretty awesome. Too bad they don't exist anymore. That's what my pal Sedgewick always tells me before laughing maniacally, anyway. Smug bastard.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 8, 2018, Original Post Date: Sep 23, 2018 ---
    Guy wielding a jabberspamming gladius and wearing that one head. You know which one. The metal one.
    Bit off way more than I could chew with this. That was extremely painful... that's why I'm gonna keep doing it. I changed the canvas color at the end, spare myself the trouble of playing adult coloring book--this application has about as much functionality as mspaint. It's like mspaint in a lot of ways.

    I was real busy last weekend, couldn't do anything. Not to say that this one was any less so, but hey, I got it done, so heh. The recent announcement got me thinking. I can't help but feel a sense of apprehension.
  17. Now we need some @gausscone-styled zombie knight sprites..! ::P:
  18. gausscone

    gausscone Unseasoned, but stainless

    Hmm. Well, I figure irregular spam isn't much worse than regular spam, so here's another thing. This time I got a poem to go with it, because poems are art. Play the shell game to see which underwhelming prize you get! Bots need not apply.

    That marbled body, heaven's glory stole,
    Bewreathed in darkness, setting sins aright,
    Breaks surface, shining in its riteless role;
    It signals shadowed passage of the night.

    The journey paused, beware the freezing sting!
    But mind the pitching of the camp, attend!
    They say these grounds are blessed, a hallowed thing.
    Right then the land is shook, the depths unmend!

    Pulsing portal, screech electric,
    Darkened servants, Hell concentric.
    Short your breath but long the darkness,
    Doom from every battered carcass.

    With biting steel and claws and fangs enraged,
    Through only screaming death your fears assuaged.

    Sonnet variant. Mostly iambic pentameter, but the third quartet is trochaic quadrameter. If you want to know what it's about, take a wild guess, my friend.

    The creatures of the land. The zombie knight's chestplate has something special on it; is it supposed to be a reflection? Did I violate the laws of Euclidean space? Who knows?
    ractice makes perfect, and I'm gonna need a lot of that. On a related note, sorry about the teeth.

    What, you want a quarter or something?

    The subject matter resonates with me because of nostalgia, I'll be honest. Obviously I won't linger too long, I got another thing in mind. Nothing else to say, really. Two months left.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 30, 2018, Original Post Date: Oct 22, 2018 ---
    Ok, I got another one. Bad timing. Really bad. But not as bad as... you know where this trope is going. Another poem, too. Try your luck! Sorry, I haven't any left.

    No loitering

    Contact, contact, bells alarum!
    War declared, the traitors, damn 'em!
    Banners forward! Any cost t'
    Fend the savage, weapons crossed!

    Live enshrined in halls of yore!
    Honor! Purpose! Then, amor!
    For King! For country! Gold and glory!
    Comrades, ranks, godspeed, to war!

    War as winded-long as life, vigor waning as the strife,
    Fog of iron blind the remnants, embers now of ghostly em'nence.
    Villains, sleepers, isled rangers, new arrivals, court admirers,
    Skel'tal crew of orchestrators, pillars, Will exemplifiers.

    Ranks of mottle, halls of sidelong heckling, hoping, either, or;
    Plight of weathered vet'ran hands, disquiet suff'ring dogs of war.

    Listen, I actually tried very hard not to make this look like a sonnet. I started from scratch and everything. But I split up the opening quartet into an octet, then into two quartets, and it... it just works. It reads much differently, though.

    front7flag.png I'm abusing the medium. Was fun though.

    Flag looks a little plastic, but it matters little. We're all toy soldiers. Ehhwot?
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  19. Ni

    Ni Battle Angel Global Moderator Forum Moderator Mapping Moderator Donator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. Active Forum Users

    Making Animations now :smug:

    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 15, 2018, Original Post Date: Nov 15, 2018 ---
    How are you making those oil paintings tho?
    I love'em <3
  20. Elf

    Elf Bison Rider
    1. A Special Forces [SF#]

    Deveyer, put me down, put me down, PUT ME DOWN!
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 5, 2019, Original Post Date: Nov 15, 2018 ---
    I miss this channel. How about someone post something?