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BC Flatmaps (US West)

Discussion in 'Server Hosting' started by BC, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. BC

    BC Bison Rider

    BC Flatmaps brought back for the community, thanks for the support everyone!

    Server Info

    • 18-26 slots, may increase or decrease slots to see what works best
    • Vanilla CTF
    • 9+ Maps with flat terrain, each map is similar with a different gimmick
    • Maps made with limited blocks to reduce lag
    • Trees are spaced for easy tree farms
    • All gold placed middle of the map to encourage teams to rush and hold middle rather then turtling

    I welcome suggestions, feel free to contact me in game. Or send a forum pm but I don't check the forum very often.
    Hope you have a nice day :migrant:
  2. Cleaf

    Cleaf Shopkeep Stealer Tester

    Really addictive server, maps bring back vehicles, people rush mid asap to get dat sweet gold. 10/10 would seed :builder: