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Beo's KAG Servers

Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by Beo, Sep 21, 2011.

Mods: jackitch
  1. Galen

    Galen Haxor Staff Alumni Donator

  2. Hella

    Hella The Nightmare of Hair Global Moderator Donator Tester

    Oh god. I haven't seen Sapirot in so many long times. ;_;
  3. NKking

    NKking KAG Escadrille Donator
    1. PumpkinStars - [Pk#] - Inactive

    I made them while i had free time if needed can make more;)
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  4. fiddy

    fiddy Bison Rider

    So im just here, saying something useless , so i will get notifications when something is said here, i am afterall, the stalker nice guy tiddy, and i need to keep up whit the talk.
  5. thebonesauce

    thebonesauce All life begins and ends with Nu Staff Alumni
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    Okay, so soon enough Lee_Lemon will be coming here, whining about admin abuse and such. Allow me to post some logs.

    After an incident where he was accusing fiddy and Hella of griefing, I froze him and explained to not throw such accusations around about our admins. He kept talking shit, so I grew weary and banned him.

    Then I went to the Zombies server. This happened.

    [12:39:15] <Lee_Lemon> +
    [12:39:20] <Lee_Lemon> is taht shit ?
    [12:39:26] <Lee_Lemon> is that shit ?
    [12:39:32] <Lee_Lemon> who kicked me ?
    [12:39:39] <lucasrt> WE NEED MORE 1
    [12:39:52] <JUDGE thebonesauce> if you wanna keep it up here, I'll kick you from this server as well. shut up and play.
    [12:39:56] <lucasrt> BABOUN!
    [12:40:04] <Lee_Lemon> shut up and play
    [12:40:05] <Lee_Lemon> ?
    [12:40:09] <Lee_Lemon> is saying admin ?
    [12:40:09] <JUDGE thebonesauce> yes.
    [12:40:12] <JUDGE thebonesauce> YES.
    [12:40:15] <JUDGE thebonesauce> IS SAYING ADMIN
    [12:40:15] <Lee_Lemon> you are shit
    [12:40:21] <Lee_Lemon> I will report forum
    [12:40:22] <lucasrt> CAMON
    [12:40:25] * [RCON JUDGE thebonesauce] /freezeid 15675
    [12:40:29] <JUDGE thebonesauce> okay, you need a time out
    [12:40:31] <Lee_Lemon> for nothing ?
    [12:40:33] New player joined the game
    [12:40:33] Unnamed player is now known as Elizabeth Fogg
    [12:40:33] Elizabeth Fogg has joined Blue Team
    [12:40:34] <Lee_Lemon> freeze
    [12:40:35] <lucasrt> TO DETROYD
    [12:40:36] <JUDGE thebonesauce> for not shutting the fuck up
    [12:40:44] <JUDGE thebonesauce> I told you to cut it out
    [12:40:47] <JUDGE thebonesauce> and you persisted
    [12:40:48] <Lee_Lemon> one of worst admin
    [12:40:50] <Guard radek0cz> Chicken!
    [12:40:53] <lucasrt> THE GATES
    [12:40:58] <JUDGE thebonesauce> not my fault you don't wanna shut your mouth
    [12:41:03] <JUDGE thebonesauce> and wanna keep pestering me.
    [12:41:06] <Lee_Lemon> shut my mouth ?
    [12:41:10] <lucasrt> O GOOD MY WOOD
    [12:41:14] Guy Gonson left the game
    [12:41:15] <Lee_Lemon> I am just telling you are shitty admin
    [12:41:16] <JUDGE thebonesauce> out
    [12:41:21] <JUDGE thebonesauce> and you're a shitty player
    [12:41:28] <JUDGE thebonesauce> I'm telling you to stop
    [12:41:31] New player joined the game
    [12:41:31] Unnamed player is now known as Andrew Fermame
    [12:41:31] Andrew Fermame has joined Blue Team
    [12:41:34] <Lee_Lemon> Beo was drunk when he was giving you admin rules
    [12:41:37] <JUDGE thebonesauce> I've given you multiple opportunities
    [12:41:48] <JUDGE thebonesauce> okay, well why don't you go tell him that
    [12:41:55] <JUDGE thebonesauce> some people are trying to play and you keep it up
    [12:41:59] <Lee_Lemon> forum doesnt work :P
    [12:42:00] <Lee_Lemon> lucky
    [12:42:07] <JUDGE thebonesauce> forum doesn't work? Sure it does.
    [12:42:09] <lucasrt> I GO CLOSE
    [12:42:09] <Lee_Lemon> I am playing xD
    [12:42:13] <JUDGE thebonesauce> I'll be sure to post logs
    [12:42:15] <lucasrt> PLIS MOVE
    [12:42:17] <Lee_Lemon> if fiddy was griefing part of casle
    [12:42:20] <JUDGE thebonesauce> so everyone can see what an idiot you are.
    [12:42:24] <Lee_Lemon> and u kick me for repairing that
    [12:42:25] * [RCON JUDGE thebonesauce] /banid 15675 1440
    [12:42:26] Lee_Lemon left the game
    [12:42:32] <JUDGE thebonesauce> ahhh
    [12:42:34] <JUDGE thebonesauce> now we can play.

    Next, RTDM server...

    [12:50:27] <Lee_Lemon> xD
    [12:50:31] <Lee_Lemon> you are bullshit
    [12:50:36] <Lee_Lemon> I have honor against you
    [12:50:37] <[EK] NoobPlayerPL> awww yea
    [12:50:42] <JUDGE thebonesauce> and I have admin powers
    [12:50:45] <Lee_Lemon> D
    [12:50:46] <Lee_Lemon> right
    [12:50:47] <JUDGE thebonesauce> shut your fucking mouth, NOW
    [12:50:48] <Lee_Lemon> noobrain admin
    [12:50:52] <JUDGE thebonesauce> or you'll be banned from here too.
    [12:50:55] <JUDGE thebonesauce> try me.
    [12:50:55] <ivoamadeo2000> tauro puto
    [12:50:55] <[EK] NoobPlayerPL> noby power of admin ?
    [12:50:57] <JUDGE thebonesauce> I'm in no mood for you.
    [12:51:12] <Lee_Lemon> without admin ruls you are shit
    [12:51:24] <Lee_Lemon> just normal guy
    [12:51:25] Alesio left the game
    [12:51:26] * [RCON JUDGE thebonesauce] \freezeid 4815
    [12:51:27] <Lee_Lemon> as me
    [12:51:27] aleks2805 left the game
    [12:51:29] * [RCON JUDGE thebonesauce] \unfreezeid 4815
    [12:51:32] bnfxb200 left the game
    [12:51:32] jacksonap left the game
    [12:51:33] * [RCON JUDGE thebonesauce] /freezeid 4815
    [12:51:37] New player joined the game
    [12:51:37] Unnamed player is now known as najarany216
    [12:51:37] <JUDGE thebonesauce> keep it up asswipe
    [12:51:38] najarany216 is now known as HARD najarany216
    [12:51:38] HARD najarany216 has joined Blue Team
    [12:51:49] <iLift JoshTG> 3v5
    [12:52:03] <HARD najarany216> siema noob player
    [12:52:05] * [RCON JUDGE thebonesauce] \unfreezeid 4815
    [12:52:06] <[EK] NoobPlayerPL> ADMIN
    [12:52:07] <[EK] NoobPlayerPL> elo
    [12:52:09] <[EK] NoobPlayerPL> ADmin
    [12:52:12] <[EK] NoobPlayerPL> WTF ARE U DOING ?
    [12:52:17] <[EK] NoobPlayerPL> its not game >.<
    [12:52:18] <JUDGE thebonesauce> I'm giving him a time out
    [12:52:23] <JUDGE thebonesauce> because he doesn't know when to shut up
    [12:52:44] <iLift JoshTG> faggot archers
    [12:52:45] JUDGE thebonesauce is now spectating
    [12:52:52] [EK] NoobPlayerPL left the game
    [12:52:58] HARD najarany216 left the game
    [12:53:26] <Lee_Lemon> Still I have honor
    [12:53:27] New player joined the game
    [12:53:27] Unnamed player is now known as gesaugen
    [12:53:27] gesaugen has joined Blue Team
    [12:53:37] <Lee_Lemon> you are just zombie without brain with admin rules
    [12:53:39] <Lee_Lemon> nothing more
    [12:53:44] <JUDGE thebonesauce> and you
    [12:53:45] <JUDGE thebonesauce> are banned
    [12:53:46] <JUDGE thebonesauce> again
    [12:53:52] * [RCON JUDGE thebonesauce] /banid 4815 1440

    He is currently not on any server, but he seems to hold a grudge. And it's getting annoying. So, just thought I'd post some logs up here before he tried saying that he was SO INNOCENT AND DID NOTHING TO BE BANNED!
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  6. Freddex

    Freddex Haxor

    Ah, yap, I had an encounter with him earlier on when he tried to kick someone because he didn't like his playing style (defensive builder). I muted him for 10 minutes, he raged hard afterwards and started his talk about abusive admins and such. I told him to come complaining here, seems he didn't take the chance yet.
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  7. thebonesauce

    thebonesauce All life begins and ends with Nu Staff Alumni
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    I encouraged him multiple times. He never did.
  8. fiddy

    fiddy Bison Rider


    Yes boner, i love you too, and what you did against him was right, i was there when he accused me for griefing (orly fiddy , you was there ?) Well he was just probably mad for me muting him after several warnings to stop screaming, cursing, and small time griefing a couple of days ago. So he just ...well taught he would get revenge. ( he didnt) .

    And btw, why he accused me for griefing was that, i was removing maybe 7 blocks that served as a landing zone for the other team, so i removed them, and he well, started screaming "grifer admin, ban fidy, he griff"

    Well this guy needs to be dealt whit, if he dont stop.......Gerald , do you have your rape shoes on ? cause if you do, mind me a favor...:)
  9. Lee_Lemon

    Lee_Lemon Shark Slayer

    Of course if you are abusing rules I must step in.
    Ok, this is your version Short but a big lie.

    Yes I confess there were some insult but still on both sides.
    With Hella and Downburst had nothing to do, they didn't say anything, they didn't do anything.
    True is, fiddy was griefing one part of "castle" on mountain, I asked him why he told me they are landing on it (enemies ofc).
    So we start brawl. I came back to server from kick I said this is abusing rules fiddy and thebonesauce were laughing and I got banned. On zm server too. But on RTDM server I said I have Honor against you(thebonesauce) he freezed me and he said yeah and I have admin powers, BAN.

    I am sure this admin totaly love admin right and he is just abusing them 4fun.
    Bad thing is fiddy was destroying(griefing) 9-12 blocks and I got kicked - is it fair ?
  10. Galen

    Galen Haxor Staff Alumni Donator

    Umm... I permabanned him from the CTF server earlier today...
  11. Lee_Lemon

    Lee_Lemon Shark Slayer

    You thunk Action [!] Unlimited ?
  12. beo i wirte you a pm about this but you didnt reply-_- i wanna be admin because your servers are just the best, shall i get some people like fiddy, med that know me well to tell you what im like?
  13. Hella

    Hella The Nightmare of Hair Global Moderator Donator Tester

    Lee_Lemon, let me get this straight. You started a shitstorm after you accused Fiddy of griefing, when he was removing a relatively small number of blocks that allowed the enemy purchase on our only defensive building at the base of the mountain, something that was sensible, and helped the archers of our team significantly.

    'Sauce kicked you, because you were getting extremely worked up about it, despite the fact that several people, including me, were publically agreeing with Fiddy. You came back almost instantly, and then began screaming about admin abuse. Whilst you were dealt with harshly following the first ban, it was not without reason, especially considering Galen had permabanned you previously today.

    The moral of the story? Work out exactly what can be considered griefing, and what isn't, and do your best not to get quite so worked up about a small instance.
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  14. thebonesauce

    thebonesauce All life begins and ends with Nu Staff Alumni
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    You're aware I posted the logs, right? It shows how long I let you ramble on before I banned you.

    EDIT: Also, I don't believe I was harsh in the slightest. As soon as I joined the Zombies server, he's telling me that I am shit and that I'm a horrible admin in front of other players. Then on the RTDM server, he immediately starts talking shit on me too. I was far from harsh.
  15. Lee_Lemon

    Lee_Lemon Shark Slayer

    Ok so you people think I am 10 years old raging kid need to drink milk ? Well I am 15 years old and my english is very bad but it doesn't means I am just kid 10-18 and I am raging. I am just guy with 15 years and using chat so much.

    That place was 2 blocks wide and there were so much our knights and you found there problem.
  16. I saw it aswell, with admins on this one lee. Fiddy removed advantage points for the enemy. Ofc you should be banned for shouting at them.
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  17. Lee_Lemon

    Lee_Lemon Shark Slayer

    I didn't used caps lock nothing wrong in chat :D
    I just wondered why he is removing this,my team was defending it good and he started this and now I have ban on 3 servers is it fair ?

    I want to remove this from my head, this have no chance I don't wan to brawl, its was mistake from both sides ( mine cause its 4/5 vs me) I will try shut my mouth in chat and it will be ok just one more chance.I am sorry
  18. Good, no shouting at admins and stuff?
  19. Lee_Lemon

    Lee_Lemon Shark Slayer

    maybe unBAN ?
  20. Downburst

    Downburst Mindblown Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Lee was banned within a minute after accusing fiddy of griefing on the server I was on.

    I did nothing cause it's none of my business. They are the admins and can kick whoever they want.

    edit: I never said lee was guilty, I just said they can do whatever they want.
Mods: jackitch