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Best Builders of KAG

Discussion in 'Builder' started by mcrifel, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Snake19

    Snake19 RIP Staff Alumni Donator
    1. [AG#] - Ancient Gear

    Dar ? Do you mean Dardar ? ^^'
  2. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    No, Darruin iirc, sets his name to Dar ingame.
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  3. 101i

    101i Haxor Forum Moderator Tester

  4. @Tahier, only builder in AUS (excluding Dar) that bothers building cause no one gives a shit about building phase
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  5. franek123

    franek123 The architect of the royal castle. Donator Tester

    RadioActive I choose you!
  6. noob
  7. Colargolator

    Colargolator Horde Gibber
    1. KAG Competitive League

    Lumeos was best when spikes were instagib, but his ratting is still a pain in the ass ;D
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  8. LazikLion

    LazikLion Arsonist

    still noob
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  9. heX_

    heX_ Bison Rider

    lol @ RA ::P: being a good builder (ratting =/= building)
    lol @ maharishi not being mentioned
    lol this thread
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  10. rymcd

    rymcd Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester

    I really don't think I can say someone is the best builder after playing against every person mentioned here.
    I also think a lot of masters at this class did not get mentioned but its hard to remember everyone and some don't even play still.

    Everyone plays differently and excels in different situations and with different people.
    I do agree all these people mentioned are bad ass and I've gotten my fair share of ass whooping from all of them at one point or another.
    So instead of trying to pick names I will pick my favourite traits instead.

    There's plenty of builders you don't want to tunnel battle against, I can't even stress how good some people are at this. Flipping tunnel ninjas that will drill your face in when you feel like you have the upper hand. It's even worse when they can build faster then speed of light and have plenty of supplies ready to go toe to toe. Some of these guys can't be ignored EVER and will easily back door the flag if you dare to. I can't forget the ones that just distract your entire team alone while laughing there ass off as well though.

    Others are monsters in pub matches and all you can do is try to focus them down for the whole match. They can make a team of new players a nightmare to play against and they have unreal support powers. These guys are normally extremely consistent and If you no longer know what they're doing/planning you're probably already screwed. They can also be the type of builder that gets into your base alone for 15 seconds and just completely ruins everything. These guys are normally very versatile and experienced, ready to face off in any situation.

    Can't forget the turtle champs either that builds a godlike base and maintains it in perfect condition for the whole match. The worst part is you'll work your ass off to get some good damage on it but by the time you get back to that position again its all fixed and stronger then before. These guys are normally pinpoint accurate with spike dropping and have plenty of tricks ready to use on attackers. Playing against this type can seem hopeless at times and it's even worse when they know how to extend the base forward without adding weak points everywhere.

    Then you got the top dogs of the competitive format, these guys normally work best alone or with one other builder. You can't even call them support because the whole team depends on them so much. They lead the team to victory and the only time you can relax in the match is when they are re spawning. The team is normally relying on them to come up with the right tactics in hard situations that always keep changing. They are amazing at improv and always have there team focused on the same objectives. This type is very good at being above ground and in the face of the enemy while staying alive with fast reactions. Always ready to push forward at any opening they can get, they'll secure points extremely fast if you let them as well. It's normally game over after they secure middle or get to a decent spot on your base with enough supplies. However these guys are also show stoppers and can pull a team out of a near loss and turn it into a victory.

    These are traits that stand out the most to me for the best builders and plenty of them are great at most of them. I might have forget a good one or two but I think people can understand what I'm getting at. It'd be cool to hear some other traits mentioned when you imply someone is your favourite here.

    Name dropping and claiming someone is better then everyone is a little to circle jerky and dick wavy anyway. :heart::rekt:
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2015
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  11. kodysch

    kodysch Bison Rider Staff Alumni
    1. Archers [Arch] (Recruiting)

    Beautiful. Thanks for typing that out.
  12. SirDangalang

    SirDangalang Lvl. 128 MissingNo. Donator

    My heroes lol :r_flex::potato::flex:
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  13. Psiklaw

    Psiklaw Bison Rider

    i like u
  14. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    I'm the best lag builder
  15. PussyDestroyer

    PussyDestroyer Bison Rider

  16. @Darknighte9 is the best for me. This guy just won't stop attacking the walls. Persistently throughout the game, he's always doing the little things, blocking doors, or enclosing himself in the middle of a tower. Every flag captured seems to have his mark on it.
  17. @Snake19
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  18. cincoscuencas

    cincoscuencas Ballista Bolt Thrower Staff Alumni
    1. Angels of Death - [AoD]

    @Hospitalizer - good builder and this guy can throw boulders accurately.
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  19. SirDangalang

    SirDangalang Lvl. 128 MissingNo. Donator

    Can confirm, man is a building lunatic :)

    But for obvious reasons @kittycity terrifies me the most. He's clearly a sadist in the way he kills people as builder >;)
  20. Lindorie

    Lindorie Catapult Fodder

    Colar, rat king and franek are the ones who always made me get angry when playing against.

    They are dope as fuck.
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