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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MM, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. MM

    MM THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator


    A couple words from MM, watch it:

    To be more specific :)
    this is what you’ll find in the NEW King Arthur’s Gold beta:


    • Short story-mode called “Save the princess” (to be fleshed out later)
    • Naval Warfare
    • Drivable Siege Engines - with gunners and drivers
    • Factories and infrastructure building
    • Two playable multiplayer game modes, more coming!
      • Take the Halls
      • Team Deathmatch
      • upcoming CTF and zombies
    • 3 different types of Bombs
    • 4 different types of Arrows
    • Mines and Kegs
    • Completely new graphics
    • Riding and taming animals
    • Flowing Water (as in Minecraft classic:)
    • Fire (yes by Fire Arrows!)
    • Technology Research Tree (with democratic voting for picking team strategy)
    • Full Access to game’s logic with scripting
      • Entire game logic source available
      • Possible in the future to make full Mods (NOTE: not fully there yet and we need to finish the documentation :)
    • Works on Windows, Linux and OSX
    • Still more to come! We’re not done yet!

    This game will get you hooked.
    It’s hundreds of hours of fun for the price of lunch!
    You’ll experience a never before seen blend of real-time medieval building and combat in a fully destructible multiplayer environment.
    No other game comes even close to this.
    This game will give you the most intense action & fighting moments you’ve ever experienced. It beats the best scripted sequences in other games, simply because it’s all real people just like you: playing, having fun and being creative.

    It’s still not finished yet, so we will be pumping updates.

    After you buy the game we will publish the game mode known from classic - Capture the Flag and later on Zombies (you can still try Zombie Fortress in classic and play on gold servers after purchase, we’re not ceasing classic). We appreciate that a lot of classic players are finding the transition too jarring so we’re hoping we can help you migrate comfortably. We’ll go into this in more detail as soon as possible explaining what’s planned, what isn’t and why.

    You buy this game once. It’s not subscription. You pay 9.99$ and have it for life, and have it on Steam or Desura when it’s there. We ask for nothing more beyond common courtesy. In fact we will give YOU something more just because we want this release to be a blast. That’s why for the next 2 weeks the price is still the low “pre-order” price + you get a BONUS.

    The Art & Design booklet
    a chronicle of KAG’s development[​IMG]

    189 pages full of MM’s scribbles and Geti’s hand-drawn sketches.
    You’ll see which ideas made it into the game and which ones didn’t make it. Putting this together was a huge walk down memory lane for us :)

    How To Buy
    Because buy stuff on the internet is tricky sometimes

    Just select your preferred method of payment: PayPal, Amazon or Google - you can also simply pay with your phone (Mobile SMS payment via PayPal) if you don’t have a credit card or e-money.

    Next you will get an e-mail with a code in it, which looks something like:
    972abf94fb7efac73dcada382bffe4d9 (free code to first user :)

    Simply redeem this code once in your account panel on kag2d.com,
    download the beta installer, run it and you are ready to rock.
    (you can buy gifts too, because you can give the code to somebody! hooray!)

    Final words
    This has been more than 14 months in the making now, and is only just becoming ready to let you all in. Thanks to the community at large for all your support so far, and to the active testers especially, for bearing with daily bugs, server hassles, late nights and arguments. It’s been a wild ride so far, but it’s not over yet! Join us in the final stages of this game’s birth as the greatest medieval multiplayer experience in the world!

    MM & Geti
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  2. WarrFork

    WarrFork フォーク Donator Tester

    This is just beautiful, i've got a little tear. The video was pure art.
  3. Alpaca

    Alpaca Haxor

    *goes away for 3 weeks* *comes back, wakes up next day* *mm posts this 20 minutes after I log onto my computer* wow, that timing
  4. Bene

    Bene Free cookies for everyone! ☭ Donator Tester

    Congrats! :smug:
  5. Ninja12

    Ninja12 Drill Rusher

  6. AyesDyef

    AyesDyef Hat enthusiast. Donator

    All these little gifs are amazing.
    And woo!
    I3lue likes this.
  7. Grindle

    Grindle Shipwright

    I can't buy the game again, but I really want that book... :(
    Anyways I love this game and I hope it continues to do well!
  8. CookieEpic

    CookieEpic Shopkeep Stealer

    Good work. I'm so happy tha-


  9. Mazey

    Mazey Haxor Global Moderator Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Official Server Admin

    airships were out for very long oO
  10. CookieEpic

    CookieEpic Shopkeep Stealer


    I haven't seen them in any server at all..EVER.

    Why hasn't anyone told me about this!? :(
  11. Bint

    Bint Haxor

    Isn't it a mod?
  12. I'm still away for 9 days! ;(
    Nice job devs team continue on this way.
  13. Hella

    Hella The Nightmare of Hair Global Moderator Donator Tester

    I'm pretty sure that the graphic used for a dirt block is still identical as the one used in classic.

    Also, the game files definitely contain a hint towards the inevitable future inclusion of dinosaurs, with their own scripts already included. I think they should be made a priority.
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  14. Starsly

    Starsly Shark Slayer

    Thats actualy a bomber, the real airships are like flying warboats, try it out in single player by saying !bomber, you can use m1 and m2 to control your altitude.
  15. Grindle

    Grindle Shipwright

    They're called "Bombers", and you can spawn them in certain servers. :P
    You can squish people with them! xD
  16. Starsly

    Starsly Shark Slayer

    MM, speaking of airships, the bombers are confirmed, but what about the airships that look like warboats and such?
  17. 0

    0 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    I can't believe it's finally happening! :flex::flex::flex:
  18. Lieber

    Lieber Is Probing Uranus Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Didn't expect a release so soon! Love the new look of the website and of course, it's always awesome to get more players online in servers.

    Looking forward to a long run with the KAG Beta.
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  19. Jlordo

    Jlordo Nobody Donator

    Now that it's officially out, the wiki is in sore need of an update!
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  20. Bint

    Bint Haxor


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