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Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by mustafatufan, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. mustafatufan

    mustafatufan Shipwright

    Hi everyone.
    I guess you know my CTF server already. Some people like it, some people don't.
    BIG BATTLE: IT IS READY, 32 slots, Germany node-de3.gshost.us:10797
    I am searching for admins.
    • At least 18 years old.
    • At least 100 hours KAG record on Steam.
    Steam ID: mustafatufan
    Phone: +905380189516 (Whatsapp)
    Facebook: facebook.com/mustafatufan.com.tr
  2. Blue_Tiger

    Blue_Tiger Bison Rider Tester

    Heya, I wanted to report one of your admins: Osmal. He is a terrible admin who holds complete bias against people. Here is a log to show my story:

    [16:50:27] <-SH- Maltager> ffs er
    [16:50:32] <-SH- Maltager> are you fucking high?
    [16:50:38] <-SH- Maltager> why rthe fuck did u block us both in like that
    <-- I called someone out here because he blocked us in for the first time.
    [16:50:43] <jdawg0331> damnit
    [16:50:53] <jdawg0331> so close
    [16:51:04] --- A vote was started by Blue_Tiger --- <-- I votekicked him just before saying the reason.
    [16:51:07] --- er490 Voted Against ---
    [16:51:07] <-SH- Maltager> BLOCKIGN IN TEAM MATEES
    [16:51:07] <er490> wtf

    [16:51:09] sandshark left the game
    [16:51:10] --- swistak Voted Against ---
    [16:51:11] <-SH- Maltager> BLOCKED ME IN AGAINST ENEMY TWICE
    [16:51:11] <er490> i didnt do anything

    [16:51:11] <Luigidoyle> BREAK IT
    [16:51:12] <-SH- Maltager> GRIEFER
    [16:51:13] <-SH- Maltager> BAN HIM

    [16:51:13] --- Dont_touch_my_dick Voted In Favour ---
    [16:51:14] --- Blue_Tiger Voted In Favour ---
    [16:51:14] <er490> wtf
    [16:51:15] --- Robotus Voted Against ---
    [16:51:15] --- perceptib1e Voted In Favour ---
    [16:51:17] Gremlin77x connected as Gremlin
    [16:51:18] <er490> what did i do?
    [16:51:18] --- Lawrence_Shagsworth Voted Against ---
    [16:51:19] Gremlin (Gremlin77x) has joined Red Team
    [16:51:19] Novaq (TheJakubosz_xD) is now spectating
    [16:51:20] --- Piotr_sw3 Voted Against ---
    [16:51:22] --- Yukariety Voted Against ---
    [16:51:23] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [16:51:23] * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
    [16:51:24] --- maharishi Voted In Favour ---
    [16:51:24] --- Vote cancelled by admin TheJakubosz_xD ---
    [16:51:27] * Balancing Dont_touch_my_dick to Red Team
    [16:51:27] Aorie :j (Dont_touch_my_dick) has joined Red Team
    [16:51:27] <er490> what did i do?
    [16:51:29] <-SH- Maltager> blocking team mates in agianst enemy
    [16:51:30] <[NI] Osmal> fuck off maltager
    [16:51:36] <-SH- Maltager> what?

    [16:51:36] <[BoW] Lawrence Shagsworth> * fuck me *
    [16:51:44] <Crash Novaq> yup
    [16:51:50] <-SH- Maltager> osmal dont tell me to stfu <-- I'm a retard who missreads stuff but tbh its the same shit
    [16:51:50] <-SH- Aorie :j> im red now
    [16:51:53] <jdawg0331> wtf
    [16:51:53] <-SH- Maltager> ur supposed to be admin
    [16:51:53] <-SH- Aorie :j> wow
    [16:51:54] <[NI] Osmal> when did I?
    [16:51:55] jdawg0331 left the game
    [16:51:55] jimmyzoudcba connected
    [16:51:56] <-SH- Maltager> im alerting people of a griefer
    [16:51:56] <Plin> wtf
    [16:51:58] <-SH- Maltager> you fucking idiot
    [16:51:58] BabaQ left the game
    [16:52:00] jimmyzoudcba has joined Red Team
    [16:52:15] maharishi left the game
    [16:52:16] <er490> its ours
    [16:52:19] <er490> the tower is ours
    [16:52:22] <[NI] Osmal> well you spam and start a random vote, I dont care to listen
    [16:52:25] Osmal left the game

    after that I went on a rage because I didn't see he left and got muted by Novaq. I joined on my alt and explained to Novaq what happened and he seemed apologetic, but Osmal is just overall a complete douche. He is rude and obnoxious to everyone and I don't believe he deserves to have adminship on your server.